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Ashley Sleep Ecofusion Mattresses – nature eucalyptus memory foam mattress

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  • 2 Week Break in period
  • 120 Night Trial
  • Free returns
  • Free shipping
  • Flippable
  • Copper infused

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Do mattresses have memory power?? Is that true that memory foam mattresses remember how to take their shape and adapt according to our bodies? This article gives a fair review of all sorts of Ashley Sleep memory foam mattresses from their brand.

Ashley Sleep Memory Foam Mattresses User Reviews & Ratings

I will give a personal review and then jump to other reviews provided by customers online. Ashley mattress brand is a popular name, and that is mainly because they are the pioneers in the furniture market. They are new entrants in the mattress market, and I tell you they have a pretty confusing list of mattresses. I had to look around a couple of websites and call over the outlets to know what all mattress models they have. Moreover, they don’t have a decent site where one can filter down the options and go for a particular model. My friend told me that their Ashely gel series is pretty high when it comes to price and comfort.

I was looking for a mattress for my guest room so thought of giving it a try. But I couldn’t find them online at their official website, or probably they have different names I guess. Anyways they have a lot of confusing models and names to list which is quite a disappointment. I went down to their retail outlet and bought a Dylan series mattress for my kid, and it is quite comfortable and cozy. It offers the right support and comfort to my kid, and I love it.

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Ashley Sleep Mattresses – Four Models Of Gel Memory Foam

  • iAshely gel 1400 or the Ashley 14 series has a profile of 14 inches and belongs to the ultra plush category. This is the top class mattress among the gel foam range. The invirogel occupies 8 inches, and the supportive poly foam layer holds 6 inches.
  • iAshley gel 1200 or the Ashley 12 series has a height of 12 inches with 6-inch invirogel layer and the 6-inch support layer.
  • iAshley gel 1000 mattress, is the Ashley 10 series and is for those who are looking for a sound sleep. It is best suited for people with back pain and body aches. It has a profile of 10 inches with 4.5 inches of invirogel and 5.5 inches of poly foam.
  • The last of the gel series is iAshley gel 800 or Ashley 8 series. It has a height of 8 inches and again belongs to the firm level. This mattress has 4 inches of both invirogel and polyfoam layer to make it cool as ever.

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It is 100% true that memory foam mattresses adapt according to the body’s shape. And it changes back to its original shape once you let it go off. When we apply pressure and heat, they respond quickly as if they have some sense… Click To Tweet

The whole concept of memory foam mattresses is pretty cool. But what about the heating issues that are quite often the talk of the town when it comes to memory foam mattresses! Heating issues are a common problem while sleeping on a memory foam mattress. Different manufacturers have come up with unique designs that ward off this problem completely.

The puffy Memory foam mattress is one of the coolest. Find more details on Puffy Website at

Keeping aside the heating issue, memory foam is a master blaster when it comes to sleep and in comparison to other mattress ranges.

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It distributes the weight evenly better than innerspring mattresses and contours according to the body shape. Click To Tweet

You will feel like there are millions of tiny springs that hold your body at the right posture offering you ample sleep and comfort.

About Ashley Sleep

“Ashley furniture industry” is the name behind all Ashley sleep mattresses, foundations, and other products. They are located in Arcadia, Wisconsin, and are one of the pioneers in the furniture industry. They have a whole range of mattresses that use various technologies like latex, memory foam, and gel-infused foams.

Ashley sleep is a division of the Ashley furniture industry and one of the best-known retail brands in the world. The sleep division is a pretty new entrant and has been delivering high-quality mattresses since 2008. They provide their beds at a reasonable price point with all the comforts and luxury offered by highly-priced mattresses.

Below you can find all the memory foam models available from this brand so stay tuned.

Ashley Sleep Memory Foam Mattresses

Ashley sleep mattresses claim that they are superior regarding comfort and technology. They also high pitch their voice saying that they use advanced memory foam materials in their mattresses that offer high-end comfort and support to the body.

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All their memory foam mattresses come with the latest sleep innovations and a unique Ashley-sleep technology which is unique to their brand. Click To Tweet

Proper sleep is a must for having a healthy body. It is also essential to keep the body aligned so that the muscles and nerves can relax making you feel energetic and fresh. Again if you have a consistently tossing and turning partner, it could seriously affect your sleep. So bringing home a memory foam mattress can do the job for you. It has negligible motion transfer which means that you can have a sound sleep even if your partner tosses and turns continuously.

All the models of Ashley Sleep memory foam mattress use a "torso tec lumbar support layer." This supportive layer helps the whole bed to adapt to the body quickly and responds by conforming to the body shape. Click To Tweet

This helps to provide relief to pressure points. To keep the mattress, dry, fresh and to prevent off-gassing they have used active charcoal and green tea extracts. This is a standard method practiced by many mattress manufacturers, and it works well to a certain extent. Lastly, they manufacture eco-friendly mattresses that are environment-friendly. But I guess that is not entirely true as they do use limited or feeble amounts of petrochemical substances in making their memory foam. After all memory foam is of petrochemical derivatives.

Ellis Bay 15” Memory Foam Mattress – Elite Class Mattress

It is one of the elite class mattresses from Ashley sleep and one of the most preferred choices among customers. It belongs to the ultra-plush category and is available only in three sizes namely queen, king, and California king.

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The construction of this bed is quite complicated as it is made of several layers. The top space of the mattress is occupied by a zippered quilted cover made of jacquard fabric. It is infused with a fire barrier and contains one inch of memory foam. The underneath of this quilt is non-woven and right beneath this top layer you can find the 2” ventilated memory foam which keeps the mattress cool. The next bottom layer is made of 1” r3 foam and below that 2” ventilated foam is added to give an extra cooling effect. To make the support layers 2” torso tec and memory foam layer and 7” high polyurethane foam is used. This is a 15” thick mattress which is an excellent pick for people on the heavy side. This mattress is the ultimate luxury memory foam mattress that comes at a low price.

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Dylan 6 Inch Kid’s Collection

For a complete range of kid’s mattresses and comparisons, visit

If you are looking for a perfect mattress for your kid, then Dylan can be a great collection to choose from. It has a profile of 6 inches where 2 inches of memory foam is topped over 4-inch polyurethane. It is infused with a fire… Click To Tweet

12” Palisade Mattress

Again a pretty high-demand mattress choice among customers, Palisades has four comfort layers. The overall construction of this mattress is the same as that of the Ellis bay, but you won’t find the r3 foam layers and 2” ventilated foam layer in this mattress.

10” Leesport Mattress

If you are looking for a firm-looking mattress under the Ashley sleep brand, then this can be your pick. It contains a jacquard zippered cover but does not come with the quilted foam layer which gives it a firm feel. To add cooling effect the mattress has a ventilated memory foam layer of 2.5” thick, backed by a torso tec layer of 2 inches, and the base is made of polyurethane with 5.5-inch thickness.

8 Inch Augusta Memory Foam Mattress

This model is pretty simple and comes with a minimal design. It has only three layers and does not come with a quilted cover. The top panel and layer are made of polyurethane and ventilated memory foam of 2 inches thick respectively. The next torso tec layer occupies the middle layer with a thickness of 1.5 inches, and the supportive layer comes in 4.5-inch thickness made of polyurethane. This is one of the basic models and is comparatively priced low.

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Ashley Sleeps Alice Cove Memory Foam Mattress

Ashley Sleep Alice Cove Memory Foam mattress has a profile of 7″ and claims to be the ideal sleeping partner.

This mattress is particularly designed by keeping in mind the support required by the body. Alice cove helps to get relief from pressure points and offers support from top to down. Click To Tweet

It is available in twin, full, queen, king, and cal king sizes.

It is built with three layers where the upper layer is made of 1” eucalyptus treated ventilated memory foam and below that 2-inch torso tech foam. The supportive High-density core is made up of polyurethane foam. The mattress is covered using a four-way hyper stretch Matelasse tick fabric, and the sides are made of 35 % Tencel and 65% poly blend.

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Ashley Sleep Mattresses – Memory foam infused with gel technology to offer cooling

All the models discussed above are designed using ventilated foam layers that provide a cooling effect without heat retention which is a significant problem with memory foam mattresses. Gel memory foam mattresses are another exciting range of beds that offer a cool sleeping experience.

Memory foam mattress traps heat due to its structure.

To slow down the heating and to disperse it away Ashley's sleep uses “nu wave gel technology.” It is a unique design owned by Ashley sleep. They claim that “no other gel mattress in the world offers cooling properties as Ashley gel… Click To Tweet

They also say that their gel mattresses are five times cooler than other leading brands.

The main highlight of Ashley’s sleep gel memory foam mattress is that they contain an Invitrogen cooling layer of ventilated gel memory foam above a poly foam support layer. Ashely sleep offers four models of gel memory foam mattresses with the same features but different thickness levels.

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All the gel memory foam mattresses are environmentally friendly. It contains natural products like activated charcoal, green tea extracts, and eucalyptus oils to combat odor issues and moisture problems. Click To Tweet

Ashley Sleep Memory Foam Mattresses Features / EcoFusion features

  • Ashley sleep memory foam mattresses are CertiPUR-US® approved and the materials used to make the mattress are quality tested. The polyurethane foam used is verified by a third party laboratory to ensure its quality. All the beds have passed safety and health standards put forward by legal authorities.
  • Ashley Sleep EcoFusion mattresses make use of eco-friendly materials, and they follow the concept called as eco-fusion. According to this concept, they make use of less than 30% less oil when compared to other memory foams. Ashley sleep technology uses renewable resources to manufacture its mattresses. That helps the environment in reducing its carbon footprint.
  • Made of a unique torso tec lumbar support layer that helps the mattress to conform according to the body’s shape. It provides relief from pressure points and supports every part of the body evenly to give you a comfortable sleep. Ashley sleep calls this technology as zoned support. They claim that bodies have different zones which are heavy and light, so the body needs a varied level of comfort. The torso tec layer provides this support by including harder memory foams and softer memory foams accordingly.
  • Ashley sleep introduces a new way to combat odor issues by using natural products like Activ fresh charcoal, green tea, and essential oil extracts. These products are infused into the mattress which helps to neutralize the odors and fights against moisture. Now you can sleep peacefully breathing fresh and natural air.
  • Gel-infused and ventilated memory foam layers add to the extra comfort and ward off heat retention problems completely.
  • Ashley products are triple packed with minimal use of natural resources to ensure the safety of the product and to protect the environment. All the mattresses are delivered in boxes. Most of the models take around 2 hours to blow up to their 95% size and ready to sleep. Generally, it will take about 48 hours to expand fully to its size.
  • Ashley sleep mattresses hold a warranty period of whopping ten years.
  • Available in standard Dimensions/Sizes: Eastern King or Standard King: 76″W X 80″L, California King: 72″W X 84″L, Queen: 60″W X 80″L, Full: 54″W X 75″L, Twin: 39″W X 75″L and Twin Extra Long: 39″W X 80″L .

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Where To Buy Ashley-Sleep Memory Foam Mattresses?

Ashley sleep mattresses are available at their home furniture store brand named Ashley Furnitures across North America. It is also available at other retail outlets that sell mattresses.

Alternatively, you can also purchase them from online stores like Amazon and us

Ashley Sleep Mattresses – Customer Reviews

About the reviews by real customers, I guess their kid’s series of mattresses are a total hit, and customers love those mattress ranges. Their gel series are also pretty liked and welcomed by customers due to the comfort level and support. Talking about their memory foam range overall they have a pretty good collection, but specific models are overly priced. If you are looking to buy a mattress from this brand then better go to a retail outlet physically and go into the details before buying one. Specific complaints are I saw in a few forums that their low-priced mattresses do not last long.

Overall being a new entrant in this industry they have a long way to go and learn customer choices and preferences. In short, this brand has a set of mixed responses. So better go in person and find out what is good for you.

Visit the official website at for a full list of products, deals on prices, and more


Ashley sleep brand does have a wide range of memory foam mattresses with different thickness levels ranging from ultra-plush to ultra-firm range. Buying a mattress is a personal choice. You can never say that a mattress, which is highly comfortable for a person can give the same effect to another person.

People are different and so are their choices when it comes to a mattress. There are a few customers who love this brand for the comforts offered and a few who hate this brand for other reasons. Click To Tweet « »