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Bear Mattress
  • 20  Years WArranty
  • 101 Night Trial
  • Free Shipping and Delivery
  • Best Mattress For Athletes
  •  Adjustable Base compliant
  • Best mattress For back pain
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Bear Vs Nectar Sleep Mattress – Review

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Comparing 2 Best selling mattresses side by side is not as difficult as choosing one from them. It almost seems impossible to make a choice when it comes to Bear vs Nectar sleep mattress. While the bear mattress is packed with features like the celliant cover, Graphite gel memory foam and targeting active people, the nectar mattress is a medium firm to firm mattress, the most affordable mattress with a life time warranty and a 365 night trial. Almost everything seems to be different in both the mattress, though at first look it seems all the same

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Nectar Mattress Vs Bear

Bear Nectar
Warranty10 YearsForever
Trial100 Nights365 Nights
CoversCelliantTencel Cooling Covers
Memory Foam Type Graphite GelGel Memory Foam
AccessoriesFree Pillow, Protector, Sheets (While Stocks Last)Free Pillow, Protector, Sheets
Made in USAChina
Price (Queen)$796$799

The Nectar Mattress

The nectar mattress Offers more in warranty and trial period where it lacks in features as compared to the bear mattress. The 365 night trial and the forever warranty is surely enticing. The Gel memory foam offers cooling features to the mattress with the tencel cooling covers, is a great option for people who sleep hot. Free pillows, sheets and protectors worth upto $375 comes free with the nectar sleep mattress (currently in offer) which makes the deal even more better. The Reviews are excellent and nectar is one of the best selling mattresses online. It is affordable, Time tested and is backed by 1000’s of customers. Undoubtedly one of the best mattresses online today. 

The nectar mattress has a few complaints. Specially when it comes to the firmness levels. Though the mattress is classified as medium firm , many customers find the Nectar sleep mattress too firm. Apart from this, the mattress is perfectly as advertised and marketed. If you are on the heavier side (above 150lbs) You would find the Nectar mattress comfortable as it is. If you are on the right side of weight or lighter, you should consider purchasing as of mattress topper to go with the nectar sleep mattress. This adds comfort and life to the mattress 

The Bear Mattress

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The bear mattress competes very closely to the nectar but fails to offer the warranty and trial period offered by Nectar sleep mattress. While this may seem to be a downside, most customers can make a decision in 100 nights weather to keep the mattress or return it. The 365 night trial by nectar seems promising but 100 nights is almost always more than enough to make a decision. As far as warranty is concerned, Both the companies only cover manufacturing defects in the mattress. And no matter how long the warranty, you will need to change any mattress after the 10th year. The bear mattress warranty only seems reasonable with that regard. 

With regard to the price, the bear mattress is very close to the price of nectar sleep mattresses. They do offer the same sheets, pillows and protectors along with their mattress (while stocks last). 

What makes the bear mattress different is the Celliant covers. The mattress is designed for people who are active. If you are a sports person, this is one of the best mattresses, recommended by athletes and backed by years of research. The mattress works great for people with back pain and body aches, something which the Nectar sleep does not offer.

Who is the Nectar sleep mattress for

The nectar sleep mattress is perfect for anyone who prefers a cool mattress, medium firm and conscious about warranty and trial periods. The mattress is made in China. It is efficiently priced and the quality is good. The nectar sleep mattress is great if you are a person who sleeps hot. You should always consider purchasing a mattress topper (preferably a soft one) when you purchase a nectar mattress. This does add to the cost.

Key Factors which influence Nectar Mattress purchase

  • Price : the Nectar Mattress is one of the Few affordable memory foam mattresses available today. 
  • Warranty and Trial Period : with a lifetime warranty and a 365 night trial, The nectar mattress allows the maximum period of trial and warranty in the industry 
  • Mattress Firmness : For people who prefer a firm to medium firm mattress, the nectar sleep mattress is the most affordable option

Who is the Bear mattress for

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The bear mattress is great for people who are active, athletes and sportsmen. If you suffer from back pain, neck pain or body aches, the bear mattress is the perfect choice. The bear mattress is cool and conforms perfectly. The pressure relief on the bear mattress is near excellent. Not to mention the price is extremely low for a mattress manufactured in the USA.

Key Factors that influence Bear mattress Purchase

  • Price & Offers : The bear mattress is Affordable when you look at the overall price and the offers which come with them. Free sheets, pillows and protectors are free and they usually cost at least $300 Extra !
  • Mattress firmness : One of the few mattresses which are firm, but comfortable, the bear is slightly softer than the nectar mattress but firmer than most other mattresses in the industry. If you are looking for a mattress which is not too firm, the Bear mattress may be the best option for you
  • Celliant Covers :  The only Company to offer celliant covers, which helps recover from daily fatigue and recommended for cooler sleep and designed for athletes and active people.


Its hard to make one. The bear mattress is perfect for most people. At the same range as the nectar mattress and manufactured in the USA, The bear mattress simple fits the bill. Nectar sleep on the other hand is impressive for its cooling features Trial and warranty periods. As far as cost is concerned, the price difference is just a few dollars.

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