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Airweave Mattress
  • Personalized Customizable mattress
  • Effective for Back pain and Back problems
  • 100 Night Trial and Free Delivery
  • Quick setup
  • Completely washable
  • Recommened in Hospitals
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Airweave Mattress

Airweave Mattress is completely different from all the other mattresses in the market. To begin with, the material is completely different. While most mattress companies today use memory foam or Latex, The Airweave mattress uses Airfiber, A proprietary technology by Airweave. While you see a mass of a mattress, 90% of the mattress volume is air. But it’s, not an air mattress. The Airweave fibres are interwoven to create a strong layer to support weight and act as a medium for sleep. The air fibres with 90% air, provide excellent air flow, making it perfect for hot sleepers. The Mattress is naturally cool and does not trap heat at all. If you have heard mattress companies advertise “Sleep in a cloud”, The air mattress could simply advertise as “sleep on air”.

The Airweave mattress has a range of advantages which comes with their difference from all the other mattresses. The primary difference is that the mattress can be washed. Foam or Latex mattresses are not washable. The most you can do is get a mattress with removable and washable covers. Most mattresses only allow spot cleaning on your mattress. With the Airweave mattress, you can wash the entire mattress. with 90% of the mattress volume in the core being air, it’s easy for water to penetrate and it does not accumulate either. You can also wash it with mild detergents if need be and rinse it well. Of course, it’s not possible to machine wash the mattress but then, how many other mattresses are even washable?
Just because the mattress can be washed, it makes it one of the cleanest mattresses you can ever own too. Advantages include

  1. No allergy. If you or your partner are allergic to mould, dust or dander, be relieved that the Airweave mattress can be washed when you feel there is a need. Chances of allergies are next to none with the Airweave mattress. The material, Air fibre, by itself is hypoallergenic.
  2. Great for kids and pets: Pets often spend time on your bed. Dander and pet hair are hard to remove in a foam mattress but if you could wash the mattress or the covers, you need not worry any further. Aso, it’s safe for kids. Small spills are never an issue with the Airweave mattress.
  3. Free from Bed bugs. Bed bugs are common in both latex and foam mattresses. Both the foam and latex layers provide a wonderful environment for bed bugs to survive. With air foam, the 3 dimensionally woven design makes it hard for bedbugs to live in them. This makes the aireweave mattress the choice among many city dwellers who face the problem of bed bugs.
  4. Safe: Airweave mattresses are used in hospitals in Japan because it’s washable. You cannot change a hospital bed regularly. Patients come and go. Changing a mattress every time a new patient arrives is hard and keeping a regular foam mattress sterilized is difficult. With the airweave mattresses, washing is possible, keeping the mattress sterilized, and free from bacteria and viruses.

Why Airweave?

Airweave mattress is different from the mattresses you will find in the market. All mattresses in the market today are single-piece mattresses. Airweave comes in multiple pieces. The core is 3 parts and can be adjusted to your comfort preference. The core contains 3 blocks . 2 blocks of medium form / Soft on each side and one with medium and firm on the other side. Arrangement of the layers is a personal preference but the MattressFit App will guide you through the assembly for your body type and weight if you need help. It takes only 5 minutes and 2 photographs to get the right setup.

Airweave mattress is also comfortable to use. Memory foam mattresses usually have the problem of sinking or a body-hugging feeling. While it may feel good for some, it’s often hard to move around in bed. Research suggests that an Airweave mattress is 50% easier to move around in bed, which ensures that you will rarely wake up while you turn around in bed.

The airweave mattress, as mentioned earlier is clean and can be washed. There are no worries about bed bugs either. With the right setup, you can be sure that there is no issue of back pain either. and of course, the Airweave mattress is a lot cooler too

To make things more interesting, you don’t have to change the entire mattress if you find a particular block or the topper needs to change. Just purchase the block or the topper and you are ready to go.


  • Very cool Mattress
  • Easy to move around
  • Conforming Pressure Relief
  • Customizable comfort
  • Zoned Comfort
  • instant setup and use.


  • Expensive
  • Contains Fiber Glass