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Puffy Mattress

Puffy stays cool at night and doesn’t allow the sleeper to sink into the mattress. Equally, durable in nature that comes with a lifetime warranty. Keep on reading to know everything about the benefits of this foam mattress.

Looking for best cooling mattress pad for memory foam mattress? Here are a few things you might want to know about them before buying it.

What exactly is a mattress pad?

Basically, they simply sit on top of your mattress and guard them against stains, mold, dust etc.

These best mattress pads help in wicking away excess moisture from your body. They also excel in keeping your body temperature balanced for a peaceful night ahead.

Best cooling mattress pads for staying cool

There are many best cooling mattress pad in the market that brag about their features. Read on to know how they work.



Organic mattress pads

There are many fabrics in the market such as rayon, latex, wool etc. They come with hypoallergenic technology and moisture wicking features. These materials come with mold-resistant and inhibit entry of dust mites. This makes the pads much more a durable product than cotton. Wool has a dual feature by keeping you warm in cold climates and acting cool in hot seasons. Latex mattress pads can stand the test of time (upto 20 years), as they are derived from rubber trees.

Memory foam pads

If you are looking for best cooling mattress pad for memory foam mattress, go with memory foam pads itself. They contour to your body shape just as you want. Memory foam pads though lightweight, possess amazing density; quite a contrary for their lightweight feature. It is a good alternative to buying a new mattress. However, they tend to get hot after a while which can be difficult during humid climates.

Cooling Gel memory mattress pads

Here is Cooling gel mattress pads that is infused with millions of gel beads. It helps you sleep cooler and breathe better than regular memory foam mattress in the market. The best part is as per many consumer reviews, it actually helps in trapping the heat. However, few users still say that cooling gel memory foam pads are still quite hot.

Best cooling mattress pad reviews

While memory foam mattress often have a downside of off-gassing, it seems to be an initial problem that fade away easily. To conclude, it is always best to go with organic mattress pads that are not only eco-friendly but also inhibit motion transfer and maintain a natural temperature for your body when you sleep.

Best Cooling Mattress Pads