Best Weighted Blankets

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The Best weighted blankets 2023

  1. Saatva – Organic: All Natural Weighted Blanket with Luxurious diamond Quilted cotton velvet. Glass beads provide Gentle even pressure. Dry clean only
  2. Puffy : Puffy’s weighted blanket is specifically crafted to provide a comfortable and calming sensation, facilitating relaxation and enhancing sleep quality.
  3. Plushbeds offers a variety of weighted blankets with greater weight options to accommodate different needs.
  4. Layla – 2 feel design: Layla’s revolutionary dual-sided design offers customers the option to choose between a snug, thermally insulating side and a refreshing, well-ventilated side, enabling a customized and tailored sleep experience.
  5. Brooklyn Bedding offers high-end weighted blankets that blend superior artistry with a hint of extravagance, elevating the whole sleep experience.
  6. Bear – Ideal for a comfortable movie-watching experience on a couch: The Bear weighted blanket is specifically designed for providing a snug and relaxing experience, making it the perfect choice for a nice evening of watching movies on the sofa.
  7. Helix offers a weighted blanket alternative that combines comfort and utility, designed to accommodate various sleep preferences.
  8. Purple – the most heavy, weighing 35 pounds: Purple’s weighted blanket is notable for its exceptional weight, making it a major solution for those who need more pressure.
  9. Casper’s weighted blanket offers a dependable solution for anyone in need of a soothing sleep aid, as it blends meticulous design with high-quality materials.
  10. Nest Bedding provides a weighted blanket specifically designed to facilitate relaxation and improve the quality of sleep, hence enhancing the whole sleep experience.

Hush Weighted Blanket

Eli and Elm Weighted Blanket

Brooklyn Bedding

Bear Weighted Blankets

Puffy Weighted Blanket

Saatva Weighted Blanket

Sweet ZZZ Weighted Blanket

Bearaby Weighted Blanket

Helix Weighted Blanket

Nest weighted Blanket

Nolah Weighted Blanket

LEESA Weighted Blanket

The Saatva Organic Weighted Blankets 

The all natural Saatva Weighted blankets , comes with luxurious diamond Quilting. Like all Weighted blankets, the Saatva uses glass beads to increase the weight and pressure on the body. The Saatva weighted blanket can be dry cleaned. Machine wash is not recommended considering the weight and material of the mattress. The Saatva Weighted blankets come in 2 sizes, Throw(12lbs)  and the King/Queen (20 lbs ) and 2 colors.

Why is the Saatva Recommended ?
This product is entirely natural. The Saatva is distinguished by its use of organic velvet cotton and all-natural glass beads. This indicates that the product is free from allergies, suitable for those who have a preference against wool, and is very comfortable.

The Puffy Weighted Blanket 

The Puffy Weighted blanket is available in two sizes: twin and queen. The weight of the twin bed is 15 pounds, while the weight of the queen bed is 20 pounds. The recommended weight for most individuals seeking a weighted blanket is the optimal choice. The Weighted blanket is a dual fabric design, consisting of a luxuriously soft mink top for a plush sensation, and a 100% Twill cotton bottom that offers a gentle and irritation-free experience. The product is completely hypoallergenic, devoid of any odor, and free from any chemical substances. The oeko-tex Certification guarantees that the product has undergone comprehensive testing and is produced from the most secure material available.

The diamond pattern stitching facilitates the uniform distribution of weight. The coverings may be easily detached and cleaned in a washing machine. While the weighted blanket is not suitable for machine washing, it may be cleaned at home by according to the guidelines provided in the care manual.

The Puffy Weighted blanket comes with a lifetime warranty and a 101 night trial. 

Plushbeds – Anchor Weighted Blanket By Malouf

Plushbeds offers a superior selection of weighted blankets, providing customers with a broad range of choices. The plushbeds provide a diverse selection of 7 distinct varieties and 2 different colors, making them suitable for a broad spectrum of individuals with varying preferences and requirements. The minimum weight for a weighted blanket is 5 lbs, with dimensions of 36X48 inches. The maximum weight is 20 lbs, suitable for a queen size bed. You may choose between weights of 12lbs and 15lbs, in addition to a 20lbs weight, for the queen size. The throw size, being 48X72 inches, is available in three different weights: 12 pounds, 15 lbs, and 20 lbs. The tiny size, being the smallest, is only available at a weight of 5 lbs.

The Anchor weighted blanket consists of two separate blankets. The outside blanket may be cleaned in a washing machine, whereas the inside blanket, which is the real weighted blanket, is made of 100% pure cotton and should only be cleaned by hand or spot cleaned. The microfiber cover can be easily removed and is resistant to stains. Additionally, it is hypoallergenic. The inner blanket is versatile and may be utilized in any conditions, making it appropriate for year-round usage.

The weighted blanket is accompanied by a comprehensive 5-year guarantee, and the inside blanket is covered by a 3-year warranty. The weighted blanket is available in two colors: ash and Driftwood.

The Layla Weighted Blanket

Layla is a highly underestimated company in the mattress market due to their extensive range of goods and the exceptional quality of their offerings. That being said, the Layla weighted blanket is an exceptional product to own. The Layla weighted blankets provide two distinct tactile possibilities, setting them apart from the majority of other weighted blankets. The options are either the luxurious texture of plush mink or the softness of 100% cotton. Regardless of the season, you may use a single weighted blanket throughout the year. You also have the freedom to choose the appropriate ambiance at your convenience. What other information do you require? The Layla Weighted blankets include tiny glass beads that are smaller in size, emit less noise during movement, and distribute weight uniformly. In addition to their meticulous craftsmanship, the Layla weighted blankets possess an aesthetically pleasing appearance and provide a heightened sense of comfort, enhancing the quality of your sleep. The standout feature of the Layla Weighted blanket is its exceptional breathability.

The whole blanket, including the cover, is machine washable.

The Layla Weighted blankets are accompanied by a 120-night trial period and a 5-year guarantee.

The Brooklyn Bedding Weighted Blanket

Opulence The weighted blanket seems distinct. Available in a single size, with two different weight options: 15 lbs and 20 pounds. The weighted blanket is available in a monochromatic hue, with two distinct levels of comfort. Once you get familiar with its characteristics, this weighted blanket proves to be an excellent and uncomplicated choice. One side exhibits a chilly temperature while the opposite side displays a heated temperature. The duvet cover is both machine-washable and hypoallergenic. The weighted blanket can only be cleaned by spot cleaning.

The weighted blanket is straightforward in its construction, but the inclusion of a dotted pattern ensures that the weight is evenly distributed throughout the whole blanket. This feature evokes a strong sensation of excitement and prompts a desire to immediately go to bed. At a price of $149, this may seem somewhat pricier compared to other weighted blankets. However, investing an additional $49 may have a significant impact on the quality of your sleep.

The Bear Weighted Blanket

The Bear weighted blankets are available in three different colors, however they only come in one standard weight and size. The weight of the item is 15 pounds and it is only available in queen sizes. The hypoallergenic weighted blanket has a quilted pattern that contours to the body, ensuring the weight is uniformly distributed for a consistent sensation. The Bear weighted blanket may be washed by hand, however it is not suitable for machine washing.

The Bear weighted blanket is composed entirely of polyester, a fabric that is unsuitable for those who experience excessive heat during sleep. These blankets are ideal for those who are of a lighter weight, however for those seeking a firmer and stronger sensation, this weighted blanket may not provide the desired level of satisfaction. If you have previously used a weighted blanket and then get a bear weighted blanket, you could not experience the same level of contentment associated with possessing one.

The Bear weighted blanket has a 100-night trial period. If the item does not meet your satisfaction, you may choose to return it. Additionally, the device comes with a one-year guarantee.

The Helix Weighted Blanket

The Helix wEighted Blanket is available in a single size and offers three different weight options. The weights are 10 lbs, 15 lbs, and 20 lbs. The covers are equipped with a dual-sided design, including Soft Fleece on one side and Sheared microfiber on the other. The use of a grid-like pattern for the interior stitching ensures that the glass beads remain securely in position and facilitates the even distribution of weight over the whole blanket. The inside blanket is composed entirely of cotton and the glass beads are uniformly scattered throughout.

The covers may be washed in a washing machine, whereas the inside blankets should only be cleaned by spot cleaning. According to Forbes, Helix Weighted blankets are considered the best cost-effective option among all Weighted blankets.

The Helix Weighted blanket has a 100-night trial period and a 1-year guarantee.

The Purple + Gravity Weighted blanket

The purple + Gravity weighted blanket is accompanied with washable duvet coverings that provide comfort on both sides. The purple + Gravity Weighted blankets have a substantial weight of 35 pounds and are available in a single size suitable for King or Queen beds. The purple covers are composed of Mink on one side and a sleek tech fabric on the other. The Weighted blanket is suitable for year-round usage, since it does not cause excessive heat. The primary layer of the blanket consists of 90% glass pellets and 10% fiber fillings.

If you like a really cozy sensation, the Purple weighted blanket is an excellent choice. The product is available in a single hue, namely Gray, and includes a 30-day trial period.

The Casper Weighted Blanket

Minimalist Design, Offered in three weight options: 10 lbs, 20 lbs, and 15 lbs. Available in a single size and color. Casper has always embraced the principle of simplicity, and the weighted blanket exemplifies this philosophy. This weighted blanket is simple, efficient, and fulfills its intended function. It is suitable for year-round usage, regardless of weather conditions. The quilted pattern ensures the beads remain stationary and provides the mattress with a uniform distribution of weight.

The inside shell is composed of polyester while the outer shell is made of 100% cotton.

The Casper weighted blanket is accompanied by a 1-year guarantee and a 100-night trial period.

The mattress is limited to spot cleaning only.

The Nest Bedding Luxury Weighted blanket

The Nest bedding Weighted blanket is available in three different sizes. The twin-sized weighted blanket weighs 15 lbs, the Queen-sized weighs 20 lbs, and the King-sized weighs 25 lbs. The glass beads are completely devoid of lead, with a purity level of 100%. The glass beads are stitched into two layers of poly fill batting to provide a tranquil and hygienic sensation. The upper cover is constructed from fur and is fully machine washable. The under cover is composed of 100% cotton with a thread count of 300, and is also readily washable.

Reasons to Use Weighted Blankets

Not long ago, it would have been unimaginable that a blanket could alleviate symptoms of anxiety and sleeplessness. Today, scientific research and studies provide a wealth of diverse findings. By using a weighted blanket, we can accurately measure several sleep metrics such as REM duration, bed movement, sleep quality, and the corresponding impact. The studies are promising. The use of a weighted blanket may have a remarkable impact on several aspects of one’s well-being, including sleep quality, mood, and perhaps even the management of illnesses and chronic pain.

The weighted blanket provides a sensation of coziness. It provides a sense of security, relaxation, and promotes better sleep. Several individuals who have first utilized the weighted blanket have had difficulties over the first one or two nights. The first impact on their sleep was not very promising over the first one or two nights. Subsequently, the situation undergoes a change. Individuals experience enhanced sleep quality and absence of disruptions. Certain individuals maintain a consistent sleeping posture throughout the night and awaken in the same position they assumed when sleeping. Experience uninterrupted sleep without restlessness, bad dreams, or sleeplessness. A little alteration in your blanket might have a significant impact on your whole lifestyle. Below are few case studies and disorders that exhibited discernible variations after the use of a Weighted blanket.

  • Autism: When it comes to studying behavioral changes, collecting data might be unpredictable. A scientific research conducted on children between the ages of 5 and 16, who have autism, found no discernible change in their evaluated sleep quality. However, it is noteworthy that the majority of children exhibited a positive affinity for their blankets, resulting in improved sleep quality and a more structured daytime schedule. Additionally, these children had a reduction in episodes associated with autism, which proved challenging for specialists to fully understand or quantify. Ongoing research is being undertaken, however, there is yet no conclusive evidence to suggest that the weighted blanket has a discernible advantage in improving sleep. Citation: AAP News Journal
  • ADHD: There is no clear correlation between ADHD and the usage of weighted blankets. However, there is a little difference in the behavior of individuals with ADHD when their sleep quality improves. Individuals cease their restless movements, achieve the ability to concentrate their attention and mental effort towards a specific activity for a slightly extended duration when they have a enough amount of uninterrupted sleep. The weighted blanket induces a tranquil sensory experience for its users. This facilitates improved sleep in those diagnosed with ADHD, and the positive outcomes last throughout the following day. Although there is a lack of research specifically examining the impact of weighted blankets on individuals with ADHD, studies have been undertaken on the use of weighted vests and their influence on performance. The research has little relevance to the use of a weighted blanket and should be disregarded.
  • Osteoarthritis : Individuals afflicted with this condition experience heightened discomfort due to additional strain on their already tender bodies. Applying additional pressure to the joints may have a therapeutic effect, like a massage, and aid in the body’s healing process. It indeed offers the desired level of comfort. The weighted blanket provides optimal weight distribution throughout the body, promoting whole body relaxation rather than only targeting the joints. Although weighted blankets cannot be regarded as a remedy for osteoarthritis, they may certainly enhance overall body comfort, promote better sleep, and expedite the healing process. There is currently no scientific research that demonstrates the efficacy of Weighted blankets for alleviating symptoms of Osteoarthritis, despite anecdotal reports of individuals seeing some improvement.
  • Insomnia and sleep disorders : Insomnia and sleep disorders are very challenging subjects to examine, and the findings are often equivocal. Diagnosing sleep disturbances, like many other mental diseases and disorders, poses a challenge. The reason is often difficult to ascertain. While weighted blankets have been beneficial for some individuals, others have reported no improvement in their sleep or even a dislike for them. The cause for this, however, was readily identifiable. The majority of those who were taking medication for stress, anxiety, or other problems reported that the weighted blanket was ineffective, with fewer than 10% seeing any benefits. Individuals suffering from anxiety problems, in the absence of medication, discovered that use the blanket resulted in heightened tranquility and improved sleep quality. The majority of individuals with moderate sleep problems reported significant efficacy of the weighted blanket.
  • Alleviate Anxiety: Weighted blankets, often known as anxiety blankets, seem to have a purpose in reducing anxiety. When was the most recent occasion on which you experienced physical affection in the form of cuddling? Can you recall the sensation of being embraced and cradled by your mother, resulting in you drifting off to sleep? What factors contribute to the ease with which most children are able to fall asleep while held on their mother’s shoulder or arms? Their ability to bring comfort is what sets them apart. While the Weighted blanket cannot serve as a substitute for your mother, it may provide a certain level of comfort. Many children, particularly those with anxiety disorders, find solace in the presence of a reassuring arm over them as they prepare to sleep. They have confidence in your presence. The additional weight on their bodies provides them with comfort. The weighted blanket emulates this sensation, providing a comforting experience for your youngster. Many children discover that using a weighted blanket promotes a greater sense of tranquility and facilitates quicker sleep onset.
  • Discomfort relief: Weighted blankets may significantly alleviate muscular discomfort. If you are among the minority who regularly exercise at the gym or participate in sports, I recommend trying out a weighted blanket. The pace of recuperation is significantly expedited with the use of a weighted blanket compared to that of a conventional sheet. Weighted blankets provide a uniform weight distribution over your body, thereby preventing restlessness and movement during sleep. The limited mobility may seem unfavorable, yet it is not wholly confining. You retain the ability to move your body unrestrictedly. The weighted blanket enhances muscle healing and alleviates discomfort by promoting less activity and improved sleep quality. To really appreciate the difference, it is essential that you experience a weighted blanket for alleviating muscular discomfort.
  • Enhance Mood: This statement is somewhat inaccurate. The weighted blanket does not have a direct correlation with your mood. The correlation between mood and the weighted blanket mostly stems from its impact on the quality of your sleep. The use of a weighted blanket leads to a restful sleep, which in turn results in an enhanced mood as a positive outcome. An effective weighted blanket equipped with temperature control might have advantageous effects on your sleep quality. Your sleep quality experiences a marginal improvement. Your REM sleep duration is somewhat longer, resulting in a marginal improvement in total restorative recovery. Although each individual factor contributes just somewhat, the collective enhancement of your well-being is substantial. The quality of your sleep directly influences your mood. Perhaps you might consider acknowledging the merits of the weighted blanket, after all.
  • Surgical interventions or medical procedures: Surgeries may be associated with discomfort. The effects of the medications will diminish at a certain moment, and the sensation of agony will begin. You will have limited mobility, however you may have the desire to shift and rotate. A weighted blanket enhances comfort, limits unnecessary movement, and promotes speedier healing via improved sleep. The outcomes of the procedure itself are mostly unrelated to the use of weighted blankets. You should prioritize achieving a fast and painless recovery. The weighted blanket provides a little increase in comfort to the procedure.