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Kingsdown palais royale, sleeping beauty advantage & camille Mattress

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Kingsdown Mattresses Review

I need not give you details about this brand as you are already aware of it. A real USA brand, Kingsdown mattress is listed among the top mattress companies in America. Started in 1904, Kingsdown mattress is the only manufacturer that scrutinizes every mattress they produce. This ensures high-quality service to its customers. There are more than 9 million body profiles in the database of Kingsdown mattress. They are put up keeping in mind the health and body shape of a person.

The headquarters of Kingsdown mattress is North Carolina. However, they have branches and manufacturing locations overseas such as Australia, China, England, Indonesia, Malaysia, UAE and many more.

Quality, durability and efficient customer service are some of the features, of Kingsdown mattress, but do they deliver? Read on to know more.

Sadly, Kingsdown mattress has not gone down well with the people. There are only a few satisfied customers while the rest better be left unsaid. For starters, the company finds it difficult to keep up their promise of maintaining a durable product for a lifetime. For instance, a consensus is that the mattress loses its quality after the first 2-3 years giving a shock for those who had spent more than $3000 on their Kingsdown mattress.

Another downside is the impression development of the body during intimate activities that can make it uncomfortable to perform. Majority of the Kingsdown mattress come with no-flip feature making the users unable to rotate the mattress. It is a hit for those who need to spin their bedding to combat wear and sagging occasionally.

Overall opinion of Kingsdown mattress is not that satisfactory when compared with other products in the market. There have been 63% owner satisfaction (63/100) based on 217 reviews available online.

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Kingsdown Mattress – Customer Reviews

“I had wanted this mattress for six years for healing my back, neck and arthritis issue that I was dealing with. Though I thought Kingsdown mattress would help me, I was wrong, and my health issues got worst than before. At first, I adored the product but now after a year and a half every time I lie on my side; my shoulder hurts very bad. – LisaPriceSpainhour from

“My wife and I needed a new mattress when my kids got older, and I thought yay!! We can treat ourselves and get a new bed. Little did we know that we are in for a nightmare. After a while, my wife was in tears due to back pain, and I did not believe it could be the new mattress that could cause such back pain. We switched to old bed and realized, yup my wife was right. I complained to the customer service but of no help. Now, we are stuck with this nightmare bed and currently taking turns on a bed. – Ray, Canada

Kingsdown Mattresses – Product Range

There are many products available at Kingsdown mattress that you can choose from. You can always go with bedMATCH that is a scientific advisor who will provide you with some of the best Kingsdown mattresses for you. However, I give few of the top mattresses that speak volumes about delivering comfort and luxury.

Kingsdown Mattress King Size

Are you a couple looking for perfect king size mattress? Then, Kingsdown mattress king size is best recommended for you. With adequate space and motion isolation feature, you can shift your sleeping position without disturbing your partner’s sleep.

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Kingsdown Mattress Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is for those who want to relax their muscles from the day’s work. The advantage of Kingsdown mattress sleeping beauty is the cooling gel-infused memory foam that cools down your body and builds a perfect pressure thereby allowing the body to float in the surface of the bed gently.

Kingsdown Mattress Sleep to Live

The Sleep to Live comes with very many features such as lumbar support band, latex foam, cooling fibers and more. The prominent feature is the lumbar support that blends with the body. It has been designed in the center of the mattress along with cooling gel fibers that assist in sound sleep.

Kingsdown Mattress Euro top

Napa Grove Euro Top mattress is another from the goodies bag of Kingsdown mattress that has an added benefit of natural soy. It has four comfort layers which include latex, comfort foam and two flexatron support pads. The support pads give the extra firm feel to deliver a good night’s sleep. The fabric of the bed is made out of 100% polyester and comes with a 20-year limited warranty which is a pretty good deal for your money.

Kingsdown Mattress Elegant

Elegant mattress from Kingsdown is one of the best from the brand that comes with boxsprings and everything that you need for a good bed set up. Both classic and comfortable, these features the latest sleep innovations that will improve the quality of your sleep to a great extent.

Kingsdown Mattress Indulgence

With double pillow top, Kingsdown indulgence mattress comes with memory foam that takes the shape of your body and retracts back to its original position once you get out of the bed.

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Kingsdown Mattress Memory Foam

Kingsdown mattress is available with memory foam base and come in different styles, sizes not to mention an economical product. With chilly wave gel that offers the cool bed to welcome your day’s tiredness, Kingsdown Memory Foam mattress are made out of solid wood that stands the test of time. It offers you excellent spinal support thereby keeping your head, shoulders, hips, etc. at a naturally aligned position.

Kingsdown Mattress Palais Royale

Feel the royalty every time you hit the sack. With the Kingsdown Mattress Palais Royale in your bedroom, you can feel the positive vibe of “royalty” that surrounds the mattress. With an exclusive temperature regulating system, you can control the temperature of your bed as per the changing climate. The motion transfer feature keeps you stable even if your partner keeps shifting while asleep. The Blutek gel visco in the mattress regulates the body temperature by cooling off excess heat in the body.

Kingsdown Camille Queen Mattress

The Kingsdown Sleeping Beauty Camille queen sized mattress is a luxurious bed that offers you an ideal sleep experience for years to come. The climatouch fiber and high-density foam on all the sides of the mattress creates a perfect support system. Airhole channels allow air to move around freely in the mattress enabling baby-like sound sleep.

Features and Benefits of Kingsdown Mattress

Kingsdown mattress offers you various types of mattress that suit your style of sleeping. From orthopedic to mattresses with right firmness, you will find them here at Kingsdown mattress.

Choose between the best bed based on the analysis that the official website offers to you. Few of the top features of Kingsdown mattress are: 

  • Freedom to choose the firmness and softness of the mattress
  • Individually wrapped coils (though on selective models)
  • The ‘bedMATCH’ is a patented diagnostic system that gives you a helping hand in choosing the best mattress depending on your body type and your sleeping position.
  • The best warranty of 10-20 years (depending on the models)
  • Has an A+ rating with the BBB
  • Some of the best support for you right from memory foam to postural support
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Smart Features

The memory foams in the mattress come with cooling gel beads that absorb heat from your body. It also enables healthy breathing and a comfortable, cozy atmosphere. The best part of memory foam mattress is they contour to your body shape. Also, they retract back to original position once you are off the bed.

With the help of individually wrapped innerspring coils, you will be getting better support without pressure on your body. Since the coils are individually wrapped, your partner will not feel a thing even if you bounce up and down or change your sleep position.

Another benefit of Kingsdown mattress is the fabric that is used by the brand. Kingsdown mattress uses American wool and cotton that are grown without the use of any harmful chemicals that can deter your health. For instance, the wool used on Kingsdown mattress is soft and breathable with natural insulator properties. Wool can benefit the body in managing the body temperature during both summer and frosty climates. Same goes for soft and strong cotton fiber and hand tied muslin wrapped inner coils. They support your body by focusing on pressure points assisting in a peaceful sleep.

A nature-friendly product, Kingsdown mattress are made out of steel, wood, etc. instead of artificial foams or glues. It gives you an excellent durable product for your budget.

Pros and Cons of Kingsdown Mattresses – Kingsdown Mattress Review

Kingsdown mattress has received mixed reviews from its audience. While some claim that the products work well and aids in sound sleep, for some it did not go very well and increased their health problems. Here are few of the pros and cons of Kingsdown mattress FYI:


  • Received A+ rating in Better Business Bureau
  • It is available online and in retail stores which is good as you can voluntarily pick the one better for you.
  • Helps your partner to sleep dormant even if you shift positions during sleep thanks to the individually wrapped coils.
  • Creates a personal profile which will help you to choose the one that is compatible with your body shape.
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  • Loss of proper support within the first three years just like other innerspring mattresses.
    Prices range from $500 – $5700 depending on the size and model which can be expensive for those living on a budget.
  • More than 5% of Kingsdown mattress owners complained about off-gassing during the initial few days of use
  • Tend to be noisy just like any other innerspring beds but not a commonly seen issue
  • Average rating when it comes to handling customer service
  • 5% of mattress users report that their bed sleeps are quite hot making their sleep very much uncomfortable

Frequently Asked Questions” _builder_version=”3.21.1″]

Where can I find Kingsdown mattress reviews available online?

There are many websites such as,, where you can find reviews from users who have bought the product and have put forth their opinions.

Where can I find Kingsdown mattress retailers?

All you have to do is visit the website – and punch in your zip code which will provide you with the nearest retail store in your area.

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What is the Kingsdown mattress price? Will, it fit my budget?

There are lots of products available online that can be opted as per the size, your body shape, orthopedic, etc. and more. Once you choose the respective category and your preferences, you will find the product that is best suited for you. Prices range from $500 to $5700, so it comes down to your choices of product that fit in your budget.

Where to find Kingsdown mattress for sale?

You can either purchase online or select your nearest retailer if you want to check out the product first before ordering them.

Is Kingsdown mattress king size bed available in Canada?

Yes, you can find it at Sears at Canada location at an affordable price.

What is the best feature of Kingsdown mattress sleeping beauty?

The Kingsdown mattress sleeping beauty comes with gel infused memory foam that allows the body to gently float in the bed while giving a refreshing sleep from the microgel beads.

What is postural support in Kingsdown mattress and how does it help?

The postural support is the support that is necessary to keep the body in a relaxed and neutral state of manner when you sleep. When you sleep in an uncomfortable position, the mattress is unable to accept the body shape which will cause great discomfort such as back pain, body ache and can lead to large health issues shortly.

Are there any Kingsdown mattress complaints available online?

While consensus has a good opinion about the product, few complaints have been lodged regarding the quality and poor customer service of Kingsdown mattress. Users complain that Kingdown products wear out over a couple of years and are unable to withstand durability.

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What if I do not like the product recommended by bedMatch?

BedMatch is only there to help you and gives a clear suggestion of what is the suited mattress for you and your sleeping habits. Comfort is undoubtedly vital so make sure you choose the one that you love.

Is it necessary that my partner should get involved while opting for the best mattress?

It is not necessary, but it is recommended so that you can both choose a mattress that suits both and your partner’s sleeping habit.

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