Astrabeds Review

If you are looking for the 100% latex mattress, your search ends in the Astrabeds mattress. Astrabeds are nothing but 100% natural. Everything about this mattress screams natural. It makes a comfy and safe mattress for one and all. Even for those, who might be allergic to latex can safely use this latex mattress as the latex does not come in contact with the person. It is safely tucked under the cotton and wool layers.

Table of Contents

  • About Astrabeds mattress
  • What materials are used in making Astrabeds mattress
  • How are Astrabeds made?
  • Know the latex difference
  • Astrabeds Mattress Comfort level
  • Astrabeds mattress sizes
  • Choosing the Astrabeds mattress for you
  • Astrabeds Mattresses
  • Other features
  • Astrabeds mattress Customer reviews
  • Astrabeds mattress foundations
  • ErgoStar Evolution adjustable bed features
  • Customer Reviews of ErgoStar adjustable beds
  • Supreme Bed Package
  • Other bedding accessories from Astrabeds
  • Frequently Asked Questions

About Astrabeds Mattress

Astrabeds Mattress Review

Astrabeds are the result of sheer trial and innovation to bring the real organic mattress to benefit all. Over the period of time the manufacturers tried all types of natural materials in the making. As a result they finally reached the point where you get a quality mattress, made completely of natural materials, 100% at that AND available at a reasonable price as well.

Astrabeds are the products that come out with no added filters or additives of any kind that can harm the nature. It is as good as, from the nature, by the nature, and for the nature. As it uses only organic materials from top to bottom, there is no chemical barrier in the name of fire retardant. It uses wool as the natural fire barrier and also organic cotton as the covering material that controls the moisture also.

Astrabeds Mattress – Materials used in making Astrabeds mattresses

There are only 3 types of materials used for Astrabeds. It is latex, wool, and cotton and this is also the order from bottom to top. It is the cotton, organic cotton that comes in contact with the person which is the safest of all. All the materials are taken right from the nature and used in its natural form without additives.

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Latex is taken from the tree Hevea brasiliensis that is organically farmed. The organic farming preserves the plants and protects it from chemicals. Therefore the latex from this type of trees is absolute natural with no additions in it. The latex is the fluid from the plant sap and this safe latex is taken to the manufacturing of the mattress layers. Unlike other mattress companies, there are no fancy additions to this pure latex. The latex layer is the major and only real mattress layer.

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Wool is a natural fire barrier. The wool layer comes over the latex layer as a protective shield against the latex, cold and also against fire. Wool is natural and breathable material that allows air circulation through it. It can absorb weight to a larger extent and can save the mattress from too much of sink. It can transfer the heat and moisture as well. The wool material regulates the body heat and works to maintain optimal range. The natural heat regulation is good for couples who have different heat requirements by their bodies. Most importantly it can repel the bed bugs and many allergens and thus make the mattress safe.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is safe from any kind of chemicals in the form of herbicides and pesticides. It is comfortable, smooth, soft and is also considered the best for mattresses as it can wick the moisture away. Some of the features of organic cotton are, it is hypoallergenic as it is devoid of chemicals and toxins, it can resist dust and mold and it also possesses natural fire resistance. It is the best choice for people who are allergies. This when coupled with the already safe latex and the additional goodness form the wool, makes the Astrabeds the safest among the hybrid mattresses.

Astrabeds Latex mattresses – How Astrabeds are made

The major part of the Astrabeds is the latex. The latex used here is taken from the organically farmed tress. The taken latex is subjected to processing without any chemicals. The end result is that it is made into frothy foam. The frothy foam helps remove the impurities and makes the pure latex.

This foam is poured over the moulds, made of aluminum tin. This poured material is then baked. It is baked evenly all around by controlled heat.

The baked material is rinsed thoroughly to remove any more impurities on it.

The next step is the quality check by pressing, tossing and turning, in all manners the mattress might be of use.

The aluminum moulds have poky materials in it that creates numerous air holes in the latex. These air holes allow air circulation and play a role in the softness of the latex material.

Know The Latex Difference

Latex mattress is of several kinds. The mattresses use organic latex, natural latex, blended, and synthetic latex. The organic mattress is the purest of all as it is taken from organically farmed trees as in the case of Astrabeds. The natural latex is the closest to organic. It is also taken from trees but here, the trees are not grown organically but may have subjected to pesticides and chemicals. The latex taken is natural but not 100% safe in terms of environment protection.

The blended latex is a blend of natural and artificial latex. It may be o the ration 60:40 with more natural and less synthetic. It may not be as durable as the natural variety. The synthetic is artificially made latex that is chemicals, all the way down. It is stiffer and is more on the firmer side than being a soft mattress. It contains lots of toxins in it.

Astrabed uses the top quality organic latex that the mattress is said to be 100% chemical free, no VOCs, high durability, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and with high customer satisfaction rate as well. While there are other mattresses that have many of these qualities, none has the same qualities as this one.

There is something else also that you need to know that the latex processing here is Dunlop method which is the exact way as mentioned above. There is also the Talalay latex that uses extra energy to keep the latex form former as soon as it is molded. This makes a difference in the appearance. The Astrabeds by using the Dunlop latex preserves the natural latex in the same form as it is, without any external pressure used.

Astrabeds Mattress Comfort Level

Astrabeds are available in all comfort levels from soft to firm. The comfort levels available are soft, medium, medium-firm and firm. The comfort levels are compatible with the sleep positions. People like to sink in the mattress can choose the soft level, side sleepers are better off with the medium level of comfort. The medium comfort mattress offers a perfect balance between comfort and support.

The medium firm is for the back and stomach sleepers, and those with back pain. It is slightly firm but not overly so and at the same time offers some softness. The firm mattress is firm indeed. Back sleepers are the ones who can take the best out of this comfort level.

Height & Comfort Level of Astrabeds Mattresses

While choosing the comfort level of the mattress, do pay attention to the height of the person as well. A person who is taller will have more occupancy on the mattress surface that helps in the weight distribution. They may not feel the same plush feel as the other person on the mattress. A medium to medium firm mattress would suit them well.

Astrabeds Mattress Sizes

The mattress sizes available with Astrabeds are twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, split king and split California king. They all are standard sizes,

  • Twin – 38 x 74 inches
  • Twin XL – 38 x 80 inches
  • Full – 54 x 74 inches
  • Queen – 60 x 80 inches
  • King – 76 x 80 inches
  • California king – 72 x 84
  • Split king – is 2 pieces that measures 38 x 80. The two pieces of the mattress each is similar to the twin XL size.
  • Split California king is made with 2 mattresses that measures 36 x 84 inches. Here the mattresses are narrower but longer in size.

Choosing The Astrabeds Mattress For You

Once you have chosen your desired mattress size, next is selecting the firmness. While all the mattresses hold the same firmness all over, the split king and split California king offers you to choose 2 different firmness on either side of the bed. Since there are 2 mattresses to make a single bed, one can choose the comfort level of their choice on their side of the bed.

This benefits couples with different comfort level requirement on the bed. They need to choose their side and choose the mattress comfort accordingly. The mattress can be placed in only one way, so choosing the side would be final.

Foundations for Astrabeds

The next step is to choose the right foundation. Astrabeds can use an adjustable foundation or the usual wooden foundation for the same size as the mattress. Only here, there is no split option and the split mattresses are placed on the single piece of bed foundation. You can also choose not to pick any base for the Astrabeds mattress if you already have any.

Next you have the choice to pick the other accessories like a mattress protector, bed sheets, pillows etc, if you want. Once you have that your needs are in the cart, checkout, pay and sit back. Your choice of mattress with its accessories if there any, would be shipped for free of cost and will be delivered at your doorstep.

Astrabeds HarmonyBed Mattresses Reviews

The Astrabeds mattress is named HarmonyBed. The mattress is with latex, wool and organic cotton as the brand is known for. The mattresses are 10 inches in thickness with 3 layers of latex, wool and organic cotton layers. The comfort of the mattress lay in the way these 3 layers are placed. By rearranging the layers one can achieve different comfort levels as they please.

The 3 latex layers have its purpose. The top layer is to provide the soft, plush feel to the sleeper. The middle layer makes a sandwich between the soft and firm layers. The bottom layers are always for the support you need on the bed. The soft, medium, and firm layers can be rearranged as you please, later. When you choose the comfort level while purchasing, it will have these layers arranged in such a way to get THAT comfort level.

The top layer is mostly more contouring to the body that the other layers, the middle layer will have some contouring but not as the top layer. The 3rd layer is always the support that does not offer contouring but the real support you seek.

The wool layer would be over the top latex layer and thus this layer provides comfort and safety. It stays closer to the cotton cover and this organic cotton cover completely envelops the mattress, from all sides. This cover is removable with a zipper to top it. The material is soft to touch and is breathable material. This is knitted so as to provide the flexibility.

Astrabeds SerenityBed Mattresses Reviews

The Astrabeds SerenityBed is made from 100% natural Talalay latex , New Zealand wool and also certified organic cotton. There are two layers, a six-inch core and two-inch comfort layer both of which can be customized for firmness. Each layer of the latex bed is wrapped in organic cotton covers. This allows the mattress to breath and helps remove excess heat from the body. The wool that is present in the mattress also helps in regulating heat. These add to the sleeping comfort. The latex that is used is all natural and free from harmful chemicals.

The Astrabeds SerenityBeds offers three types of warranties. There is a 90-day warranty which is either an exchange or money-back warranty. The firmness levels of the mattress can be modified to suit the user’s preferred firmness. An outright return is also possible where the entire cost of the mattress is refunded. On purchase, the mattresses have a 25-year warranty.

Overall, the Astrabeds SerenityBed latex mattresses provide a comfortable and healthy sleeping experience.

Astrabeds Mattress – Other Features

Astrabeds mattresses come with a 90 night comfort guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the mattress at the end of 90 days you are free to return it to the manufacturer to get the full refund.

It also has a 25 year warranty on the life of the mattress. Any workmanship defects, structural damage that are not due to personal usage fault etc would be covered by this warranty.

All the Astrabeds mattresses are shipped for free. Therefore there are no shipping charges, hidden or otherwise. You pay only for the mattress and whatever accessories that you choose to have. The shipping is  within 5-7 days via FedEx and within 10 business days for the split and customized mattresses. Delivery will happen in 1-5 days maximum.

Astrabeds Mattress Customization

Customization is possible for the larger sized mattresses like queen, king, and California king mattresses. They could have the comfort level split on either side of the mattresses; one side of the mattress having a different comfort level than the other side. Thus that side can have soft, medium, or firm feel. Since the larger ones are used by couples, having this customizing option comes as a blessing. They do not need to find other options in that case.

Astrabeds Mattress Certifications

The mattress has got certifications from Organic Content Standard, GOTS certificate, Oregon Tilth certified cotton for the covering material, Global Organic latex standard for the latex layers, Eco Institute certificate for not having any VOCs, USDA organic for promoting the organic farming, and TUV Rheinland certificate for the durability standards.

These certifications vouch that the Astrabeds mattresses have no chemical retardants, carcinogens, petroleum fillers, harsh chemicals, formaldehyde, synthetic blends, anti-fungicides, or pesticides in its material used. The split mattresses already have this option and the same is extended to this one piece mattress also.

The 90-Day Trial Period

Astrabeds offer this 90 day trial period for their mattresses. It says you have 90 days to decide whether the mattress is comfortable or not. The only requirement is that you spend at least 30 days on the mattress.

The 30 day requirement is that your body will be adjusted to the existing mattress and takes that much period to get over the old mattress and adjust to the new mattress. Even after 30 days the body may not get adjusted completely and  that’s why the 90 day period.

The 90 days are applicable from the day you receive the mattress. If you are not happy with the progress on the new Astrabeds mattress, you can either have a full refund or get a new mattress with a different comfort level.

One thing to note is that, if it is the comfort level that is making you unsatisfied, do have a check on the latex layers. The layers could be adjusted to get the right comfort feel for you, instead or returning or exchanging the mattress.

Astrabeds Mattress Customer Reviews

The immediate pros and cons of the mattress shows that it provides good support, comfort, better shape with continued use, softer feel and durable material as the plus points.

The main drawbacks mentioned are that the mattress is highly priced and it weighs heavy as well. Some have found the soft feel to be overly soft for their taste. Otherwise the Astrabeds mattresses have got wonderful reviews from the customers and they all are satisfied.

Mike feels that the mattress does feel rather hot due to the thick wool pad. The mattress do holds heat is what his review is. He also found the lack of proper instructions for setting up the split mattresses. He had difficulty on how to put each and had to seek assistance.

Ana chose for the medium firmness but she felt it too soft. She then got the layers rearranged to get the comfort that she sought for.

Another customer who was suggested to get tempurpedic mattress did not go for that due to the high price. Instead he zeroed in on the Astrabeds mattress for being non-allergenic and less pricey in comparison. The end result is that he got comfortable and peaceful sleep than he had before.

Joe, a satisfied customer, feels that the 90 day trial is bogus. She got the mattress only after almost 80 days that left her with no time to evaluate and decide on the fate of their mattress.

Astrabeds Mattress Foundations

Astrabeds mattresses can be placed on a steel base or on the adjustable beds. The adjustable beds are more comfortable and stealth make. The steel mattress base is of the standard size for each mattress size. It has a fabric covering over it. The adjustable beds are more convenient and comfortable.

Astrabeds ErgoStar Evolution Adjustable Bed Features

  • Astrabeds ErgoStar adjustable bed offers customized sleep position that can be adjusted at head and foot parts.
  • It has dual wave massage that rock the bed to lull you to sleep.
  • The bed can be adjusted at any angle as you please.
  • It also has 2 preset angles at 60 and 45 degrees that can be used for watching TV or using your laptop on the bed.
  • The total height of the adjustable bed is 13.75 inches without the mattress.
  • The bed has 4 legs that are 4 inches in height and have casters attached to their bottom. The adjustable beds are movable.
  • The bed can be adjusted with the help of a wireless remote that can be accessed from anywhere in the room. The remote has back light to spot it easily in the dark.
  • The remote has the button to adjust the position to up or down the foot or head separate, slow, or fast movements, wave massage button separate for head and foot. The TV button brings to the position comfortable for watching TV and there is the zero gravity, custom, memory, and flat buttons.
  • Finally, the adjustable beds are compatible to use with all the Astrabeds mattresses split or otherwise. It can also be used for any other mattress from other brands.
  • The adjustable beds have 20 year manufacturer warranty. The repair service is also available at home when needed. Free shipping is also applicable for these adjustable beds.
  • White glove service of delivering the bed and taking it to the required room and setting up us available at a nominal fee. Otherwise the delivery is till the doorstep.

Customer Reviews Of Ergostar Adjustable Beds

The customer reviews show that the beds provide good support and are of no problem otherwise. The beds are comfortable and hold its shape even after continued usage. The beds are softer to feel but sturdy when needed. It is highly durable and has not succumbed to any problems.

  • Mike asks everyone to be careful with the bed as the casters have no locking facility which is a huge problem. Because of that he had to use pads to keep the bed in place.
  • Lori who has leg pain was happy to have the assistance from the delivery boys who helped her set up the bed where she wanted.

There are a few customers who commented on the weight of the bed. It is not easy to handle it alone and is quite heavy as it is. The mattress layer adjustment would be done for free of cost.

Supreme Bed Package

The first and foremost other products at Astrabeds are the Supreme Bed Package. It is a combo of your choice of Harmony Bed, ErgoStar adjustable bed that suits the mattress and the White glove delivery option. This is a money saver pack that can save you up to 23% of the total price for which you might have to pay when you get these as separate products. Choosing the mattress and adjustable bed is the same as usual. Here also the shipping is done free of cost.

Other Bedding Accessories From Astrabeds

100% organic cotton mattress protector

Every mattress needs a protector layer over it to save it from damage. This organic cotton mattress protector from Astrabeds can fit for any mattress with a depth of 8-18 inches. It is like a fitted sheet that covers the top and sides of the mattress and is also water proof so you can rest assured that there won’t be any seepage if there is a fluid spilling.

The mattress protector is machine washable on warm and can be tumble dried in low setting. The cotton is unbleached and is also biodegradable. The product comes with a one year manufacturer warranty also.

Organic 100% Cotton Sheet Sets

Organic sheet sets of a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and required number of pillowcases are available. The sheets are available for all the mattress sizes. The twin and twin XL sets have only 1 pillowcase while all other sizes have 2 in the package. These sheet sets can be a good option to have the hypoallergenic sheets on the organic cotton covered mattress.

myMerino Comforter w/Duvet Cover

The comforter comes in organic wool within an organic cotton material to keep the body temperature intact. Therefore it will make you comfortable with not much cold or heat. It is not washable so you may have to use a comforter cover. You can air it in the sun or even spot clean it with some mild detergent and soft brush.

Cotton Quilted Mattress Pad

Use this mattress pad over the mattress because it is lightweight and fits just fine. The inside of the pad has cotton batting and is covered by organic cotton cover. It is machine washable on warm or cold water and tumble dry low.

Astrabeds Pillows and Toppers

Latex luxury pillow is for the side and back sleepers. They need a plush pillow to cradle their head and this latex pillow is just right for them. It is anti-microbial and thus causes no allergy whatsoever.

Place the Organic latex mattress topper over the mattress for the extra soft feel. It is also available in other comforts of medium, medium firm and firm as well. It is available for all the mattress sizes and  the topper is 3 inches thick.

There is also the myMerino pillow to keep the pillow at neutral temperature and thus provides a heat free sleeping. It is made of organic wool inside a organic cotton casing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy the flat mattress foundation along with the mattress? Can I use my old box spring?

It is alright to use the old box spring as long as it is not damaged. There is no compulsion to buy the new base foundation but that would be better. Moreover, if you are to use the box spring that you have, it is better to have a plywood board fixed over the box spring and thus avoid any spring poking on to the mattress above.

Are there any showrooms for Astrabeds so that I can try the mattress before purchasing?

No, there are no showrooms for Astrabeds. It is the 90-nights trial period that lets you have the showroom like trial right at your home. You can try it for that long and can return the mattress of it does not meet your expectations.

Are there any discounts or discount coupons available?

There are no specific discounts. But there are daily deals on the online store. You can check to see what the deal is for the day and get the mattress or the accessories.

How long would it take to have the adjustable bed delivered to me?

The adjustable bed takes longer than the mattress to reach. The process of making and delivering adjustable bed takes about 6-7 weeks. It has a white glove delivery where the delivery person would help to get the bed in the room and get it ready. The only requirement is that the mattress should be readily available so that the adjustable bed can be set.