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Bear Mattress
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Bear mattress for Back pain

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The Best Memory foam Mattress Recommended for Back Pain. The bear mattress was designed for athletes. Think of all the training they go through day in and day out. Imaging the amount of weight they lift and the miles they run. Most people cannot fathom the kind of physical stress these athletes go through every single day. There is no holiday or break from the routine. The stress of achieving a new goal is constant. Their body is usually on overdrive. For them , rest is mandatory. Recovery is crucial and the faster the better. If the body hasn’t recovered to its optimal point the next day, chances are they will not be able to perform. Getting a good rest is the second most important thing for them to achieve their goal and a Bear mattress delivers just that. The celliant technology sheets on the bear mattress ensures that the muscle recovers faster. It’s proven and now available. But is it only athletes that benefit from the bear mattress? How about normal people who want a good rest. What if you were pregnant or simply suffer from back pain? Can the bear mattress help heal your back pain?

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How does a Bear mattress help you with your Back pain?

  1. Conforming : Bear mattress is conforming. It moulds to your body shape while you lay down on it. This creates a feeling of fullness and a bonding between you and your mattress. You feel every part of your body touching the mattress and not hanging in places. This is a key feature of all memory foam mattresses and is known to help people with back pain and back problems. People who sleep on their back on a firm mattress will often feel that their mid back is not in contact with the mattress. Often , places below your neck and knee are also not in contact with the mattress when you sleep on your back. If the mattress is too soft, you would feel extra pressure on certain areas like the shoulder and lower hip. The mattress has to be conforming, yet firm and the bear mattress delivers just that.
  2. Pressure Relieving : Most people don’t feel the effects of pressure relief in their mattress. They don’t understand the concept of pressure relief because they just lay down on a mattress and adjust themselves to their comfortable position before going to sleep. It’s what happens after a few minutes that’s important to understand the concept of pressure relief. For instance , in a firm mattress, your arms and shoulders are the key pressure points which will be affected. For back sleepers, the lumbar area and neck will be prone to more pressure. When you are asleep you will turn around and shift positions. Time and time again you will come back to the position which is more comfortable to you. It’s the mornings which are painful for people who choose a mattress which does not relieve pressure. Complaints of a back problem, neck pain and aches in arm are common for people who chose a mattress without pressure relief. The bear mattress is crafted with pressure relief in mind. The firm layer which supports the plush top layer ensures that your body weight is evenly distributed. Every morning is a fresh new start with no pains and aches.
  3. Medium firm for Back sleepers and Soft for Side sleepers : The bear mattress comes in 3 different models. The bear classic is a medium firm memory foam mattress. The Bear Pro is a softer , less firmer memory foam mattress and then there is the plush Hybrid mattress. For most people who sleep on their back, a firm mattress or the classic bear mattress would be the best fit. For people who sleep on their sides, you should consider a softer mattress and the Bear Pro or Bear Hybrid is a better choice if you have back pain problems. 
  4. If you have undergone surgery, then an adjustable mattress : While this may not concern most of us, an adjustable base is a great addition to your mattress, especially if you have undergone surgery and expect to stay in bed for a longer period of time. The adjustable base will help you sit or change your position to an elevated one, once in a while to make yourself comfortable. Though this is not a requirement , an additional feature is always better for people who have back pain problems and spend a lot of time in bed.

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Yes there are other factors to consider like edge support, Cooling and bounce but they aren’t as important as these Four factors when it comes to back pain. This does not mean that a bear mattress compromised its quality when it comes to these factors. As a matter of fact, Bear mattress has excellent edge support, cooling and the bounce is perfect on a hybrid mattress.

Sleep positions, Back pain and the Bear mattress

One of the few things most people get wrong is the mattress firmness when it comes to sleeping positions. Most of the articles clearly state that the Medium firm mattress is the best option for people suffering from back pain. Unfortunately they don’t look deep into the article to find out that it usually focuses on people who sleep on their back. For side sleepers a firm mattress would usually be more harmful than good. There is more pressure in your shoulder , resulting in pain and aches in your arm. For a side sleeper a softer option is much better. When it comes to Bear, the Bear pro is more apt for people who are side sleepers. The Bear Hybrid is also a great option and has excellent pressure relief. 

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There is also a problem with firmness and body weight. For those who are heavy, a medium firm mattress may feel a bit too soft and for those who are light, the soft mattress may feel just right for them or feel like a medium firm. This is perfectly ok as long as you are comfortable with the mattress. Also when it comes to trying out a mattress, a few minutes in the bed is not going to give you the right feel or result. Shopping for a mattress in a store usually involves lying down on the mattress for a few minutes. Most people spend a fraction of a minute before making a decision. Some people who are much more investigative would try the mattress for 15 minutes. Anything more than 15 minutes is going to irritate the store owner and also a bit embarrassing for you. Chances are you wouldn’t spend more than 15 minutes on a bed before making a decision. 

Is 15 minutes of trial usually enough for a person to make a decision on a mattress which they intend to use for 7 or 8 years? I would like to try the mattress at least for one whole night before i make a decision. It would be nice if i could try it for a month.

Bear mattress and almost all mattress companies today allow you to try the mattress for a longer period of time. Some mattress companies offer a full year for you to try the mattress. With bear mattress a 100 night trial is more than enough to decide if the mattress is right for you. Chances are you may have the right mattress. Chances are you may need a topper or some slight adjustment to get the feel right. The worst that could happen is that you really don’t like the mattress and you return it for a full money back. This is always better than trying a mattress for 15 minutes in a store and with no assurance of returns.

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Pillows and its effect on Back pain

While mattresses are important, a pillow is crucial too. The right firmness and the right height of the pillow will determine how balanced your neck area is. If the pillow is too high, chances are your neck is going to be in a strained position for a long time, especially for back sleepers. If it’s too low, it would be left hanging for side sleepers. Getting the right pillow which is conforming and retains less heat is key to solving your back problems. There are plenty of pillows in different shapes and sizes. You should really take the time to see which pillows actually meet your requirement. While some of these pillows may come at a discount price and many with varied features, They may not be the right pillow for you. Take your time with pillows and ensure that you spend just as much time as you take to choose your mattress , if not more. 

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The Bear mattress is perfect for all sleeper types as long as you pick the right firmness. All other features are perfect for people who suffer from back pain. If you are an athlete, chances are you would love the mattress more than others. But even for a normal back pain, this mattress is simply worth owning. For more information on Bear Cloud Pillows and Bear cooling pillows, Read review here

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