Bed Boss Memory Foam Mattress

Sleeping on a premium quality memory foam mattress is just like floating on the clouds. Memory foams have hit the markets in various forms like mattresses and toppers. If you do not own a memory foam mattress then you are yet to know the meaning of “ultimate comfort”. Today we will be discussing about the famous Bed Boss Mattresses Company that sells premium quality memory foam mattresses. Pillows and toppers at reasonable prices.

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Bed Boss has minimal number of mattresses. This means less confusion searching different models unlike other mattress brands. They even manufacture a few mattress models exclusively for the Korean markets and I wonder why. There are nine mattress models available in their official website but I could hardly gather information about eight models. I have tried to put every piece of information regarding their memory foam mattress range in this article. I hope this will help you to make an informed decision while purchasing a bed boss brand.

Bed Boss Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

The company is based at Crossville, TN and they sell their mattress models through retailers, online stores, and independent dealers. Their business is growing steadily throughout the US and they have collaborated with a number of chiropractic clinics and retail stores to serve the customers.

The Bed Boss Toppers And Mattresses Review

Bed Boss RENEW TOPPERS Review – Steal a look

Having money constraints or feeling insecure to invest on a memory foam mattress? It is common to stay put in a dilemma when it comes to purchasing a mattress. TOPPERS are great in terms of pocket friendliness and impart a new life to your old sagging mattress. If you are hitting hard with a firm mattress than again a topper can be a great rescue plan.

The Renew Topper from Bed Boss is all about soft cradling support and a designer piece to top your old mattress. It has a thickness of 2.5 inches and is made of high quality visco-elastic memory foam. Topper also includes a half inch of gel infused memory foam layer to keep the topper cool. It does the same job of a posh memory foam mattress and helps in providing relief from pressure points.

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How does it stay put on top of your mattress? Simple it has sewn straps that hold the topper in place. Cool and breathable Tencel fabric makes the final cover of the topper look great. Overall, it is built for lasting long and providing comfort. It comes at an affordable price range and is one of the great picks when it comes to mattress toppers.

Bed Boss Sweet Dreams Mattress Review- Tailor Made For Your Kids

“Sweet dreams” is specially designed for kids and it has a childish touch in its make. The mattress cover has Teddy bear patterns embossed on top of it and it looks cool. Your kid would love to crawl into it and take a soothing nap. For moms out there you do not have to worry, as the mattress cover is completely washable. It is easy to remove and has waterproof settings making it easier. Sweet dreams mattress comes with a matching pillow tailor made for kids. Now about the mattress it has a profile of 6 inches where the top layer is made of memory foam. The top layer has ventilation features to improve its breathability and has a thickness of 1.5 inches. The supportive base layer is made of 4.5 inches high resiliency foam. It is available in three sizes namely twin, full and queen.

Bed Boss Visco Select Mattress Review – The Firmer The Better

If you love sleeping on a firm surface then you should hold on to on to this mattress. It is made of dense memory foam and has a firmer feel. Visco select memory foam conforms according to your body shape and comes at an affordable price range. It stands shoulder to shoulder in comparison to the mattress giants of the industry in terms of comfort and luxury. If you have body aches and back pain then this firm mattress can be of help. A levelled sleeping surface that conforms according to your body is the best for such medical conditions.

It has three layers in which the top layer (.5 inches) sits in a quilted fashion. It contains high-density bamboo infused into memory foam to keep the heat away. The middle layer (3 inches) is made of high-density resiliency memory foam and the supportive layer (7.5 inches) is made of resiliency memory foam.

Bed Boss Visco Elite Mattresses Reviews – Comfortably Affordable

This mattress is for those who give high weightage to value. According to Bed Boss Visco Elite mattress is best in terms of value, price, and comfort. This mattress supports paining backs and other body parts by providing relief from pressure points. If you had, enough of the stuck feelings with your old mattress then buy Visco Elite for a change. It is better than the rest and comes in a three-layer design. It has a profile of 8-inch thickness with the top layer similar to the visco select model.

The middle layer is made of traditional memory foam with a thickness of 3 inches. The supportive base is made of resiliency memory foam with a thickness of 4.5 inches. The mattress cover fabric is made of blended bamboo fiber and is treated with aloe Vera. This gives a moisturizing and cool effect while sleeping on this mattress. The top of the cover has diamond pattern stitched giving it a complete luxury look.

Bed Boss Visco Heir ET Mattresses Review – Luxury At Everyone’s Reach

Not everyone opts for luxury, as it comes with a huge price to be paid. Luxury is expensive but not always and especially with Bed Boss mattresses, luxury is affordable for all. Visco Heir ET is the luxury mattress model from Bed Boss that comes at an affordable price range without compromising on design and comfort. It has a three-layer design and has a profile of 11 inches. The construction is similar to the Visco Elite model but has different thickness levels of layers. The top layer is 1-inch thick, middle layer 3 inch and the supportive layer being 7 inch thick. The mattress cover gives a luxurious feel with a wave stitch pattern. The cover is made of soft blended bamboo fiber treated with aloe Vera.

Bed Boss Visco Crown PT Mattresses Review – Live King Size

Visco Crown PT is the mattress made for royal sleepers. Bed boss has made use of Contour9 system to provide ventilation and full body support. This model has nine different comfort areas employed to provide complete relaxation and sleep. This model has a price range on the high end in the bed boss mattress line but not high in comparison with other brands. It has four-layer design with a profile of 13.5 inches thickness. The top layer is one inch thick made of gel infused memory foam. The second layer (higher density memory foam) gives a plush pillow top feeling and has a thickness of 2 inches. The third layer incorporates the contour9 system and is made of traditional memory foam with a thickness of 3 inches. The last layer or the supportive layer is of 7.5-inch thickness made of high resiliency memory foam.

The mattress cover of Visco Crown PT gives a plush and soft feeling. The cover fabric has blended bamboo fiber treated with aloe Vera in it. On top of the cover, you will find circle stitches running all over giving a royal outlook to the mattress.

Bed Boss Innerspring Plus Memory Foam Mattresses Review- Hybrid Sleep

The hybrid sleep version is just awesome and plain example of new school innovation. This mattress might be the one you are looking for since a long time. You might have heard of innerspring mattress. But never of memory foam combined with the innerspring. The new hybrid sleep is one of its kinds and has a design unique from all other mattress brands. It has a structure, which makes use of pocket coil innersprings and premium multi-layer memory foams.

Hybrid sleep has in total five layers to display. The top layer is 1-inch thick made of bamboo infused quilted cover, the next layer being 2-inch normal memory foam. The third layer utilizes Ultra core HD memory foam and has a thickness of 2 inches. The fourth layer consists of innerspring-pocketed coils with a thickness of 6.5 inches. Lastly, the supportive layer has a thickness of 2 inches and is made of higher resiliency foam.

The cover of hybrid sleep has a silk blended fabric with poly-satin trim, which gives it a fine look. If you are looking for a bounce affect along with the comfort of memory foam then this is the right pick.

Bed Boss Visco Revolution Mattress Review- Made For Sleep

The tag line for this mattress should have been “luxury, softness, and support renamed”. It is priced at the high end of the scale in the Bed Boss mattress line. Visco revolution Mattress comes with a five layer design and fall under the category of a plush mattress.

It offers support and ultimate pleasure giving sleeping experiences with its high quality memory foams. Below the top 1-inch bamboo quilted cover you will find the second layer of gel infused foam with 1.5 inches thickness. The third layer is made of traditional memory foam of 2.5-inch thickness and fourth layer with ultra core memory foam of 2-inch thickness. The base resiliency layer has a thickness of 8 inches together giving the mattress a profile of 15-inch thickness. The cover fabric of this mattress has a cool viscose finishing with suede trim with large diamond pattern. The overall look of this mattress is simply majestic and awesome.

Features Of Bed Boss Memory Foam Mattress

To start with, all memory foam mattresses from this brand are great in terms of quality. They undergo various quality checks before reaching its customers. Like any other top mattress, Bed Boss mattresses are also CertiPUR-US® Certified. This ensures the safety standards and customers can trust them for their health friendliness. Stop worrying about disruption of indoor air quality due to mattresses, you can actually relax in the case of bed boss mattresses. These mattresses contribute very less to indoor pollution as they are free from toxins (PBDE flame-retardants, formaldehyde, ozone depleters, and phthalates).

Bed boss products have undergone vigorous testing and approval upon their performance. Talking about the price factor, they go pretty well with the budget. They also offer discounts and coupon codes at various affiliate sites where you can buy the mattress for prices that you have never imagined.

Bed Boss Mattresses Warranty & Other Features

About the warranty factor, all Bed Boss mattresses comes with a 10-year warranty. The warranty covers manufacturing defects, decompression problems, foam defects and sagging above 1 inches. Remember that you can avail this warranty only if bought from an authorized dealer or from the official site directly. Many third party sellers out there sell Bed Boss mattresses. In such cases, you cannot expect warranties.

The Bed Boss mattresses follow bed in a box style and come home in a compressed fashion. All you need to do is take it out and air it out. Give it some time to relax and stretch fully. Say around 24 hours. Your mattress is perfectly ready to settle down on your foundation. The mattress comes with a no-flip design and it can only be rotated. Bed Boss asks its customers to rotate the mattress every 3 months to keep it in shape.

Regarding the mattress covers it is removable and you can actually take it out for spot cleaning. The construction and materials used in the mattress is definitely worth buying. Most of the mattresses are available in all the standard sizes except the kids range.

Bed Boss Mattresses – Promo Codes And Coupons

Bed boss offers exciting offers and coupons for its products wholeheartedly. You can find amazing deals and flat rate discounted prices at their official site. They are also offering discounts at their affiliate partner sites for all their mattress ranges. However, at the end of the day I would say buying from an authorized dealer is always the best to avail warranty.

Bed Boss Mattresses Dealers / Retailers

You can Buy Bed Boss mattresses from retail outlets and chiropractic clinics that have collaborated with Bed Boss. You can also buy them directly from their online factory outlet with huge discounts. There are many marketing sites that sell Bed Boss mattresses so you can purchase from them also. However, beware of one aspect; there are many fake sellers out there giving away fake mattresses at cheap rates. Make sure that you are buying genuine Bed Boss products from a genuine seller. This is important to obtain quality products and to avail the warranty. Alternatively, you can also find Bed Boss mattresses at Amazon, eBay and The only problem is that you will not get the warranty claims if you purchase from this site.

Bed Boss Mattresses Complaints – Customer Reviews

Well, as with any mattress, there is no one size fit for all and therefore you can expect mixed opinions. Firstly, this brand certainly sells quality mattresses and there is no doubt regarding that. However, the problem is that they do not offer any comfort warranties. That is you cannot try them for a few nights like those offered by other mattress makers. Bed Boss claims that they do not offer trial periods and they have cut down the costs that occur due to comfort warranties. The best way to deal with this is go to a retail outlet and try personally, how a mattress feels.

Regarding the off gassing issues there are feedbacks from customers that they do emit some sort of smell initially. This issue can be resolved by unpacking the mattress in a ventilated area and keeping it out for an hour at least. Bed Boss says that the mattress will take around 24 hours to regain its shape and to leave out all the smell. Now coming to customer report I would say there are mixed reviews. The kids range has been successful in making its mark and has a loyal customer base. Regarding the other mattress models customers opine that they provide same comforts as that of expensive memory foam mattresses. Yet Bed Boss has to go a long way to compete with the mattress giants and their models. Bed Boss mattress lines have average customer satisfaction ratings.

Bottom Line

Bed Boss claims that they offer quality mattress and they say that there is no one size that fits all. It is true to some extent and the best way is to try them yourself. Buying them from their online site is the best way to avail discounts. So go and try them at a retail outlet and order online. Simple go try your mattress today. In conclusion this mattress brand is definitely worth a try for the price they offer its products.