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Beautyrest Mattress
  • Individual Pocket Springs mounted in separate cotton pockets offer individual support
  • Offers own sleep zone without affecting the other sleeping partner
  • Responsive memory foam that offers super comfort and orthopedic support
  • Helps to overcome pressure points of the body
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Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Vanderbilt Collection

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Perfect mattresses for your beauty sleep! Beautyrest Recharge Castleton Tight top extra firm mattress is the ultimate mattress for the people who love firmness and whose back is giving them trouble. Though firm, the mattress provides ultimate comfort to the lumbar region and helps the body in maintaining its alignment. Its extra firmness offers extra support and comfort especially at the lumbar region, which is more prone to aches and pains. Macy has used its supreme Titanium Support System that effectively provides an extra supporting base at the region of the mattress where you lower lumber region rests. A lesser expensive option would be the  Saatva Mattresses

The best Reviewed mattress in comparison to Beautyrest

The beautyrest recharge castleton tight top extra firm mattress is manufactured in USA. It is a type of innerspring mattress with different layers of foams.
There are basically two types of foams used in this mattress:

  • Luxury Firm Comfort foam
  • Energy foam

Both the types of foam form a comfortable level of firmness that is best suited for the people who tend to sleep on their back or for the stomach sleepers. These are highly durable as well, so once you buy this mattress, you will not have to look for another one for a long time. The Gel Touch technology used in the mattress, allows the mattress to gel so well and magically with the body and reduces the pressure from the pressure points and also give a cooling sensation. Foam has the tendency to retain heat and become warm. The Gel touch technology helps in reversing this effect and keeping the mattress cool.

At the edges of the mattress the springs are encased ventilated. AirCool BeautyEdge foam makes the edges supportive and enhances the air circulation inside the mattress. A good air ventilation inside the mattress evaporates the perspiration that your body leaves at night. So, you won’t be welcomed in the morning with a drenched mattress. The Beautyrest Recharge Castleton Tight Top Extra Firm mattress fulfills the requirement by the federal fire retardant safety law. The mattress has a 20-year limited warranty.

Many users say yes when asked if they will recommend this mattress to their friends and relatives. The reviews on Beautyrest Recharge Castleton Tight Top Extra Firm mattress shows that the users are highly satisfied by the quality and the performance of the mattress in providing comfort and rest. Even the customer care service has got a thumbs up from the customers.

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