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The American Iron Bed Company Reviews

The American Iron Bed Company is manufacturing all types of iron beds for adults and kids. There are many styles and types of iron beds here, that are hand crafted in Los Angeles. The possibilities of the bed types are numerous.

Iron beds have been in the market for many centuries. They have appealing designs and characters that make wonderful addition to the home. The antique wrought iron has been the rage. They look light and elegant and do not make the room feel filed with large furniture. The iron beds have its share of good qualities that makes the still popular.

Table of Contents

  • About American Iron Bed Company
  • Iron Beds at American Iron Beds Company
  • Parts of Iron beds
  • How to shop at American Iron Bed Company
  • Antique iron beds
  • Antique reproduction iron beds
  • Dream gallery
  • Iron art
  • Kids Bed
  • Iron cribs
  • Iron daybeds
  • Shop By Size
  • Shop by the bed option/type
  • Things You Should Know

About American Iron Bed Company

This is a company that was previously named Antique Iron Beds that was devoted to antique iron beds only. Later, due to the request of customers the range was increased to antique reproduction to meet the demands and desirability. This was further extended in the making of the new American Iron Bed Company where you can find all types of beds, trundles, day beds, cribs, antique reproduction etc. The beds are available in all sizes as well.

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The iron beds manufacturers are in Los Angeles and the showroom is very close to the factory, hardly 30 minutes away. This helps in proper monitoring of the making of the beds. It is as good as providing a personal production manager for each customer. The monitoring from the factory level (which is not common with any product) makes the iron beds near perfect for the satisfaction of the customers.

Antique Reproduction Iron Beds at American Iron Beds Company

The different types of iron beds at the AIB Company are the antique beds, antique reproduction beds, iron art bed with creative designs and embellishments, and then there are the beds for the children and options for day beds also.

There are bunk beds, canopy beds, four poster beds, open toe beds, sleigh beds, trundle beds, upholstered beds and wrap beds. The beds are available I the sizes of twin, full, queen and both versions of the king size beds.

Parts of Iron beds

The iron beds come in 3 main parts. Depending on your choice you will have only the headboard or with all the 3 parts. The main parts are the headboard, bed frame and the footboard. A complete bed includes all 3 of these.
The option at the American Iron Bed Company is to have only the headboard, headboard with the bed frame or the combo of headboard, bed frame and the footboard to make it complete.

All 3 parts of the bed are of same material and design. Depending on the model and the type, the design, and material changes from one another.

Generally, the bed frames are at a height of 8 ½ inches from the floor. Other custom finishes on the height is also available. The width and length of the bed frame, headboard, and footboard differs with the size of the bed. There are all sizes of beds for almost all the models at American Iron Bed Company.

The iron beds and parts are available in different finishes also. There are standard finishes and premium finishes. Between them, there are a total of 33 finishes available. There standard finishes comes without any cost. The other finishes are more to the aged look to the bed that costs extra while ordering.

You would also get the options for the nail heads for the upholstered type beds. There are 2 options for the nails, French natural that has a brass touch to it and the glazed pewter that comes in silver touch.

How To Shop At American Iron Bed Company

American Iron Bed Company has a vast collection of iron beds that can confuse you as to which to choose and what to buy. They have come up with very simple process of surfing and purchasing by categorizing their beds. You can purchase the beds according to the size you prefer, or type of bed that you want. There also are the various collections, the styles of iron beds. It is easier to narrow down the collections into the size or type. If you prefer a particular make of iron bed you need to go to the collections where you will have the major options of antique, reproduction, iron art, kids, cribs, daybeds etc. Let’s have a look at each of these collections and see what they feature!

Antique Iron Beds

The antique collection includes the antique iron beds that are resistant to dust and germs. They are stylish to look and consists of rods and tubes with many designs and intricate details at the corners. There are options of heavy duty iron or light weighted ones to suit the various needs.

For a person who prefers the bed just for the sleeping purpose may have the light weighted ones and those who wants to watch TV while sitting for longer may want to have the heavier iron beds. It also needs a heavier headboard to go with. This helps in leaning on to it.

Do note that the finish of the bed is the last on the list. The antiques are antiques after all and may have been painted many times over the period of time. Being antique we should also ignore the dents on the bed. But unless there is some creaks and sounds, that should be ok.

The bottom line is that the antique collection mainly includes the head and footboards only. The frame really doesn’t matter here. You can have any bed frame to go with as long as it has provision to have the iron headboard or footboard to be attached. There are 10 different options for you to choose from the Antique collection.

All the antique frames comes from USA during the 1800s and 1900s and stay truly antique by all means. The frames are available only as long as they are available. They do not come in parts but as a complete bed package only. One can convert the original from small to wider size or raise the height, or add a canopy to the original designs, but that costs extra with each type.

Antique Reproduction Iron Beds

The antique iron bed reproduction is one of the hardest jobs to be done. Although the beds are newly made, the major task is sticking to the original design and to make it look like a replica. The American Iron Bed Company offers 2 collections of reproduction antique beds- North Haven and American Classics. The former is plain looking designs with not much artistry into the beds. The latter is truly designer in make with many options.

American classics

The American Classics category includes the designer beds that are simple to look but truly majestic. Extreme care of given to each nuances. The authenticity of each original design is replicated well enough. You can also have the custom made designs.

It takes about 3-6 weeks to get the bed ready. There are 17 different styles in this category, in all sizes. Choose your favorite finish for the design from the 40 available choices. The options are for headboards, headboard with frame and for complete bed. American Classics is costlier than the Northern Haven. It is made with cast iron and forged iron.

North Haven Traditions

These beds are of 20 different types with varying finishes. The beds are of cast iron and forged iron. The beds are available in all sizes. You can choose, headboard only, headboard and frame or the complete bed. The headboard and footboard has the straight rods design and only difference would be on the outer lining which can be straight, slightly curved or smoothed edges. There is nothing fancy here except for the finishes. Each bed type has over 40 finishes options. Your bed is completely your choice.

Once you place the order, you will receive the model in various finishes so you will have a better idea about how your bed is going to look. You can choose the suitable finish and finalize. You will receive the samples via mail and once you make your choice, return the samples.

Dream Gallery

The Dream gallery portraits much of the customized beds. There are some 20 designs available. You can either have these or go for custom-built ones with regard to these. Here the iron beds are available in various designs with the canopy option or without them. The headboards may have more designs in detail also.

The main difference here is that the beds are available in full, queen and king sizes only. There is no twin bed available in this category. This also happens to be one of the most expensive beds as well. With the more detail in designing and the availability of the canopy option, the beds cost more than others.

The finish of the beds are available as usual from the many given in the list. The price varies with the type of finish that is chosen. The height of the headboard, footboard, and the canopy type changes within the design. The addition of canopy to the bed is also a criteria for the price and that for the shipping.

The bed designs accommodates the mattresses and the box springs of the same sizes. The beds sizes are of standard numbers. Here the bed rails are 9 inches above the ground. It is adjustable with demand from the customer.

Depending on the design chosen, the delivery time varies from 3 weeks to as long as 8 weeks. The canopy beds take longer than its standard counterpart.

Iron Art

Iron art, as the name suggests is an art work of the iron rods and makes simple designs on the head and foot boards. There would be additions like leather to the bed to make it look modern and some fabric attachments to the iron beds, depending on the designs.

There are a total of 24 different bed types here in Iron art category. Designs like Mason, Jasmine, Avery, Garnet etc are made with 16 neutral fabrics and 4 bonded leather. You may choose the fabric that you prefer or the leather type also. The beds comes in fabric finish or leather finish.

Depending on the models, the sizes availability may vary. Some are available in full, queen and kings sizes, while other models have only the queen and king size versions. Different finishes of the iron is also available to choose. Some are available in all 5 sizes of twin, full, queen, king, and Californian King.

The finishing of Iron art beds happens in 2 to 4 weeks time. It uses cast iron for the joints and forged iron for the designs.

Kid’s Bed

The kid’s bed are of utmost fun and truly functional. They have New Vintage, North Haven and beds & Bunks to choose from.

New Vintage Iron Bed Frames

Who says kids can’t have vintage beds? At American Iron Bed Company your kids can choose their vintage style beds if they want. It comes in all designs. There are 12 models, of which 3 have the canopy option also. It takes only 4-8 weeks for the making of these beds. Being vintage takes time and to get the right details on the designs need extra time.

Trundle bed option is also available with certain models here. For those beds the top spring stays 15 inches above the ground to accommodate an additional mattress underneath. We can place the mattress on the pop-up unit or raise it to the height of the bed and collapse it to keep under the bed when not in use.

The beds have 40 choices for the finish. Most of the New Vintage beds are available in all 5 sizes. The trundle beds are available with the twin size only.

Some are even available in more choices with a standard bed, trundle bed, day bed and those with canopy options.

North Haven Kids Iron Beds

The North Haven iron beds for kids are available in many designs that include the use of fabric or leather in it. Not all models use the fabric or leather but the options are still there.

The sizes available are all 5 sizes. The options for fabric are from the 16 choices and the leather has 4 options. It takes about 5-7 weeks to finish the bed and deliver it. There are options for trundle beds to add the extra hideout mattress underneath.

Iron Cribs

The babies are dream come true for one and all. The cribs and beds for them should also be dreamy with various designs but should be safe for them. American Iron Bed Company sticks to this policy and make the cribs designer and safer for the babies and toddlers.

The cribs can be standard, four poster or with canopy. Most of the bed frames can accommodate the standard sized crib mattress, but do match the sizes before you purchase. There also are these cute pumpkin shaped and gothic crib designs. The pumpkin design is like a carriage of Cinderella with the 4 wheels.

All the bed frames have 6 height adjustments available. This helps keep the same bed frame until the child grows out of it. The beds need to be assembled upon delivery. The finish of the beds is from the 40 available choices.

Iron Daybeds

The daybeds have 3 side boards to it with one open side. All the day beds are available in twin size only. There can be option to have a trundle bed with more height, to keep the extra bed under it. It stays 16 inches above floor.

You can get the daybed only, daybed with roll out trundle or the daybed with pop-up trundle. The roll out trundle stays at a height of 10 inches and the pop-up trundle is 8 inches high.

There are options like the Sleep bed where there would only be two side boards on either side, with an option to add an additional bed underneath. The under bed can be placed on a roll out or pop-up trundle. This sleeper bed is available in a few designs. The daybeds take 2-4 weeks to be made and delivered. The sizes are all twin.

Shop By Size

Shopping iron beds by the size at American Iron Bed Company is easier if you have a specific size in mind. The sizes available are twin, full, queen, and king sizes.

The twin size beds are basically the daybeds and sleep beds with the other designs as well. There are 30 designs in total. They may take about 3-6 weeks to get the beds ready.

There are over 100 designs for the full size beds. All of these come from the various collections, complied under a single category.

The larger sizes like the queen and king sized beds are over 70. They can be simple, majestically beautiful, with or without canopy, four posters etc. They can have all choices of finishes.

Shop By The Bed Option/ Type

If it is a particular type of bed that you want, American Iron Bed Company has made it easier for you. The beds are categorized into the types like bunk beds, canopy beds, four poster beds, open toe, sleigh beds, trundle, upholstered, and wrap beds. Most of the names are familiar.

The open toe beds will not have a wider footboard but a simple bar and two posts on either side. The wrap beds have an extra post on 4 sides to keep the sheets placed between them. The upholstered beds will have either the fabric or the leather to their make. The sleigh beds have the curved headboard and footboard to resemble the bed to that of a sleigh.

Things You Should Know

American Iron Bed Company is a safe haven for all types of iron beds. There are a few things that you should know before you make the purchase.

  • All the bed frames are made within USA. The ordered frames are handcrafted in the Los Angeles factory.
  • It takes anywhere between 2 weeks to a maximum of 8 weeks for the beds delivery depending on the designs.
  • The antique frames purchases doesn’t happen on basis of hold requests. If the designs are not available it is not available anymore.
  • You can get samples of the finished looks but only after making the full purchase.
  • All the non-antique models are custom made upon ordering. In case you need to cancel the order, please do so within 24 hours of placing the purchase.  After that the product goes for production and cancellation is not possible.  Any cancellation beyond the 72 hours period is at the discretion of the company and will also have a 40% fees.
  • Purchases for Californian will have an additional sales tax added to the price.
  • White glove delivery may be available upon request and additional charges.
  • All deliveries will be between 8 am to 6 pm.