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Aloe Vera Memory Foam Mattresses & its Benefits

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The Spinal Response memory foam mattresses use Aloe gel infusion inside the memory foam. The goodness of aloe vera is completely utilizing in these mattresses. The presence of aloe vera gel and other natural ingredients used in the making, these memory foam mattresses form Spinal Response are nothing short of eco-friendly mattresses in many ways.

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The benefits of using viscoelastic foam are enhanced with the use of natural aloe vera gel that has numerous health benefits. These benefits are experienced by the person, sleeping on the mattress.

Aloe Vera Mattress Benefits & Reviews

Aloe vera mattresses are the ones that use a layer or more of aloe gel infused material. Here in the Spinal response memory foam mattresses, the foam layer that has infused with aloe gel is used as the top layer. The benefits of aloe vera are right at the top.

The primary use of gel infusion is to cool down the mattress surface. The memory foam tends to retain the heat from the body, making it uncomfortable for the sleeper. The aloe vera gel also serves the same purpose.

The difference is that aloe vera is a natural material and is less likely to cause any health problems or harm the environment. There also are other benefits of using aloe vera gel for the infusion.

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Benefits Of Aloe Gel Infused Memory Foam

Natural coolant

The major problem associated with memory foam mattresses is that the mattress gets hot during the night. The body heat is transferred to the mattress, and the memory foam material retains this heat. This causes heat accumulation and hot sleep.

The gel infusion and especially the aloe vera gel infusion make the mattress cooler. Aloe gel is a coolant by nature, and this comes handy when it is incorporated into the mattress. The heat is dissipated by the gel and lessens the heat. This results in a cooler environment for sleep.

Prevent Allergies

Aloe vera has the antimicrobial property that reduces the possibility of microbial accumulation on or in the mattress. This helps reduce much of the allergic cases. The aloe gel prevents the accumulation of bacteria, fungus, or even the dust mites to cause any allergies. It also helps people with asthma.

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Other Health Benefits

The curative properties of aloe vera also include better blood circulation. The memory foam itself reduces the pressure points on the body to make it relaxing and at peace while sleeping. This helps improve blood circulation throughout the body, and this is enhanced with the presence of aloe gel.

Aloe gel is soft and makes the mattress softer in feel. People need a softer surface for relaxation and aloe gel is exactly what you need at the end of a tiring day.

Top 2 Spinal Response Memory Foam Mattresses

The Spinal Response memory foam mattresses are multi-layered mattresses that have more than two layers of foam in them. The leading mattresses of this variety are the 11 inch smooth top mattresses and the 8-inch smooth top mattress. The former type has 2 of its sizes as the favorites. Let us seen in detail what they are made of and how they feel.

Spinal Response Aloe Gel Memory Foam 11-inch Smooth Top Mattress – Queen & Twin

The aloe gel memory foam 11-inch smooth top mattress has the 2 top slots among the popular mattresses from Spinal Response. They are queen size and twin size. The presence of aloe vera gel attracts many to this mattress. The natural aloe gel is any day better than the chemical gel. This fact sits well with many customers.

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Mattress Layers

The mattress has three major layers. The top layer is the aloe gel infused memory foam. This is a thin layer with just 1 inch in thickness. The memory foam used here has a density of 4 lbs which is a softer material for comfort. This layer has cooling effects and keeps the mattress cooler. The idea of having this natural layer closer to the body extends its benefits faster. The top layer also has the infusions of additional materials like Green tea, charcoal, etc.

The second layer is the 3 inches thick higher density memory foam. This layer strays as a balance between the softer and harder layers. This will also ensure that the body conformity stays intact but not overly so. The memory foam here has a density of 3 lbs.

The base layer is the high-density memory foam that is for support. This higher density foam supports the body weight well without causing over sinkage on the mattress. The foam used here is the reflex foam.

The whole mattress is covered with a quilted jacquard cover. This cover is not removable, so you need to be extra careful with the mattress. As the name suggests, the mattress top stays smooth and even in looks and smooth and soft in feel.

The popular sizes of mattresses are the queen and twin sizes. Both are standard sized mattresses that can fit in the suitably sized bed frames of other foundation types.

Spinal Response Memory Foam Mattress Aloe Gel Memory Foam 8-inch Queen-size Smooth Top Mattress

The 8-inch thick memory foam mattress also has three layers of memory foam with the additions of aloe gel, charcoal infusion, and green tea in them. These natural ingredients increase the benefits of the mattresses and reduce the chemicals content.

Mattress layers

The mattress is made with a top layer of 4-pound density memory foam that has the charcoal infusion. This layer is 0.5 inches thick. The second layer is the 3-inch thick memory foam that has Green tea infusion in it. Aloe gel is added to both of these layers.

The third and final layer of this mattress is the high-density support foam that is 4.5 inches in thickness. This support layer can support the body weight evenly to have uniform support to all areas.

Additional information

The memory foam used in the top layers has body conformity that cradles the body. This helps reduce the pressure points in the body and make the sleep comfortable. The gel infusion reduces the heat accumulation on the mattress. The charcoal and green tea keeps the mattress fresh and eliminates odor on the bed. The comfort of these materials will also bring about better blood circulation which is essential for a peaceful sleep at night.

Uses Of The Different Infusions In The Memory Foam Used

Charcoal infusion is done with the activated charcoal that has odor removing ability. It can absorb the odor-causing chemicals and substances into it and retain it forever. The presence of charcoal infusion on the top layers keep the odor away and keeps the mattress fresh. It can also repel the dust mites and mold formation.

Aloe vera has its benefits to the environment and the health of the person. The aloe gel in Spinal Response mattresses will keep the disease away. The common allergies, asthma and skin allergies will not sustain. The bed also stays fresh and devoid of any microbial growth in it.

Green tea contains numerous antioxidants, and their uses are extended to the sleeper by simply being there on the mattress. It also has a role in keeping the odor away and making the mattress smelling good.

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Things To Remember While Using Memory Foam Mattresses

The Spinal Response memory foam mattresses come compressed in smaller boxes. The mattresses must be unpacked at the earliest upon delivery. Remove the package, unroll, and unwrap the cover to let it expand.

It takes about 72 hours for the mattress to expand fully. Within 48 hours it retains its shape, but it may take longer for the complete expansion.

It is important to unwrap as early as possible to help keep the chemical smell away. The plastic contains many chemicals and keeping the mattress longer inside this can make it smell bad.

Customer Reviews Of Spinal Response memory foam mattresses

Stin from Illinois was a proud owner of a Tempurpedic for years. After trying the 11-inch soft top memory foam mattress, he has the opinion that this is as good as the higher priced Tempurpedic. He suggests not using a mattress pad as it can compromise the real comfort of this mattress and using a loosely fitted sheet is also preferable to allow the mattress to breathe.

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Sasha advises all not to but a memory foam mattress topper since you can get the comfort of the real mattress at the same price as the topper. The Spinal response memory foam mattresses do not cost much and can also offer comfort that all are seeking. She recommends this to all.

Bran feels that the 8-inch memory foam mattress is not too soft or too hard, just the perfect comfort in a mattress. It also didn’t have a nasty odor. There was a slight discomfort with the smell, in the beginning, it disappeared sooner.


Memory foam mattresses may cost higher when it has too much of ‘high’ quality materials used. Having natural ingredients like charcoal, green tea and aloe gel infusions are cause for higher value. But the Spinal Response mattresses still comes at a reasonable price that is too tempting to let go. People who are looking for a low price mattress or skeptical to try an expensive mattress should have a go with the  Spinal Response memory foam mattresses. You will not be disappointed!

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