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BedJet Climate Comfort System V1 Vs V2 Reviews

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BedJet Climate Comfort System is the way to keep the bed and mattress warm or cold, at any temperature that you need. Anyone can use this small system as it is compact and exceptionally powerful. It is also the perfect solution for partners who have different preferences for the sleeping temperature. It makes the mattress more comfortable.

Use BedJet to warm the mattress or to keep it cooler as you need. It blows air on to the mattress to adjust the temperature. When used with the special kind of AirComforter, you can have the ideal mattress surface or blanket to use for two people who have different temperature preferences.

What is the BedJet climate comfort system?

BedJet is an electric device that can blow air through a designed nozzle. The nozzle blows the hot or cold air on to the mattress surface or into the air comforter.

The system comes with a box like base with a connected hose with a nozzle at the end. The hose can be clamped on to the mattress with the provided clamp. The hose can withstand both the hot and cold air and stays form on the mattress surface.

It works with the help of electric power and can be controlled by the provided remote or with the help of a mobile app. It can be used for adjusting the temperature, auto start or shut off, time the temperature and much more.

There are 2 types of BedJet, BedJet V1, and BedJet V2. The former is the advanced model, and the latter is programmed to have better sleep technology and comfort adjustments with the Biorhythm Sleep technology.
BedJet works better in air-conditioned rooms. Rooms with no air conditioning may not have the same effects and could have varying or fluctuating sleep temperature even with the device.

BedJet Climate Comfort System

BedJet climate comfort system comes with a box like base with a connected hose with a nozzle at the end. The hose can be clamped on to the mattress with the provided clamp. The hose can withstand both the hot and cold air and stays form on the mattress surface.

How does BedJet work?

BedJet V1 AND V2 can easily be part of your bed rather than stay as a separate device connected to it. Some experts among who one has been working in NASA another was a medical device designer, and an engineer made this comfort device. It makes a convenient option over the electric blanket and makes your ordinary mattress into the temperature control sleep surface.

BedJet is made to stay under the bed and has only the hose and nozzle up on to the sleeping surface. The device works on a DC motor driven by an inverter. The heat is generated from the custom-made barium titanate stone that is capable of operating even below the flash point of dust and can keep working without causing any heat odor.
The outer covering of the device is flameproof to protect the bed and mattress. Since the device is made to place under the bed or mostly staying close to the bed, this is an essential feature. The unit may produce some noise while working but the comfort of warmth or cold that it provides makes it worth.

Working mechanism

The heat generated from the stone heater passes through the duct pipe and into the nozzle. The nozzle that is placed under the fitted sheet or blanket will expel the cool or warm air. This air will regulate the temperature on or under the sleep surface for your comfort.

The duct is clamped to the mattress to make it firm on the place. The cool or warm air will be blowing to the foot of the person. There would be no more cold legs or hot legs anymore with the BedJet temperature control system.

BedJet V1 Climate Comfort System

BedJet V1 Climate comfort system is a single zone device that can control the temperature in only one-half or zone of the mattress. V1 is an advanced technology device that has got some smart features. It blows out some powerful air in your desired warmth or coolness.

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  • There are no wires or tangles with the BedJet V1
  • It works comfortably from under the end or standing on the side of the bed.
  • The device is made to stay under the bed and needs a space clearance of 7 inches to stay under the bed.
  • For beds that do not have enough space under, there is the vertical mount that is sold separately to have the system attached to the side.
  • For the side rails, the clearance is for 3.5 inches. It can even be attached to the adjustable bed.
  • It is convenient to use on any bed of any make. There is no need for any specific structures as the addition.
  • The BedJet devices come with a 60-day return guarantee with a 100% refund with no extra fees.
  • It also hasa  2-year limited warranty and free shipping within the USA.

What is included

The BedJet V1 system includes

  • 1 BedJet single zone unit
  • Attachment assembly
  • 1 wireless remote control
  • Free Bluetooth app to control
  • You can also have the additional vertical mount bracket

BedJet V2 Climate Comfort System with Biorhythm Sleep Technology

BedJet V2 system is a single zone that can control the temperature of only one side of the bed.


  • The specialty of this device is that this is programmed with the Biorhythm temperature technology to create the ideal sleep temperature with custom heating or cooling.
  • The temperature control changes with every hour of the night. The different sleep stages require different temperature, and this device can have these changes temperature values accordingly.
  • It comes with a preset wake-up setting.
  • The BedJet V2 model comes with an essential oil Aromatherapy diffuser kit. This essential oil will freshen up the sheets when the device is running.

What is included?

  • 1 BedJet V2 single zone unit with the assembly attachment
  • 1 wireless remote control
  • Free Bluetooth app for the control

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices

BedJet V2 Dual Zone Climate comfort system

This dual zone, climate comfort system, includes two single zone units of BedJet V2. Both the sides of the bed can have the individual temperature control with the use of remote control or the app. These zones work independently, and there is also no way to have a single control for both the sides or a single control that can regulate the dual zones.

Apart from the fact that the dual zone has 2 systems working for the mattress that works well for the partners, the system has similar features as the single zone devices.

  • It comes with the 2-year warranty and 60-day return policy. It also has free shipping.
  • This dual zone allows you and your partner have the individual sleep temperature without having to compromise at any temperature.
  • Both the systems can adjust the temperature within 3 minutes of switching on the device.

What is included?

  • 2 BedJet V2 single zone systems
  • Attachment assembly for both
  • 2 wireless remote controls
  • 1 Air comforter (King or Queen size as per preference)
  • Free Bluetooth app

The Aircomforter sheet

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The special air comforter that is available which is for use with the device helps trap the desired temperature in the one-half of the blanket to have the partners have the different sleep temperature for their comfort. The trapped air inside the blanket stays put and is seal proof to let it out to the other side.

The sheet is made of cotton, feels soft and very comfortable. There are individual hollow flow cavities inside the sheet through which the air passes through.

It replaces the usual bedding and works like a sheet or fitted sheet. You can use under the blankets, comforters or quilts that you usually use. This sheet works for both warming and cooling the air.

There are 2 types of Aircomforter- single zone and dual zone.

The single zone air comforter is for those who are sleeping alone. The dual zone works for the couples. The air comforter has 2 zones that can accommodate different air temperatures. It works well with the single zone system or dual zone systems.

220V International voltage climate comfort system

This BedJet system works on 220V to be used in any other part of the world. The features are the one and same as the common V1 system. The only difference is in the working voltage for the system.


  • Vertical mount BedJet Stand: This is the bracket that is used when there is not enough space under the bed. Bedjet needs 7-7.5 inches space clearance under the bed to keep it there. For the beds that do not have enough space, they can mount the system on the sides with the help of this bracket. It occupies an area of 7 x 18 inches on the floor and does not make you bump on to it a night.
  • Air hose extension: The air hose extension can be attached to the existing air hose of the BedJet system. It extends the total length of the hose up to 8 ft. which is used when the power outlet and the bed are a bit far for comfort. This extension comes with a snap that allows it to attach to the hose firmly. You don’t need any more tools to fix this one.

BedJet Reviews

  • Frank – “I sleep hot at night, and BedJet has kept me comfortable and cool throughout the night. I get better sleep these days than before.”
  • Ellen – “I sleep cool and better at nights with the BedJet and the Aircomforter. My remote had some issues, and the replacement was sent within no time. Awesome service!”
  • Elizabeth- “Menopause has brought hot flashes for me. BedJet became the solution I was looking for. I can sleep again and recommend this to anyone having the same issues at night.”
  • Steven – “I have been using the electric blanket, but alas, I had to adjust the temperature every 2-3 hours. With the BedJet device, I am comfortable. The device keeps changing the air so that there is no heat buildup and the temperature stays constant. I even wake up refreshed and have more energy.”
  • Brad -“The first impression of BedJet was like a NASA vessel. It is simple and convenient. It has an adjustable tube to fit any bed. The assembly is simple with no complications. It also works whisper quiet.”
  • Gary -“I saw it on Shark Tank and bought it to see how it works. It is amazing, and I sleep cool in this hot summer. It is easy to install and use. It replaces the many numbers of electric blankets.”
  • Jared -“I am highly intolerant to heat and BedJet has come as a blessing. I can now get rid of the ceiling fan and stick to just the AC and the BedJet system to keep me cool during the night.”Ron-“BedJet not only changed my sleep pattern but my life as well. I don’t wake up soaked in sweat any longer and can sleep comfortably.”

The Biorhythm sleep technology in BedJet System

Our body temperature varies depending on the stage of the sleep we are in. The body temperature is higher in the initial and final stages and drops significantly in the deep sleep stage.

The BedJet Biorhythm system makes use of this fact and is pre-programmed to detect the muscular temperature on the body. The hourly change in the BedJet system works according to this detection. Some sensors make the necessary changes during the night.

The wake-up sensor works to wake you up by adjusting to the core body temperature. You may set a time for this change. It will automatically regulate the core body temperature that matches the wake-up temperature. It works better than the annoying alarm clock sound.

BedJet climate comfort system is better than electric blankets

Electric blankets can have only the set temperature, and there are no adjustments according to your needs. BedJet IS the better option here as,

  • There are no wires attached near you
  • It is used as a separate device and can be used with your existing blankets.
  • You can wash your beddings freely, even the Air Comforter with single or dual zones. BedJet provides even cooling or warmth.
  • Electric blankets take about an hour to get to the desired temperature, while the BedJet system can work within minutes, as fast as in 3 minutes to make the temperature adjustments
  • BedJet requires minimal maintenance. The only cleaning it needs is with the air filter. It is ideal to check on it every three months. You can clean the filter in the sink.


Where to buy BedJet at wholesale price?

You can buy Bedjet V1 Climate Comfort System with Biorhythm sleep technology at a best price from Amazon or the official website.

Does Bedjet offer refurbished products?

Yes, you can find Bedjet refurbished models right from the official website. They are BedJet scratch and dent models that carry only minor flaws such as slight cosmetic damage during shipping or low-hour returns. The best part is you get the same bumper-to-bumper warranty with Bedjet refurbished models.

Bedjet V1 vs V2 – What is the difference?

If you are looking forward to buying a BedJet and wondering which is the best among the two versions – we are here to help you.

For starters, both have similar features except for two significant differences.

The first one is that BedJet V2 has the advanced biorhythm sleep technology which is unavailable in V1. Secondly, V2 comes with a complimentary aromatherapy kit which is good if you are trying to derive optimal sleep benefits.

Other than that, the machine is just the same right from the packaging to the bed cooling system.

Bedjet Vs Chilipad

Both Chilipad and BedJet have some best features that will give you the best sleep temperature regardless of the seasons. The cooling features are essential to beat the summer heat and stay cool all night.

While they are not meant to replace an air conditioner or central heating system, they do help by lowering the energy costs by giving you a personal climate control right at your hand.

Compare Bedjet Vs Chilipad in this comparison table.

 Chilipad CubeBedJet V2
Cools55 Degree FDepending on the ambient temperature
Heats110 Degree F109 degrees
Dual temperature optionsYesYes
Time to reach temperature30 minutes before sleep for the temperature to reachInstant
SoundConsistentChanges based on blower speed
Auto shut off/timerAfter 10 hours30 minutes to 12 hours
Wireless remoteYesYes
Mobile AppNoYes
Setup & MaintenanceMinor maintenance using distilled water is required but once done with the initial setup, it is quite easy to use.Easy to use features with minimal maintenance with the air filter.

Chilipad Cube Summary

The Chilipad Cube comes with a personal climate control system that comes with a thin pad that easily fits under the fitted sheet. It provides a cooling and heating experience using medical grade silicone tubes. These tubes circulate via a cube that sits near the bed that heats the water at 110 degrees Fahrenheit and cools it down to 55 degrees. This temperature variation is based upon the room temperature, humidity levels, and how much space you give to the cube.

It is easy to set up the chilipad cube. The process is quite simple. The thin pads have a series of micro tubing. They carry hot or cold water under your sleeping surface which is cooled or warmed as per the season. You may use a blanket as the insulation will keep the temperature even and consistent near your body all night. Using a blanket will also help in preventing the warmth or cool atmosphere from dissipating in your room.

The heating capability also has an added advantage as it helps people with body/joint pain to get good relief.

The cube is run by a fan which is audible. However, it is not loud like a propeller. The sound resembles like the fan of a laptop. If you can enjoy some white noise, then you can enjoy this Chilipad.

Pros of Chilipad Cube

  • Temperature range of 55 to 110
  • Excellent temperature control
  • Comes with wireless control
  • Dual control options

Cons of Chilipad Cube

  • Cube needs 24” of clearance of all sides
  • Works best when used with a waterproof mattress protector
  • Takes time for the temperature to reach the set point

BedJet V2 Summary

The BedJet V2 is a forced air system that circulates air under the covers or above (if you use an optional comforter) to wick away body moisture. It creates a consistent air temperature pocket to sleep within.

The system works by using the concept of convection and evaporation to keep the body cool. It allows air movement around the body and delivers a cooling effect. The surprising part is the unit does not cool the air itself.

It does heat air though that you can use to control temperature to warm the bed. BedJet also comes with a Bluetooth enabled app that can be customized as per your options.

The BedJet V2 is easy to set up. Make sure you have a 7” of clearance under the bed. It comes with a flexible tubing and clamp system that can be easily adjusted to any height.

You can control the unit using wireless remote or via a Bluetooth app that is compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones. The app has many more features which the remote doesn’t carry. For instance, personal temperature controls, alarm system, timers, memory function and so on. It assists you in giving you the best sleep quality.

Pros of BedJet

  • Delivers cooling and heating effects
  • Fits easily under the bed
  • Specific to reduce body moisture
  • Is quite easy to setup
  • Can change the temperature instantly

Cons of BedJet

  • The blowing noise might be loud when you keep it on high settings
  • Cord may be too short for all options (air hose extensions are available for such issues)


For an efficient and sophisticated system, BedJet is available at a reasonable price. It is not cheaper but is worth the money when used by those who have extreme sleep difficulty because of temperature. For the dual zone system with the air comforter, the price is much higher than the single zone. The solace is that it is a onetime investment and it can be used for both cooling and warming up purposes. The remote control and the Smartphone app are convenient. The app would be more acceptable. The app shows the virtual remote control buttons on the screen and works the same with some additional features. The system might seem bulkier than that in the picture and might be a bit noisier as well. But when you get better sleep, these are no longer any issues.

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