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The Best Memory foam Mattress Recommended for Healing. 

Bear Mattress Reviews

Bear mattress started 25 years ago as a family business founded by Scott paladini. Today its one of the best mattress companies selling mattresses online. A BBB Rating of A+, The Bear mattress company sells excellent products, Address customer concerns and Provide unsurpassed service. The Business online for Bear Started in 2014, Way after most companies had already made an online presence. While company’s Like saatva was already the best sellers online, Bear was a newcomer to online business. Yet, Bear mattress broke into the market and made a presence in the online market. Today Most review companies find bear as a major player in the mattress industry. They cannot help but review the mattress and put it on the top spot.

  • Sleepopolis 4.6
  • Slumbersearch 9.6
  • Consumer affairs : 3.9
  • Mattress clarity : 4.5
  • Mattress guides : 4.5
  • HappySleepyhead : 4.4
  • Memoryfoam Talk 9.5
  • Mattressadvisor : 8.6
  • : 4.6

The Bear Mattress

  • 20  Years WArranty
  • 101 Night Trial
  • Free Shipping and Delivery
  • Best Mattress For Athletes
  •  Adjustable Base compliant
  • Best mattress For back pain

Below are some of the reviews from professional mattress review websites. You will notice that most of them have rated the mattress to be on the range of 4-4.5 out of 5. 

The Bear mattress Collection

Bear mattress collection is 3 mattresses one better than the other. The standard original Bear mattress is where the entire mattress story started for bear. From there, things evolved. They started a luxury mattress in the Beary hybrid and their new Bear Pro is the addition of Copper foam and Pressure-relieving features. 


The Bear Mattress (Original)

  • Breathable Celliant Cover – Promotes Recovery and Healing
  • Graphite gel memory foam – Stay cooler through out the night
  • Responsive Foam – Adapts to your shape
  • High Density support foam
  • Firmness level to support your back at 7.1
  • Best for Back and stomach sleepers
Size Width Length Depth Weight Price
Queen 60″ 80″ 10″ 70 lbs. $890
King 76″ 80″ 10″ 90 lbs. $ 990
Cal King 72″ 84″ 10″ 90 lbs. $ 990
Full 54″ 75″ 10″ 60 lbs. $ 790
Twin 39″ 75″ 10″ 50 lbs. $ 590
Twin XL 39″ 80″ 10″ 50 lbs. $690

The Bear mattress was the first launch by the company. The mattress is simple with 3 layers

A Graphite gel Layer which prevents heat retention, A Transition foam which conforms and the base layer. The Celliant technology cover was used first on a bear mattress and the USP for the company. Celliant covers were known to help recover better after a sleep and there is a whole lot of research which proves it. Currently there are a lot of companies using Celliant covers on their mattresses. The Bear mattress is on the firmer side. Most other mattresses will be softer than the Bear mattress. Being a mattress which helps recovery and used by a lot of sports personnel, it was important to keep the mattress firm, Yet soft. Again, Bear mattress went by research which shows that firm mattress are better for back problems and recovering from injuries

Overall i would consider the bear mattress to be in the range of 3.5 out of 5 because its simply one of the most basic mattresses. But for its price, i think its pretty hard to get a mattress of that quality. Yes there are plenty of other mattresses which are cheaper, but when you take the balance between price and quality/features, i think the price is very justified.


The Bear Hybrid mattress

  • Hand Quilted Celliant Covers For Faster recovery
  • Hypersoft Cooling Gel Foam – To reduce Heat retention
  • Premium Comfort Foam – For better conforming feel
  • Responsive Transition Foam – 
  • Quantum Edge Coil – Different density coils for edge and the main area. Better edge support
  • High Density support foam – For a stronger base.
Width Length Depth Weight Price
Queen 60″ 80″ 14″ 110 lbs. $1390 
King 76″ 80″ 14″ 140 lbs. $ 1690
Cal King 72″ 84″ 14″ 140 lbs. $ 1690
Full 54″ 75″ 14″ 80 lbs. $ 1290
Twin 39″ 75″ 14″ 60 lbs $ 1090
Twin XL 39″ 80″ 14″ 60lbs $ 1190

Sometimes simplicity wins hands on and thats clearly the case with the Luxury hybrid mattress by Bear. The Bear hybrid has celliant covers which are hand quilted for a luxurious feel . Hypersoft cooling gel may sound fancy and does the fancy job of keeping heat at bay. With spring mattresses, heat retention is comparatively lower to that of memory foam but with the Cooling gel layer, the heat retention is way lesser than most other innerspring mattresses. The right pressure from the innerspring ensures that the mattress is bouncy but not jumpy. IT creates the right pressure throughout the body but gives you the feel of luxury. The innerspring is arranged with higher density springs around the corner for better edge support. The Luxury hybrid Bear mattress is also Greenguard Gold certified.

The bear hybrid falls in between 6 and 6.5 in firmness levels. Most people have found the mattress to be just right for them. Its neither too soft or too firm. Unlike the original bear mattress which was firm, the Bear hybrid is known to be a bit more soft. Being a luxury mattress also requires that the mattress be on the softer side.

The bear hybrid is a soft to touch but firm on your body. Its good for people suffering from back problems and need proper pressure relief.

The Bear Pro Gel Mattress

  • Celliant Technology covers – Better muscle recovery
  • Copper infused foam – Cleaner sleep
  • Gel memory foam for Temperature control
  • Responsive transition foam for better pressure relief
Width Length Depth Weight Price
Queen 60″ 80″ 12″ 80 lbs. $1090 
King 76″ 80″ 12″ 100lbs. $ 1290
Cal King 72″ 84″ 12″ 100lbs. $ 1290
Full 54″ 75″ 12″ 70lbs. $ 1040
Twin 39″ 75″ 12″ 60lbs $ 940
Twin XL 39″ 80″ 12″ 60lbs $ 990

The Bear Pro is the latest addition to the Bear mattress collection. It is a very soft Gel Memory Foam Mattress with copper infused foam. The Bear pro sports a breathable celliant cover just like all the other mattresses in the Bear mattress range. The responsive transition and the high density foam base is also the same as all the other mattresses from Bear. The bear Pro mattress is made specifically for people who are active. The mattress is soft and has a firmness rating of 5.9. IT provides a bit of bounce but excellent conformance. The Bear Pro mattress is recommended for people who are active but not really for those who are suffering from back problems or have gone surgery. The mattress is too soft for people who are recovering from back problems. 

When it comes to luxury , this mattress excels expectations. The mattress is extremely soft, Sleeps cool and the copper infused gel foam is an added benefit overall


Slatted Wood Foundation For Bear Mattress

  • Easy to assemble
  • No tools required
  • Gray color fabric 
  • Fits on almost all frames