Believe it or not, your mattress is the greatest natural remedy for your back pain. The reason for Back pain can be the wrong spine alignment and the pressure there and other points. While sleeping on the mattress, it relieves those pressure points and allows complete rest for the body to relieve itself. Read on to know how to choose the best back pain mattress.

Would the sleep bless you in an uncomfortable mattress? Definitely not! For years I have loved sleeping on a feather soft mattress until I was hit by back pain. The first recommendation I got was to sleep on a firm mattress and needless to say I was not a big fan of that idea. Then there were other suggestions and lots of choices for mattresses to relieve back pain. What do all these lead to? That, the mattress is a great healer if you have back pain.


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How Does The Mattress Work To Get Relief From Back Pain – Choosing a back pain mattress

Mattress is not just a surface to sleep on. No matter what the make of the mattress or comfort level is, it does contour to the body from minimum to maximum. It is this molding to the body that makes a mattress comfortable for back pain or causing the same.

Too much contouring makes the body sink into the mattress and difficult to get up. The minimal molding makes the body and joints stiff in the morning as it is as good as sleeping on a hard surface. Either way the spine does not stays in its natural curve. It is either concaved or convexed that leads to back pain.

The back pain mattress that has right amount of sink effect or firmness sinks only where it needs to and thereby keeps the spine in an ideal alignment. This helps in relieving pressure from the heavier regions like shoulders, stomach, and hips that are likely to take the hit or plunge on the mattress.

The orthopedic mattress has three zones on the mattress to allow better support for the body at its three regions. The neck region and the lower back region must be curvy. Why? So that the body need not have to strain when these regions are kept straight or overly curved.

A Good Mattress Allows You To Sleep Better

Taking the pressure off from the key points lets the body takes its rest. There are no more straining muscles, soreness, or neck pain. Therefore, when the body is supported well at certain regions and allowed pressure relief at other regions, you can sleep like a baby.

The fact is that inadequate sleep can worsen the back pain and the reverse can allow faster healing. Sleep is restorative for the body. A mattress has a significant role in the quality of the sleep. As long as the mattress is of ideal comfort level, sleep will be near and the back pain stays far away.

Ideal Comfort Level For A Back Pain Mattress

The type of mattress for back pain is entirely personal choice. What it needs is a comfort level of medium firmness that is not too soft or too hard on the body. The medium firm mattress has the firmness to mold to the body at the heavier areas while allowing the natural curves to stay intact.

Once you have the right kind of back pain mattress, the back pain will slowly ease down and gradually disappear over the time. The back pain due to bad mattress can be cured by another mattress, while the physical stress due to back pain will get relief at night to have a peaceful sleep.