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Bases, Foundations and Frames for Saatva Mattress

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When purchasing a mattress most people overlook frames and foundations.A Base is essential for almost all mattresses. Any base which is firm and supportive is recommended by most manufacturers but its always recommended that you purchase a base or foundation from the mattress company itself. You may also have some additional benefits to purchasing a frame from the mattress company itself which comes in the form of a discount price and extended warranty. 

But what exactly do you want to buy. Do you need a box spring, A platform bed, a simple frame with a foundation  or an adjustable base? What’s the difference between all these parts and do you need all of them or only some of them? And most importantly why should you bother buying a new frame or foundation when you already have one from the previous mattress!

When purchasing a mattress, its usually evident that your old mattress has done its time of 8 or 10 years. Its usual that the foundation and frames too has passed through this time. Most frames , foundations and box springs have a set lifespan. Frames and foundations are usually 10 years. Box springs last 5-6 years. After this set period, its important to see that your frames, foundations and box springs are in good conditions. Chances are, with regular use, The foundations will have a give, the box spring will have a few broken springs and the frames may be a bit squeaky. 

While some of the problems can be overlooked, there may be a few problems which will need attention when it comes to a bad frame or foundation. If they are not supportive enough, chances are that you will need to change them for your new mattress.  Even otherwise, if the foundations and frames are in condition, if your new mattress is not of the right size, its recommended that you change the frames and foundations to match your new mattress.

Every mattress company has a few set rules when it comes to foundations. The distance between slats, the support and the capacity the foundation can hold are all important. While a heavy memory foam mattress does specify the slat distance and the quality of the foundation itself, most often, it will not specify the weight capacity of the foundation itself. If your mattress is heavy, and the foundation is not able to handle the weight capacity, eventually, the mattress will sag.

Can you use a Saatva mattress with a box spring?

The first question everyone has in mind when purchasing their mattress is if the box spring form their previous mattress works for the new one. Specially if the size is perfect and all! A box spring costs near a $200 a piece and well… Its one of the few pieces a mattress used to need a while ago. Box springs were excellent to add support and motion isolating for Inner spring mattresses. But then box springs went out of fashion a long time ago. 

There are a few drawbacks to Box springs. Box springs though supportive, do not support a really heavy mattress. The heavier the mattress, the less support a box spring has. A full memory foam mattress or a pure latex mattress is usually a lot more heavier than the hybrid mattress if it has a thick profile. And box springs usually do not support pure memory foam mattresses or latex mattresses. Chances are the box springs will not be able to handle the weight and slowly, a few of the springs inside will break. Eventually you will fond that the mattress will sink in places and eventually result in you suffering from a bad back pain.

For an innerspring mattress, Box springs can actually work. But then the support system is not actually as good as that of a normal foundation. A perfect foundation with the right slats and distance between them will support your mattress a lot better than even the best box springs available in the market.  They dont have a give , adding more bounce than required. 

For a saatva mattress, Specially the hybrids, Box spring works but is not recommended. Saatva recommends a strong foundation on a frame or a bed base. A strong foundation adds height to the mattress while also giving the mattress the support required. It also has great air flow , kleeping the mattress cooler while you sleep.

Can a Saatva mattress be used on a platform bed?

A platform bed is a combination of a bed frame with a foundation. In most cases its just the frame with a head board which is optional and has the slats right on the frame itself. Platform beds come in various styles, colors and fabric. Some are usually just made of hard wood, while others are wrapped in Fabric. A platform bed, If you like the design and style is often a more affordable and easy to maintain option rather than purchasing a frame plus a foundation. 

Saatva mattress has its own set of platform beds which is perfect for their mattresses. The range of platform beds start from $995 and could go up to $2000 depending on all your requirements. The additional costs come for the head board , the type of fabric and all the bells and whistles.

If you already have a platform bed, chances are you can use the same for your new saatva mattress as long as the slats are nod distanced too wide and is in good condition. Most platform beds, if constructed well , will last a decade or so. If your platform bed is from quality wood and the support is good, chances are you can use the same platform bed for your new saatva mattress. 

Can you use an adjustable base with a Saatva mattress?

The good news is most memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses are compatible with adjustable beds. Either way, you still need to confirm the same from the mattress company. Saatva mattresses are compatible with almost all adjustable beds.

Adjustable beds are usually a problem for mattresses with thick profiles. A mattress which is 10-12 inches thickness will often be able to flex easily and still retain its shape, no matter if its a hybrid or a pur foam mattress. The thicker the profile, the chances of the mattress deforming comes into place. 

Fortunately all saatva mattresses are compatible with adjustable base. As a matter of fact, saatva themselves promote adjustable bases with their mattress. You can also purchase saatva’s Lineal Adjustable base online at the saatva website.

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