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Orthopedic Mattress For Back Pain

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If you are waking up with a back pain everyday, then may be it is time for you to change the mattress! Don’t delay for back pain can be a real trouble giver!

Back pain is less when the pressure points on the neck, spine, and hips are relieved. There are many mattresses that claim to relive or cure the back pain. If there are so many choices, why there is a type named orthopedic mattress? Read on to know all about Orthopedic Mattress For Back Pain before you buy them.

Orthopedic is bone related. Why this special kind of mattress? It is made specifically with different zones to have better support on the heavy areas of the body. The neck, spine, and hips are well supported that allows complete relaxation.

As much the orthopedic mattress for back pain is effective, people are still reluctant to choose such mattresses. The reason why? Its cost, it is difficult to get an orthopedic mattress that is cheap. It does not come cheap. Just because it costs more, should you ditch the idea of getting them? No, you should not. Here are the reasons why you should have an orthopedic mattress if you have back pain.

Please Note Before Buying Orthopedic Mattress For Back Pain

But before we get into the facts, do know that Orthopedic Mattress For Back Pain has become a marketing strategy of the mattress manufacturers. It is to get their products sold and not all mattresses are in real orthopedic. It is also a fact that mattresses that are made with different body zones is also orthopedic, even if they don’t mention it in their label.

Also note that the comfort level of orthopedic mattress for back pain is always the same as medium-firm, no matter what the type of mattress it is.

  • The tactics: Orthopedic mattress are given great publicity saying it allows better support and posture to the body. This will naturally reduce the back pain. The lower back that hurts need quality rest at night. The orthopedic mattress can extend the same.
  • Choices: You can choice in orthopedic mattress to have spring mattress or foam mattress. No other type of therapeutic mattress is available with choice of the material it is made of. Even in the spring mattress, there are two choices to choose from.
  • Types: The coil spring mattress is of two kinds, one bare and the other pocketed. In the latter, the individual coils are pocketed to allow strength and firmness. It is also easy on the back and does not poke. The spring coil orthopedic mattress is real cheap and the even and closer distribution gives better support as well.

Meanwhile, the pocketed spring mattress contains double or triple the number of coiled than the other type. This type of mattress has faster response and ability to regain its shape. The pockets are all padded to have higher quality support. This is an ideal choice for a couple than the simple spring coil mattress.

Additional Info

  • Foam mattress is even better: The memory foam or any other foam mattress is the most voted choice for back pain. The orthopedic mattress for back pain is even better as it is made especially made to reduce back pain. This is the type of mattress that is used in hospitals. The zonal separation makes the body alignment perfect for all. Another advantage is that memory foam orthopedic mattress is less likely to develop tissue breakdown or sores as the sufferers are most likely to spend more time bed ridden.
  • Choose organic: yes, even orthopedic mattresses are available with an organic option. Mattresses made with natural foam, organic cotton, wool or other materials are far better than the synthetic materials. If you like the spring coil mattress, choose the one with organic cotton covered ones. They retain less heat and make the bed feel cooler than other types.
  • All sizes available: Orthopedic mattress is available in all sizes from single to kind size. You only need to explore more for your suitable size.
  • Bed frame: Last but not the least, pay attention to the bed frame that is chosen for the orthopedic mattress. The bed frame size and comfort is equally responsible for the comfort and relief it provides from the back pain.
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