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Are spring mattresses good for sex?

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Mattresses have evolved over the years and have drastically improved in technology and comfort over the past 2 decades. The early 1900s saw mattresses in simple forms. The beds and mattresses evolved to a complicated one by the late 1900s. The use of foam, Coils, and pillow tops emerged for luxury. In the 2000s with the introduction of Latex in mattresses commercially saw a new age in mattresses. With hybrid latex came a new market for everyone and every sleep type.

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When it comes to sex, there wasn’t any mattress designed specifically for it. Though there were mattresses designed for people with health problems, from back pain to scoliosis and fibromyalgia, A mattress designed specifically for sex was unheard of. It is still isn’t common to find a mattress that advertises itself as the best for sex.

It’s unknown if designing or advertising a mattress for sex is taboo, considering that sex is an integral part of every adult’s life, but we all seem to find it hard to ask a mattress seller how the mattress performs when it comes to sex. Most often, we ask the mattress sellers questions that indirectly indicate their requirements. 

Great mattresses which are marketed for comfort or luxury often do not perform well when it comes to sex. They are too comfortable, soft, or hot to sleep on, especially when sex is involved. There is no question about the comfort of the mattress itself when it comes to a good restful sleep but when 2 people are involved, the mattress often is the reason for complaint. 

One of the best mattresses which were often recommended by people and professionals alike was the memory foam mattress. Pure memory foam mattresses took the mattress industry by storm. People were happy with the feel, the comfort, and support to some extent. But for people where were purchasing a mattress as couples and had sex in their minds while purchasing the mattress were let down a lot sooner than expected.

Memory foam mattresses retained a lot of heat. They were also too soft for comfort when two people were in the same spot. The indentation caused due to the weight would recover slower than most people would have liked, often preventing fast movements. And then there was the question on bounce and rhythm which was next to none in a memory foam mattress. While mattress buyers did complain about what was missing, they weren’t directly about the complaints themselves. The complaints were much more like, The mattress sleeps hot or there isn’t much bounce to the mattress. There was rarely any mention of sex when the complaints were put forward.

Fortunately, mattress manufacturers were good to understand the problem or creating solutions that would meet the requirements of what customers want. Sooner than a later hybrid mattress or spring mattresses were back. While spring mattresses weren’t new to the industry, the reintroduction of spring mattresses took a lot of people by surprise and some were even pensive about purchasing a spring mattress. The possibility of a noisy mattress loomed in front of people who were purchasing mattresses with the intention of not just sleeping but having sex too. They had no intention of letting the world know of their bedroom business.

The reintroduction of spring mattresses or hybrid beds which it was termed now was a lot different from the ancient spring mattresses which bundled a lot of spring under the foam. The springs in today’s mattresses were encased individually, reducing friction between springs and preventing it from creating any noise. 

These springs were also designed practically to be functioning individually free from each other interference creating a balanced effect. Today the spring mattresses are most preferred by doctors and chiropractors for their effective design, which helps in creating an aligned spine and reducing pressure on parts of your body.

The spring mattresses today is one of the best possible mattresses. They have the bounce, the conformance, the support, and overall comfort for an individual. They are crafted for comfort but are perfect for someone who is looking for some great sex.

The replacement of latex with the foam created much better support. The Latex Hybrid mattress also ensures that there was lesser heat retention and higher durability, which was key in a mattress for the younger generation. 

One of the best mattresses for sex is always the Spring mattresses but the best type of spring mattresses are those which are made with the best quality latex and coils tempered to withstand weight yet be supportive enough and align your entire body with no pressure in any individual part of the body.

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