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Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress is the mattress made with bamboo memory foam. The infusion with bamboo gives it a touch of nature and the satisfaction of using eco-friendly products. The natural fibers in bamboo cause fewer allergies and minimize the gas emission from the mattress. The Bamboo memory foam mattress is gaining popularity for its goodness and comfort it offers.

What is the bamboo memory foam mattress?

Bamboo memory foam mattress looks the same as any other memory foam mattress but the difference lies inside the foam. The process of bamboo infusion is done with the help of heat. The bamboo fiber is taken from the plant and is prone to extreme heat. The extreme heat will make the bamboo fibers into rich powder charcoal like form. This charcoal is then treated with the ingredients for memory foam.

credits: http://janedenison.blogspot.in/

credits: http://janedenison.blogspot.in/

The materials for the bamboo infused memory foam are all in liquid form. The liquid ingredients, bamboo charcoal are all mixed well. They are then poured into the mold to create the forms. Once it cools off, you get a memory foam layer that has all the qualities of memory foam and also has the goodness of bamboo fibers.

The bamboo memory foam can dissipate heat from the body. It will have more air circulation that helps eliminate the heat that comes through the material. The memory foam is a heat insulator while the bamboo material takes the heat out through its air channels.

General anatomy of a bamboo memory foam mattress

The anatomy of a bamboo memory foam mattress shows that it has a thick layer of high density memory foam base at the bottom. Over this foam base, there also are 2-3 thin layers of a comfort layer and a ventilated cool air layer as well. The memory foam layer comes as the top layer. The mattress will also have a mattress cover made of fabric that covers all the layers of the mattress. In some cases, where the mattress is thinner, this mattress cover is removable. You will find a zipper by which you can remove the cover easily. Over this mattress cover one may get a mattress protector over it, which would preferably be water proof.

In some bamboo memory foam mattresses there would only be two layers, the base foam layer and the bamboo memory foam layer over this. Both the layers are sewn together with bamboo fabric material. The base layer would be 5-7 inches thick and the bamboo memory foam layer will be 3 inches.

Advantages of bamboo memory foam mattress

  • Bamboo memory foam mattress is of superior quality that can stand far ahead from its counterparts that do not have the bamboo infusion. The inclusion of the natural material reduces the use of synthetic material that decreases the off gassing from the mattress.
  • The cooling layer by the bamboo makes the mattress a better choice in the summer to sleep comfortably during those hot nights.
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  • A thin layer of cover made of bamboo infused material forms the upper layer of bed. The aim is to keep the material closer to the body to enjoy the maximum benefits.
  • The mattress makes an excellent choice for those who insist on using eco-friendly natural products. Even the material is soft while the memory foam makes a firm support.
  • People with back pain can have peaceful sleep without any pain or tight muscles. It is the best way to feel flexible right from the waking up. It also serves as therapeutic for the shoulder, neck, and back pain.
  • Addition of bamboo increases the durability of bamboo memory foam mattress.
  • The complete body support makes it friendly for those who are recovering from injuries. The recovery will be faster.
  • Bamboo memory foam mattress can eliminate bed sores and can improve the blood flow.
  • Bamboo can repel the bed bugs, resistant to mites and can prevent the disease causing bacteria. So medically also the bamboo memory foam mattress is good.

Disadvantages of bamboo memory foam mattress

The bamboo memory foam mattress is not widely available. There are very less sources to buy the bamboo memory foam mattress from. Right now the best way to purchase is the online stores of the retailers. The bamboo memory foam mattress is not readily seen in any of the local furniture shops.

credits: http://ireachmobi.com/

credits: http://ireachmobi.com/

The price of bamboo memory foam mattress is the other disadvantage of it. Since the bamboo infusion process is highly expensive that reflects in the price of the mattress as well. It makes it difficult for the middle class customers to enjoy these mattresses. Moreover, the natural materials also account for the higher price of the mattresses.

But one must also consider the consequences of the use of synthetic materials and the allergy that follows. When compared to that situation, the higher price seems smaller while looking at the other expenses the consequences may bring about. The final reward will be a healthier and peaceful sleep at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does bamboo memory foam mattress serve as a curative means?

People often get back aches and other body aches sleeping on an uncomfortable or a harder surface. Those with spinal disc issues will have to be highly choosy while selecting the right bed to sleep upon. The bamboo memory foam mattress can be softer and yet give the right firmness that supports all parts of the body evenly with uniform body weight support, without sagging or making grooves where the body lay. The natural effects of bamboo will reflect in the sleep and the sleeping position. There are no more post sleep aches and pains.

credits: http://makeupbytiffanyd.blogspot.in/

credits: http://makeupbytiffanyd.blogspot.in/

How to start using bamboo memory foam mattress?

The bamboo memory foam mattress comes vacuum packed in a box and it usually takes a few hours approximately, 12 hours to get it fully expanded into the shape of a bed. This expansion from the compressed form proves that the memory foam can adjust to the weight over it and again get back to its expanded form sooner. With the bamboo infusion there will be lesser off gassing from the mattress. It will also be a good idea to keep the mattress in a well aerated room with proper ventilation.

Is the bamboo memory foam mattress available for trial use?

Yes, some companies do offer the trial use for bamboo memory foam mattresses. The customer will have to first purchase the mattress and use it for the speculated period of time. If the customer seems to be unhappy with the bamboo mattress it may be returned to the company without any risks. The assurance of a no-risk money return policy shows the confidence of the company in its products and hints that there would be hardly anyone who would be actually unsatisfactory.

How thick would be the bamboo memory foam mattress?

The actual thickness of the bamboo memory foam mattress would depend upon the base foam that makes the mattress. The bamboo infused memory foam layer is quite thinner and is only a part of the top layer. The thickness of the bamboo infused memory foam would just be a few inches.

Are there any allergic reactions to sleep on a bamboo memory foam mattress?

People who are allergic to bamboo will sure have allergic reactions while sleeping on the bamboo infused memory foam mattress. Otherwise there are no adverse effects of sleeping on a bamboo memory foam mattress. The chemical free make of the mattress makes it a no-allergy mattress. There is lesser chemical expulsion from the mattress and less will be the skin diseases or respiratory diseases. Since the bamboo does not require a real ‘gardening care’ and it grows on its own there are no use of herbicides, pesticides or other chemicals that might be present remotely in the bamboo fibers. The bamboo fibers can be the safest of all natural fibers in this matter.

Can bamboo memory foam mattress cause drying of the skin?

The bamboo memory foam mattress can work as a wick system to remove moisture from the surface of the mattress. But it would in no way cause the drying of the skin of the person lying on it. This wick system will actually prevent the drying of the skin by removing the excess moisture from the sleeping surface.

What other forms of bamboo can I use on my mattress?

There is bamboo infused fabrics available. The bed sheets and pillow covers makes to the direct contact with the body. There also is bamboo infused quilted mattress cover as a protection. The bamboo fibers are also used in the making of pillows. Make use of these products to improve the health with the goodness and medicinal properties of bamboo.

Wouldn’t using bamboo from nature alter the nature’s eco balance?

No, bamboo is a free growing plant that does not need any specific care to grow. It can be harvested every 3 years and can replenish automatically. There is also no need of replanting. It will no way affect the eco system and cannot be compared to tree cutting.

What type of bamboo is used to make the bamboo memory foam mattress?

The bamboo that is taken for the making of the bamboo memory foam mattress are the Dragon, Moso and Ci bamboo. There is a wide concern that since Pandas thrive on eating bamboos these mattresses making will affect them. IN fact it does not. The bamboo varieties that are chosen for the mattress making are not the ones that the Pandas eat, and so that concern is unnecessary.

Bamboo memory foam mattress on Amazon

There are many brands that offer bamboo memory foam mattress. The most popular brands are the Brentwood Home, Lucid, Signature Sleep etc. The mattresses are available in different sizes and thickness. There are mattresses that are as thin as 5 inches in king sizes. The variety is vast that one may get confused if not sure about which type they would need.

Brentwood Mattress

Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel 13 provides a medium feel. Its 3.5-inch layer of gel infused memory foam responds to individual’s body shape, weight, and temperature.