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As elegant as the bedding and accessories could look it is as much difficult to keep them in place always. Here is a set of bedding accessories that practically glued to the mattress and stays fit no matter what. The Beddy’s Beds is the zipper bedding that fits the mattress like a second skin. It fits tight and stays on the mattress leaving it looking well made all the time. It is available in all the sizes and is different colors for you to choose the most suitable one for you and your bedroom.

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The Beddy’s Beds zipper bedding is available directly from Beddy’s Beds official website as well as from the third party stores like Amazon etc. The catch is, you can buy only a few of the TWIN size sets on Amazon. For all other sets, you need to go to the Beddy’s Beds directly. Beddy’s Beds zipper bedding is an online product that is not usually found in stores.

Beddy’s Beds User Reviews & Ratings

The Beddy’s Beds zipper bedding is available directly from Beddy’s Beds official website as well as from the third party stores like Amazon etc. The catch is, you can buy only a few of the TWIN size sets on Amazon. For all other sets, you need to go to the Beddy’s Beds directly. Beddy’s Beds zipper bedding is an online product that is not usually found in stores.

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Best Mattress Models from Beddy’s Beds

There are mainly two models for the Beddy’s Beds zipper bedding- toddler sets and usual sets suitable for standard sized adult mattresses.

You can also see sets for boys, girls, for college as well as for RVs making it easier for the purchaser to choose from their category without having to surf through all of them.

The toddler sets will have the suitably sized bedding sets for the cribs and toddler beds, the boys and girls will have larger sets with different colors and designs for each category. The same goes for the college sets where you will see the checkered, striped and suitably designed bedding sets.

The Beddy Beds RV sets

The RV sets have the bedding sets for the non-standard mattress sizes. These mattress sets will have enough depth and style to suit all sorts of usually RV mattresses.

Before ordering the RV sets at Beddy’s Beds, measure the width and depth of the mattress. The length is not going to be a problem here. The mattress could be round, square or in any shape as well.

If your mattress is more than 6 inches deep, buy the mattress set that is closer to the measurement. If the mattress is less than 6 inches deep, then you need a mattress topper to make the bed suitably sized to have the Beddy’s Bedding.

In case you have a rounded cornered mattress, the zippered bedding could be slightly loose for the fitting. You can tuck in under the bed for a neat look.


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Beddy’s Beds specifications and sizes

The Beddy’s Beds are made in standard sizes for all types. But you will not get it for the Twin XL and California king sizes.

  • Toddler sets 28” x 52.”
  • Twin- 39” x 75.”
  • Full- 54” x 75.”
  • Queen- 60” x 80”
  • King- 76” x 79.5.”

The twin, full and queen sized sets would suit for mattresses that are up to 15” deep. The King size can accommodate a mattress that is up to 18” in depth.

It is also noted that the king size may not be available with all the designs.

  • The entire zippered bedding set comes as one piece with the individual items zippered to make a whole thing.
  • The set fits over the mattress like a fitted sheet. The elastic on the bottom side of the bedding keeps it firm over the bed.
  • The zipper is seen along the borders.
  • The flat sheet is sewn over the fitted sheet and stays firm on the mattress without moving.
  • The blanket is zippered to make the final touch. It is completely detachable from the fitted set. The zipper detachment is at the foot of the set.
  • There is also a comfort panel under the blanket with full coverage and some extra fabric for folding over. This panel would cover the zipper when opened.
  • The set comes with a matching pillowcase as well. The number of pillowcases depends on the size of the set.
  • The twin set will have one matching pillowcase and one decorative sham.
  • The full size and queen size sets have two pillowcases and two decorative shams that are matching and in standard size.
  • The king size set has two pillowcases, and two king-size shams as well.
  • The bedding set is quilted for comfort.
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Independent Reviews On Beddy’s Beds

The general review of the Beddy’s Beds zipper bedding is that it gives a neat and clean look. The set is soft to touch on the exterior and smother in the interiors. People are happy that no more floppy blankets are lying on the bed or falling off the kids during nights.

The ruffles, laces and the decorative additions are loved by those who wanted the same. It has made the process of ‘making the bed’ a lot easier and time-saving. You zipped it up and done with it.

The only downside is that the Beddy’s Beds zipper bedding is pricey. Many have the opinion that it has a high quality that can last longer, especially for the adult size mattresses.

  • MrsPotts- “My daughter who has Sensory Processing Disorder feels secured with this Beddy’s Beds zipper bedding. It is perfect for her when making the bed. I highly recommend this to all.”
  • Meremaiden- Though it is costly, it is worth the price with a well-made design. My daughter now makes her bed every morning.”
  • Tanner- “This works great to make the bed looking well made and clean. It is easy for the kids to make their beds. The flaw is washing the cover with the fitted sheet.”
  • Cahill- “I know it’s pricey, yet I bought it for college. There are no hassles with the sheets and blankets. I got the one that matches my dorm room.”
  • Angela- “The zipper came unstitched in the first week itself. It is not worth the money.”

Certified by Doctors. Relax Faster. Best mattresses for a Good nights sleep

Beddy’s Beds Bedding Accessories

Mostly the designs of the bedding accessories would be the same as the available designs of the bedding sets so you can have a matching one as well.

Blankets: There are several blankets option that you can choose from. The blankets are wide enough to cover the bed. The blanket size is 60” x 80” with a cotton outer side and polyester inner side. The blankets cost around $82.

Bed skirts are made such a way that it leaves space for the bed rails and platform beds. It is available in 4 sizes- twin, full, queen and king. The price varies from $42 – 57. There are not many choices with this. It only has 11 choices. The bed skirts have a 14” drop.

Pillow sets: There are about eight types of pillow sets available from Beddy’s Beds. The price ranges from $50-75. Each set includes 2 or 3 pieces. The type may vary with the set. It usually has three cushions.


Discount Prices On Beddy’s Beds

The toddler sets of the Beddy’s Beds zipper bedding price is $129. The other prices are,

  • Twin- $249
  • Full- $279
  • Queen- $299
  • King- $319

Beddy’s Beds Return Policy & Warranty

The Beddy’s Beds return policy says that you may return a product within 30-days from the day of purchase. The return shipping is on the customer unless the reason is any manufacturing defects. The refund will be processed as soon as the item arrives.

The 90-days warranty covers all manufacturing defects. On return, the customer need not pay for the shipment if there are any defects on the bedding item.

For any manufacturing defect appearing between the 91-180 days, the customer will get a Beddy’s Gift card which is equivalent to 75% off on the original purchase. The same happening between 181-365 days the gift card would be equal to 50% off on the product purchase.

For the returns do send an email to with the order number, name, and email id. It is also imperative that you send a picture of the defect.

Beddy’s Beds Shipping & Delivery

All the orders at the Beddy’s Beds take a minimum 24 business hours to ship the consignment. The shipment starts from Salt City, Utah. The shipment may take 1-5 business days, and the International shipment takes 1-2 weeks.

There is also an overnight shipping and 2-day shipping which may have extra charges applicable.

Beddy’s Beds Setup zippered bedding washing instructions

  • Twin size bedding set is easily washed in the washer and can be dried.
  • For the larger sizes, obliterate the top part and wash as separate pieces.
  • Wash only in cold water with similar color.
  • Do NOT wash the bedding for more than once a week.
  • Do only SPOT cleaning for the pillows and pillow sets.
  • Using steamer works better to remove wrinkles.

Take out the bedding right before it dries completely, from the drier and spread it over the mattress. This will help reduce wrinkles, and it would dry as well.

Beddy’s Beds Customer Services Phone Number

To contact the Beddy’s Bed customer service, send in the mail to The customer care will contact you within 24-48 business hours.

The return shipping address is
6101 W 9790 S
West Jordan UT 84081

The phone number is 801-937-9410

Beddy’s Beds Financing

There is the Beddy’s Beds financing offer where you can complete with payment with easy monthly installment. This installment facility is being offered in collaboration with Affirm. You can finish the payment within six months at no interest rate. You can find the details directly at the Beddy’s Beds.