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Ameena Mattress Reviews and Comparison

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Welcome To Ameena Mattress! If you are going to spend a quarter portion of your lives sleeping, then it is essential to have a good mattress beside. A good bed is one which offers comfort and restful sleep. For some, the mattress can go a long way in treating medical conditions by helping the body to relax and heal. Everyone has a need when it comes to a bed, and whatever may be the reason it is essential to choose the best and the one which suits your needs.

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Here in this article, you will get a detailed report on Ameena mattress, and if you have any queries, you can leave your doubts in the comment section at the bottom.

Design And Construction Of Ameena Mattress

Every mattress has a unique style and design meant to conquer the hearts of customers around the world who love to have a great sleep every night. A value of a mattress depends upon its design and materials used which ultimately provides comfort and relaxation to its users. So lets us see how good Ameena mattress is in this regard.

Ameena ultimate sleep design consists of three layers arranged in a particular fashion to provide restful sleep. The top layer helps the mattress to breathe and give a timely response. The second layer plays the role of a cooling agent, and the third layer is the macho man who provides durability to the mattress. “In short all the three layers work together to provide the ultimate sleeping system” according to the Ameena mattress.

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Topmost layer – 2” premium Energex foam

The topmost layer is made of synthetic Energex foam. This material is hybrid foam made without latex. It is a type of memory foam which contains minerals and other materials infused into it to make the foam durable and breathable. Energex foam helps to have an uninterrupted sleep as it allows the person to toss and turn freely. It also helps to relieve pressure from the body and absorbs motion transfer. Unlike memory foam, Energex foam has a quick response and recovery to movements and does not cause the “caught in the swamp “feeling. It helps to support the body movements and does not sink you deep down.

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Middle layer – 2” GEL MEMORY FOAM

This layer conforms to your body movements and relieves the pressure of your main joints. This material is best suited for deep sleep and people who frequently turn and toss while sleeping. Additionally, this layer helps to provide a cooling effect by drawing away excess heat and lends a comfortable sleep.


This layer helps to provide support and helps the mattress to breathe air in and out. Breathable base foam is durable and ensures that the bed stays in place along with providing ample support to first layers. It also helps in cooling the entire mattress by allowing air flow.

Are The Materials Used In Ameena Of High Quality And Certified?

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  • All the materials used are CertiPUR-US® CERTIFIED
  • Does not contain ozone depletion substances
  • Not even a single trace of harmful metals like mercury and lead
  • Conforms with consumer product safety requirements
  • Very low VOC emissions and contributes less to indoor air pollution
  • It does not contain PBDEs and TDCPP.

What are the dimensions and approximate weight of Ameena mattress?

  • Twin: 39 x 75 x 10 /45lbs
  • Twin XL: 39 x 80 x 10 /48lbs
  • Full: 54 x 75 x 10 /60lbs
  • Queen: 60 x 80 x 10 /65lbs
  • King: 76 x 80 x 10 /90lbs
  • California King: 72 x 84 x 10 /90lbs

Mattress Cover Of Ameena Mattress

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The mattress cover of Ameena mattress is soft and breathable according to the information available on their website. But there is little to no details about the type of material used. One main issue I found with the mattress cover of Ameena mattress is that it is not washable and can only be spot cleaned. If by mistake, you send it for washing you will get a cover that doesn’t fit the mattress as it would have shrunk.

How Is Ameena Mattress Packed And How To Set Up The Mattress?

The mattress is compressed to a size as small as a golf bag (21*20*40 inch box). This makes it easy for shipping and reduces the cost considerably. To set up the mattress open the box and unroll the mattress.

Do I Need A Box Spring To Set Up The Mattress?

If you are using bed frames, then box spring will be required but if you are using common platforms or slats then place the mattress on top of it. You can also use the bed right on the floor with the utmost comfort as it has a durable base of 6”.

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Who Should Buy Ameena Mattress And How Is It Better Than Other Mattresses?

If you are looking for a budget-friendly mattress, then this is the right choice to make as it comes in different sizes within the affordable range.

If you want to sleep like a king in a luxurious foam mattress, then this is the right mattress to take home. It is cost friendly and provides comfortable sleep.

If you don’t like the feel of sinking but at the same time want memory foam kind of feeling, then Ameena mattress can lend the same comfort.

If you suffer from back pain, then this mattress can help you deal with the pain better. It is “not so spongy not so hard” kind of bed.

Unlike other mattresses, Ameena has given considerable attention to overheating problems and air flow. They have designed the bed in such a way that the product remains cool all night and at the same time offers all the comforts of a luxury mattress at a very affordable price.

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Does Ameena Mattress Have An Overheating Problem?

Overheating, the problem is common with foam type materials, but at Ameena, they have made use of ThermaGel TM a type of gel memory foam. This foam has been designed after considerable research to draw away the heat emanating from the body and the mattress while at sleep. Moreover, they have equipped the bedding with breathable base layer foams that help air flow in and out.

Can I Flip And Rotate The Mattress?

Well for flipping the mattress it is a big “NO,” but you can surely rotate the bed to ensure that it lasts longer. It cannot be flipped because the top layer is made of synthetic Energex foam specially designed for comfort and that is the only part of the mattress where you can sleep. The lowest layer is for providing support to the bed.

Are There Any Off-Gassing Problems With Ameena Mattress?

If you intend to buy a memory foam mattress, then you have to deal with the off-gassing issue. No single memory foam mattress does not give out the odor. According to Ameena mattress” off-gassing occurs due to quick packaging after production.” So they recommend to air out the mattress as soon as you receive the package before placing it on the bed. I guess that will help to fritter away the smell.

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Safety Of Ameena Mattress

Ameena mattress has passed all the tests put forward by concerned authorities, and the product meets all the requirements of the US law. They have passed fire tests and the materials used are chemical free.

A type of fire retardant sock is used to contain the flames by cutting the supply of oxygen in case of a fire breakout. This helps the mattress to keep away from unwanted accidents and assures protection to its customers.

My Partner Keeps Tossing And Turning Over At Sleep, And These Movements Disturb Me A Lot? Is There Any Solution For This About Ameena Mattress?

Whichever mattress you buy there will be a small amount of motion transfer, and you will surely get to feel slight movements while your partner tosses and turns. But at Ameena, they have tried to reduce the motion transfer by inculcating gel memory foam and synthetic Energex. These respond quickly and have a resilience property that you will feel fewer movements. Ameena mattress has very less motion transfer compared to other beds.

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Are There Any Materials In Ameena Mattress That Can Cause Allergy Issues?

Ameena mattress does not make use of natural latex, but synthetic foam called as Energex. This makes it convenient for its customers to enjoy a great sleep without having any allergy issues. You can get all the bounce to feel and conforming properties without the fear of any allergies.

Ameena Mattress Reviews

Customers have an excellent opinion as far as Ameena mattress is concerned. The only drawback which I found was the off-gassing problem, but that is a common issue with all mattresses which goes away with time. I have picked a few reviews voiced by customers at the Ameena website. Read below:

“ Being a side sleeper, it’s essential for my mattress to be supportive of my neck and spine. I use to wake up with back pain, hip pain, neck pain and leg pains with my old mattress. But after sleeping on the Ameena mattress for a few months now I am no longer experiencing those issues. The bed is conforming to my body to give me an all-around comfortable nights sleep. I am happy with my purchase!

Kim M. – Boulder, CO “

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“Finally able to sleep…

After having my second child, I didn’t think I was ever going to have a good night sleep again. I was wrong. The Ameena mattress provided just that! I love my Ameena mattress, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Pros: Budget friendly, Supportive, Conforming

Cons: NA “

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Manufacturing Details Of Ameena Mattress

Every nook and corner and every single atom of the mattress is made in America. From the basics to assembly everything is proudly done in the United States.


Ameena mattress is delivered only inside the US and shipped in pretty small size bag as little like a golf bag. The bed is sent to the customer via UPS. No matter where you stay in the US the product will be shipped in a small brown box safe at your doorstep. After placing an order, your product will be shipped within 2-3 business days. For major cities, transit time is usually 3 to 5 working days and for remote areas, extra time might be needed.

For queries related to transit time, you can always speak to the sleep experts directly at this number1-877-825-2812. Also, you can track your order status by checking their website where you have to type in the order number and other details. You will also receive emails and communicate via email for further queries.

All the orders are shipped via UPS so you cannot schedule a delivery date. So if you are not in a position to receive the delivery on a specified period, then you can call the sales staff to arrange for a range of dates.

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Warranty Details Of Ameena Mattress

With Ameena mattress, you have a full 10-year non-prorated warranty which covers sagging on 1” and above. In simple terms, if you find that your bed has any manufacturing defects, then you can claim a warranty anytime from the date of purchase to 10 full years. You will get a replacement for free!!

Is There Any Trial Period For Ameena Mattress?

It is a trend for all modern mattress companies to give a trial period for its customers to know better about the mattress. At Ameena, they provide a long time frame for its customers to stay on the bed and to test it. You have 120 nights to deal with the mattress and understand whether it suits your body and your needs. If you like it, then not a problem else you will get a total refund, and someone will pick the mattress for free from you. You can relax as the bed is not going to the landfill and no threat is posed to the environment. Once a purchase is made someone is going to sleep on it for sure for the nights to come.

The mattress will be donated to a local charity or non-profit organization, and at the same time, a gift certificate of $100 will be provided at the sister site To know more about this, you can email at

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Are There Any Promo Codes Or Gift Codes While Purchasing Ameena Mattress?

Yes, you can avail of discounts by getting promo codes and gift codes. You can find these codes at or other online sites approved by Ameena.

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Summary Of Ameena Mattress

Ameena mattress is said to be the result of extensive research on 25000 mattress purchases and customer opinions. Even though that sounds unreasonable, Ameena has stood up to the expectations of most of its customers. They claim that they have engineered the mattress keeping real people in their minds. Whether you are a traveler, a full-time mom or a nocturnal net surfer this mattress is the right choice for you. If you want to sleep in a medium firm mattress, then this is the right choice. It offers great comfort to people suffering from back pain and joint pains. Also if you want to spend less on a mattress, then this can be the right pick.

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