Way back in 2010, there was a mattress company which went by the name of AngelBed. We were checking on this mattress company today and happened to stumble upon a “Website for Sale” notice when I visited their online space. The fact that Angel Bed was a poor product aside, their fact to take over one of the best mattresses of the time ( and even today ) was probably just stupid. Today the company is dissolved, and there is no AngelBed Mattress.

What went wrong with Angel Bed Mattress? A lot. To start with, the product had a lot of complaints. The BBB and consumer reports both have a list of poor quality product. The upper side was that the product cost less. The downside was that the returns cost even more. Customers claimed to have paid up to $700 to return a product which did not work for them. There was no responsible team to handle the complaints, to make things worse

When you take on Giants like Tempurpedic, you ought to know that people today are not just looking at the price tag. They are looking for value. Unfortunately, the Angelbeds.com did not get that right! Believing that people would buy anything as long as its cheap is not a great idea. And you are not selling a mattress at a dollar store. No matter how cheap you sell a mattress, which is compared to Tempurpedic, you still end up paying a few hundreds. Not cheap if you are not getting the worth.

Also, you need to be prepared to evolve. Tempurpedic could evolve. Bringing in new products, better products, and great ideas was something Tempurpedic was good at. They had a team for just that and still have. Angel beds were poor at innovation. Horrible at advertising and short of ideas throughout their short life.

Advertising is key. Saying that you are saving money on advertising and passing the savings on to customers is more or less a sure shot way to close down. Tempurpedic was innovative, Very sharp with their advertising and marketing techniques and was one step ahead.

Angel Beds closed down a few years ago. The last functional date we noted was in mid-2013. A very short lifespan for a mattress which was supposed to have a 10-year warranty on it. I wonder how many people still use the angel beds and mattresses.a few positive reviews on the website seem to be a made by people in the company, paid to do so.