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Purple Mattress
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Bear Vs Purple Mattress

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What makes the Bear mattress special
Breathable Celliant Cover
Graphite Gel Memory foam

What makes the Purple Mattress Special
The Grid Layer design

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The design of a mattress is what makes each mattress different from each other. The purple mattress is unique in its design and the Grid layer is patented. They come with a range of benefits, pressure relief being one of many. The purple is an excellent mattress in every sense. The Bear mattress on the other hand is crafted for people who are active. If you are into sports or other activities which involve physical work throughout the day, the Bear is one of the best mattresses in the industry.

The Design apart, the right mattress for you would depend on your personal preference and requirement. Are you looking for a mattress which is comfortable or a mattress which will help heal your body, everyday, day in and day out. A proper rest which can help you heal your body from aches and pains, or fatigue is what a good sleep is supposed to do. But does your mattress support it? Is it too soft or too hard for you? All these concerns should be addressed by one mattress… Think about it. You have 1-20 odd requirements and one single product is expected to deliver all of it.

Purple Mattress

The Purple mattress is Pressure relieving. The design is great and comes with a 100 night trial and a 10 Year warranty. If you decide the purple mattress is not for you, return it in the first 100 nights and get a full refund. Its all good. the company backs its product and thats normal. The mattress has 3 layers. The grid layer, which is the ke design difference in the mattress from all other mattresses in the industry, The supportive layer and the base layer which is high density foam. The support layer, as the name suggests helps the mattress to be more supporive, contouring and pressure relieving. It helps the mattress not sink too much. Its perfect for most people.

Bear Mattress

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The bear mattress offers the same benefits of the Purple mattress. 10 year warranty, 100 night trial and Free returns and shipping. nothing different as far as services go. Whats different is the cover in the Bear mattress. Celliant covers are known to help body fatigue. This is proven and backed by research. With the Medium firm Graphite memory foam, the cover works wonders in helping you heal faster from fatigue. If you are into sports or are active through out the day with your work, the bear mattress may be a bit more beneficial for you. After all, we all need a full recovery after a good nights rest. The Bear mattress too is made of 3 layers. The Graphite gel layer keeps the mattress cool, the support layer ensures that you are supported well and have good pressure relief and the base layer which helps the mattress retain its shape among others.

Purple Vs Bear Mattress ? Which one is right for you?

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Lets set aside the design completely. How many of us are really interested in the design of the layers inside the mattress unless it has some feature of interest which affects us. The purples grid layer is impressive. But its covered with sheets and you dont see it at all. Lets go by the feel and the benefits of the mattress itslef. Both the Pruple and Bear mattress are rated as medium firm mattress. When it comes to cooling, both the mattress rank almost the same but purple excels by a small degree. Pressure relief is good on a bear mattress but again the purple mattress excels by a point. Comfort, both the mattresses do extremely well and rank the same. For people with back pain, The bear mattress ranks a lot better than the purple mattress. this goes for hip pain and neck pain too. Most customers find the Bear mattress well suited if you have any physical pain. This has to do with the celliant covers and also the medium firm graphite gel foam whcih is supportive and pressure relieving.

Pressure ReliefGoodExcellent
Backpain & Body PainExcellentAverage
FirmnessMedium FirmMedium Firm
Returns & Warranty10 Years10 Years
Trial Period100 Night100 Night
Edge supportExcellentGood
Value For money5/54/5

The Purple mattress is great for Young adults who prefer a good comfortable bed with no worries about back pain and other problems. for people who are older, they may want a mattress which is more supportive and healing. If you are active or a sportsperson, you may want to consider a bear mattress.

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As far as price is concerned, the Purple mattress does tend to be a bit more expensive than the bear mattress.

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