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Amore Mattress
  • 100 night trial
  • 20 year warranty
  • Free shipping and Returns
  • Wider Choices including flippable
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Amore Beds Mattress Ratings, Price

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  • 100 night trial
  • 20 year warranty
  • Free shipping and Returns
  • Wider Choices including flippable

Based in Chicago, Amore Beds is a company that is committed to providing mattresses, Box frame, and pillows directly to customers at an accessible price. The significant thing about the Amore Beds is a customized mattress with different firmness option on each side. Also, it uses high quality domestically sourced materials and components to design and manufacture a mattress entirely in the USA.

Visit the Amore Mattress website for full details on the mattresses and price

Amore Beds is available in two model options – Flippable and Hybrid. Additionally, the FusionFlex Comfort Gel foam, Graphite-Infused cooling memory foam, individually wrapped coils, organic cotton cover, natural wool blend cover, and therapeutic cooper-ion fabric cover are uniquely combined to provide you one of the best Amore Beds Mattress for Cooler, healthier and most comfortable sleep ever. Continue reading to know more about the Amore Beds Mattress Reviews, Ratings, Sale, Specs and more.

Dimension, Height, Depth, weight, Thickness Of the Amore Beds Mattress

 Amore 2-Sided 11″ Flippable MattressAmore 12” Hybrid Coil Mattress
Twin39” x 75” x 10″50 Lbs39” x 75” x 12.”50 Lbs
Twin XL39” x 80” x 10″55 Lbs39” x 80” x 12.”55 Lbs
Full54” x 75” x 10″65 Lbs54” x 75” x 12.”65 Lbs
Queen60” x 80” x 10″70 Lbs60” x 80” x 12.”80 Lbs
King76” x 80” x 10″80 Lbs76” x 80” x 12.”90 Lbs
California King72” x 84” x 10″80 Lbs72” x 84” x 1290 Lbs
Visit the Amore Mattress website for full details on the mattresses and price

Discount Prices On Amore Beds Mattress

 Amore 2-Sided 11″ Flippable MattressAmore 12” Hybrid Coil Mattress
SizeRegular PriceSale PriceRegular PriceSale Price
Twin XL$575.00$425.00$600.00$450.00
California King$950.00$800.00$1,050.00$900.00
Visit the Amore Mattress website for full details on the mattresses and price

You can select to split your firmness at an additional charge of $100 for Queen, King and Cal King. Pay $25 – $100 for buying an optional Copper ion-infused fabric cover.

Amore Beds Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

There is some positive Amore Beds Mattress Reviews Online. People say Amore Beds are pretty comfortable and made of very high-quality materials. Most users are pleased with their purchase because of the comfort they experience at a great price. Majority of the customers feel that these beds are supportive yet comfortable with perfect firmness and no sleeping hot. Some sleepers mention about the hybrid mattress’s incredible ability to isolate motion transfer. They love the fact that how the whole bed does not move if other partner turns. Most users are happy to get uninterrupted sleep after years. Some users say the hybrid bed is the perfect combination of coils and foam that is good for their back pain. Majority of the users will be recommending this mattress to anyone looking for restful all night long sleep.

Mattress Clarity Rating 4.3, Memory Foam Talk Rating 9.2, Mattress Guides Rate At 4.2 And Our Sleep Guide Rating Is 4.59.

Best Mattress Models from Amore Beds Mattress

Amore 2-Sided 11″ Flippable Mattress

This mattress brings two comfort choices in one innovative premium foam mattress design. It has slightly firm on one side and a little softer on the other. It is because when it comes to mattress comfort, Amore knows that one size may not fit all. Just flip the mattress to see which comfort level feels best for you. Regardless of whatever side you prefer, their proprietary foam blend will provide conforming support and relieves pressure points, for healthier, more comfortable sleep all night long. Price starts from $320. It comes with an option to buy a Copper ion-infused fabric at an additional charge.

Visit the Amore Mattress website for full details on the mattresses and price

Amore 12” Hybrid Coil Mattress

This hybrid mattress brings together two leading technologies – coils and foam. They work in harmony with the perfect combination of deep-down support and contouring comfort for the ideal sleep ever. You can select Amore unique customization to tailor made your mattress for the way you like to sleep. It comes with an option to choose your firmness – Soft, Medium or Firm and choose your cover – Organic cotton fabric (Standard) or Copper ion-infused fabric (Additional charge). Price starts from $350.

Trial Period, Return Policy & Warranty

These mattresses come with a 100-night sleep trial. If you don’t like your bed, then go for the Free / no-hassle return. Contact them at 844-84-AMORE M-F 10-5 CST to start the return process. However, the company requires a 30-day honest sleep trial to get used to your mattress before initiating a return because Hybrid mattresses need a little extra time to break in.

The company warranties that these mattresses will be free from defects in material and quality for up to 20 years (Hybrid) and ten years (Memory Foam).

Visit the Amore Mattress website for full details on the mattresses and price

Shipping & Delivery

The Amore Mattress is rolled up and shipped in a box, measuring 17W” x 75L” x 17H”, and weighing 50 to 100 pounds. Shipping is free within the contiguous U.S., but deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada will incur additional shipping charges. Please note that all Amore Beds Mattress is custom made, hence, the company may take 4 to 8 business days to deliver your order.

Independent Reviews On Amore Beds Mattress

Edward bought Amore 12″ Hybrid Mattress with the medium-firm comfort level. He said it’s a little firmer than his choice but took nearly 30 days to get to the point where he enjoys sleeping.

Trusted Customer ordered medium and found it to be slightly firm. He complains about the lousy return policy wherein the customers have to arrange to donate it. He does not recommend doing business with them again.

Amore Beds Mattress Comparison

Amore Beds three best qualities – hybrid-technology, multiple firmness levels, and performance fabrics are factors which stack up Amore from Competitors. Considering hybrid-technology, Amore competes with Serta, Beauty rest and Helix. Consider multiple firmness levels and dual firmness option and Amore is similar to Serta and Helix. Performance fabrics of Amore beds compete with Beauty rest and Cocoon.

Regarding Price, Amore beds are proud to manufacture all first-rate American mattress at a fair price. There are none of these brands that are nearer to Amore Pricing except for a few Chinese products like Nectar.

Visit the Amore Mattress website for full details on the mattresses and price

Amore Beds Mattress Setup & Installation

Set up and installing is comfortable with two people –

  • Carry the box to the room/ space where you wish to use the mattress
  • Open the box and pull the mattress out
  • Firmly pull the plastic from the corner of the bed to unroll it, so that the white side is facing up
  • Then carefully place your mattress on-base/ foundation and remove remaining plastic
  • Watch your mattress expand, and in a few minutes it is ready to sleep

How is Amore Beds Mattress Made

Amore Beds models use Organic cotton fabric, organic wool blend, Proprietary FusionFlex foam, Open cell specialty foam, Graphite infused memory foam, hyper-contouring transition foam, Individually wrapped coils, and Sturdy core foam to bring you quality bed that will last for years.

The Densities of all foams used in these mattresses are 1.8. Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) for Soft is 22, Medium is 28, Firm is 35, and Base & Rails are 40. Proprietary FusionFlex and Graphite Visco foams are 3 pounds PSF and 9 ILD.

How is Amore 2-Sided 11″ Flippable Mattress Made?

This Double-sided foam mattress has 10-layers and is 11″ Thick.

  • Ultra-breathable Organic cotton fabric – This luxuriously quilted organic cotton fabric is naturally soft, breathable and durable. It is hypoallergenic and wicks heat away for sleeping comfort.
  • Organic wool blend – This material provides flame resistance without using harmful chemicals because wool is naturally flame retardant. It has exceptional breathability to regulate temperature sleeping comfort.
  • 1-inch proprietary FusionFlex foam – It provides proper spinal alignment and pressure point relief without hot spots. It repels body heat to keep you comfortable all night long.
  • 2 inch hyper-contouring transition foam – It gently transitions from the comfort softer layers to the more supportive middle layers. It is ultra-breathable for proper ventilation.
  • 2-inch high-density open-cell specialty foam – It contours to your body for pressure relief, proper spinal alignment and reduces tossing and turning.
  • 2-inch high resilient load deflection foam – It provides for a strong core for a firmer transition and gently isolates individual pressure points one at a time

Visit the Amore Mattress website for full details on the mattresses and price

How is Amore 12” Hybrid Coil Mattress Made?

This Hybrid mattress offers the best of both worlds –coils and foam in 8-layers and is 12″ thick.

  • 2X Ultra breathable fabric Cover options – A luxuriously quilted organic cotton fabric which is naturally soft, breathable, hypoallergenic and durable. Or Therapeutic Copper Ion infused Bamboo fabric for a clean environment.
  • Organic wool blend
  • 1-inch proprietary FusionFlex foam
  • 1 inch Graphite-infused memory foam – Its open cell structure promotes airflow and breathability. It reduces pressure points, so you sleep more soundly.
  • 2-inch hyper-contouring transition foam
  • 2-inch high-density open-cell specialty foam
  • 4 inch individually wrapped coils – These heavy-duty coils provide full-body support and support the mattress to retain bounciness to avoid sinking-in, all-foam feel. It promotes natural airflow to regulate sleeping temperature. This coil gently adjusts as you move for excellent support in all sleep positions. It also helps motion isolation to reduce partner disturbance.
  • Reinforced edge system – The strong edge system supports for sitting and provides consistent sleeping comfort from edge to edge.
  • 2-inch ultra high-density foam base – It provides additional strength and durability to all layers above. It is compatible with a variety of bed bases.

Visit the Amore Mattress website for full details on the mattresses and price

Amore Beds Mattress Cover

  • Organic Cotton Fabric Cover – This durable cover feels nice and soft under the sheets. It has excellent breathability to keep you fresh. It is hypoallergenic and will never irritate your skin.
  • Copper Infused Fabric Cover – This therapeutic fabric cover offers many health and performance benefits. Copper can improve the appearance of skin, help you enhance your body’s healing process, and have anti-inflammatory characteristics. Also, copper is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, inhibiting the growth of germs including odor-causing for the mattress surface to stay fresh and odor-free longer.

Users reported that the combination of coils and foam, i.e., Amore 12” Hybrid Coil Mattress is good for chronic back pain and relieving hip pain as well. They experienced less tossing and turned all night and waking up with less pain and soreness then before.

Is Amore Beds Mattress Non-Toxic

Yes, most of the materials used in constructing this mattress are non-toxic and free from chemicals. Copper has Antibacterial and Antimicrobial properties, and these ionic properties are combined in therapeutic Copper ion-infused fabric to create a healthy environment for the sleeper. Also, all their foams are the Certi-Pur US certified which means they are free of flame retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, and other toxic elements. Also, it does not contain any latex.

Visit the Amore Mattress website for full details on the mattresses and price

Are Amore Beds Mattresses Any Good

These mattresses use highest quality materials found in the industry and blended to offer the utmost premium comfort. Also, these multi-layered mattresses have five premium layers of the finest supportive materials – ultra-high-density structural base layer, individually wrapped comfort-coils, support foam, contouring transition foam, and FusionFlex Gel-Foam blended with a layer of Graphite-Infused memory foam. All these make Amore a mattress that is good for pressure relieving, providing proper spinal alignment and full-body support, isolating motion and maintaining a comfortable sleep surface.

Frequently Asked Question

Buy Amore Beds Mattress

The best place to Buy Amore Bed Mattress online is directly from the manufacturer Alternatively, you can also buy Amore Beds Mattress on Amazon for the best price plus free shipping.

Adjustable base For Amore Beds Mattress

Amore mattresses work perfectly with all adjustable bed frames.

Amore Beds Mattress Bedding Accessories

Folding All-In-One Metal Box Frame and Gel Memory Foam Pillow are also available here.

Visit the Amore Mattress website for full details on the mattresses and price

Amore Beds Mattress Firmness Analysis

Amore Beds hybrid mattress is available in three different firmness: ‘4’ (Soft), ‘5.5’ (Medium), and ‘7’ (Firm). Amore Beds dual-firmness flappable mattress Queen, King and Cal King-size can be customized to two different firmness on each side – soft on one and firm on the other.

Amore Beds Mattress Frames & Foundation

These mattresses work on Box springs, foundations, slatted bases with slates not more than 4” apart, platform beds, waterbed bases, magnetic bed bases, or even the floor.

The Amore Beds Mattress Blog

Visit for the latest Sleep Talk, Stories and more.

The Amore Beds Mattress Showroom & Store Locator

They operate one brick-and-mortar showroom in Chicago, Illinois.

Amore Beds Mattress Factory Location & Headquarters

Amore Beds, P.O. Box 388555, Chicago, IL 60638

Amore Beds Mattress – Customer Services Phone Number

Call them at 1-844-842-6673 or send a message on their contact us page or email at

Black Friday Deals & Sales on Amore Beds Mattress

Avail the benefit of the Biggest Sale Ever – Memorial Day Savings Event for $320 Extended. $150 Discount and includes free pillows.

Visit the Amore Mattress website for full details on the mattresses and price

Amore Beds Mattress Financing

Amore has partnered with Bread to offer you convenient financing options.

Amore Beds Mattress in Stores

You cannot buy Amore Beds Mattress in Stores. They do have a brick-and-mortar showroom located in Chicago, but mattress orders are accepted only online.
Maintenance On Amore Beds Mattress

The company recommends rotating your mattress every 3 to 6 months.

Odor & Smell in Amore Beds Mattress

Like most new mattresses, there can be a virtually non-toxic smell from Amore new mattress upon unboxing. However, the smell is harmless and will dissipate quickly.

Brands That are Equivalent to Amore Beds Mattress

Casper, Helix, Nector, Lessa, Serta, Beauty rest, Cocoon by Sealy and many more brands are Equivalent to Amore Beds Mattress, but Amore Tops the list.


Buy Amore Beds Mattress for the best price only at Order today and enjoy restful sleep for years. With a fair amount, ongoing sale and Amore Beds Mattress Coupon codes, this brand are worth a try.

Visit the Amore Mattress website for full details on the mattresses and price

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