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Aireloom rip van winkle mattress Review

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Yes, you read it right. Aireloom Mattress Kicks Ass, which means they are strikingly robust, valuable and significant. Aireloom mattresses are perfected for over 75 years and are handmade in California. It is a high-end luxurious mattress, which can offer both comfort and hygiene in comparison to other average mattresses. Let’s have a detailed description about Aireloom Mattress.

Aireloom Mattress Reviews – Aireloom RIP Van Winkle Mattress Reviews

History of Aireloom Mattress

Overall, Aireloom (1940) is a beautiful creation by King Karpen. He is the originator of the handmade California mattress. And true to his legacy, the new owner of Aireloom – Earl Kluft still runs and creates new handmade designs in their California headquarters. Above all, Aireloom mattresses are handmade using the eternal craftsmanship and innovative methods (perfected over 75 years). These patented designs are encouraged by the California state of mind and aesthetic but comes updated – every contour, stitch, and material. In conclusion, Aireloom mattress manufacturer says – they Handmade California Dreams.

Aireloom Mattress Company profile

The Company named Kluft owns the Aireloom brand and manufactures high-end mattresses in varied sizes. The company is into this business since 1940 and is in Cucamonga, California. Today, it is an established mattress manufacturer and enjoys an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Aireloom Mattress Product Description

Aireloom mattress is a lavish creation to match your unique body shape and provide the highest level of relief from pressure. This luxury handmade mattress includes natural fibers, which may contain an outer shell of damask fabrics and viscoelastic foam on the inner parts. Some Aireloom Mattress model numbers feature wool, cotton, latex, and foam in their construction. The design of each of these mattresses can offer body support, comfort and durability for an extended mattress life. Moreover, it arrives in a range of models featuring varying firmness levels to meet the customer requirements.

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Features of Aireloom Mattress

The many unique features of the Aireloom Mattress are

  • Variety of Sizes – Aireloom mattresses comes in various sizes and materials containing mid to full luxurious levels. Specific Aireloom king size mattress includes a 7 x 7 ft layout, making it easier for you to turn it in any four directions. It can help preserve the life of your expensive mattress. Aireloom mattress dimensions for king are bigger and better than the average King sized bed. The large mattress is perfect for customers who prefer large sleeping spaces. Aireloom mattress includes sizes like full size plus twin, queen, king, and California king sizes.
  • Comfort layer material – The comfort layer used in Aireloom mattress materials varies between models. They may include one or a combination of – wool, latex, cotton, memory foam and regular foam. These layers create diversity among its mattress and provide you with a variety of firmness and styles to choose.
  • Handmade California design – Aireloom mattress handmade – it is bringing the handcrafted mattress to the world. Besides that, the selection of every material is looking at its durability and comfort. Each layer is integral and offers support and relaxation. In short, all its stitches and contours are tailored by a real artist to provide just a perfect mattress.
  • Patented Aireloom Lift – For generations, Aireloom is providing the perfect sleep at night. It is through their design and invention that combines old-world craftsmanship and innovative technology inventing into the Patented Aireloom Lift. It offers an incomparable experience that elevates and support through adaptive layers of comfort.
  • Aireloom lifts unlike others – Other mattresses stay flat or sink in, but Aireloom lifts. It is because of its pioneer design. The natural chamber between the springs and the mattress-top allows every component to react and adapt at its full performance. When the chamber reaches the layers of plush material, the bed entirely synchronizes with your body, giving you a wonderful experience.
  • Aireloom mattress Thickness – The Aireloom mattresses are likely to be 12-16 inches thick. This mattress has quite a few layers which make it thick. This innovative mattress with unique design and construction is soft to the touch, making it perfect for your body wellbeing.
  • Aireloom Mattress Durability – The Company design and constructs every Aireloom mattress seriously. They don’t take any layout lightly. Thus they are topping the list for a very long time. Aireloom mattress the bed comes with a 25-year warranty, so if rarely anything happens to it, you rest assured that Aireloom has you 100% covered.
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Different types of Aireloom Mattress

The Aireloom Mattresses comes in many forms, and each type includes varies models – Aireloom Mattress Types includes

  • Synchronized Support
  • Rip Van Winkle Preferred
  • Aspire
  • Aireloom Pillow

Let’s have details on each of these kinds of Aireloom Mattresses

Aireloom Synchronized Support Mattress

Synchronized Support Aireloom Mattresses are the outcome of the inspiration by California nature. Mountains to the desert to the sea all offer relaxation, and so do these Mattresses. Each synchronized support mattress carefully comprises of layers and layers of all-natural fill materials. It includes Joma wool, natural Talalay Latex and organic cotton providing you a cloud-like body for an accurate level of comfort and support. Their world-class construction uses Patented Aireloom Lift system and perfect tufting creation for extra comfort. Their unique vertical-stitched borders and separately wrapped, tempered and zoned coils provide your body the much needed ultimate support. The Aireloom Synchronized Support Mattress Models are as under

Luxetop Design

The following Patented Aireloom Lift is available in Synchronized Support Luxetop Design model – Luxetop Plush, Luxetop Medium and Luxetop Firm.

  • Surface Materials – It has a handcrafted outer-tufting and matramatic quilt pattern design and has a Belgian jacquard damask spun rayon ticking construction. It is made using Joma Wool and hi-loft fibers and includes ventilated Talalay latex and PillowFlex luxury firm support foam. It consists of a quilted knit panel support layer and a stretch 100% cotton tricot.
  • Comfort Layers – It includes various layers of plush natural ventilated Talalay latex, medium natural ventilated Talalay latex, organic cotton layer, and plush Aireluxe foam.
  • Divan Base – Features of Luxetop Design divan base are – 8-way hand-tied divan containing 800 hand-tied knots. Includes heavy duty 8-3/4 gauge coils and is available in 9″ or 5″ profiles.
  • Support System – The Luxetop gets ultimate support from 2.4 Bounce high-density perimeter support, zoned nested design, separately wrapped coil system, sturdy steel construction, and adjustable base.
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Streamline Design

The following Patented Aireloom Lift is available in Synchronized Support StreamLine Design model – Streamline Plush and Streamline Firm.

  • Surface Materials – It contains handmade outer-tufting with Belgian jacquard damask spun rayon ticking construction. It comes in silk & wool natural blended fibers with PillowFlex support foam and a stretch 100% cotton Tricot.
  • Comfort Layers – The various comfortable layers of Streamline Design are Plush natural ventilated Talalay latex, Medium natural ventilated Talalay latex, Firm natural ventilated Talalay latex, Organic cotton layer, Quilted cotton upholstery padding, and Plush & Firm Aireluxe foams.
  • Support System – This mattress gets support from 2.4# Bounce™ high-density perimeter support, sectored nested design, independently wrapped coil system, tempered steel construction and 15 gauges (Plush) tempered or 13¾ gauge (Firm) tempered steel.
  • Divan Base – The Divan Base of Streamline mattress contains True-Flex modular base system, 70 module count, Heavy duty nine gauge coils that are made available in 9″ or 5″ profiles.

Aireloom Comfort Pad

Aireloom Comfort Pad is a comfortable surface with positioning straps. Its surface includes two-sided fill design with Joma wool on each side, zoned natural ventilated Talalay latex and reversible as per the preference of either damask or knit fabric comfort.

Aireloom RIP Van Winkle Mattress

RIP Van Winkle Aireloom mattresses are handmade side-stitched collection known as modern classic as they are constructed considering nearly 75 years of heritage. This collection is handmade using over 45 pounds of natural cotton after which the skilled artisans seal the mattress with their hands with 560 heritage side-stitches. The building of this mattress is a very tough labor-intensive process, giving a tribute to King Karpen. Inspired by nearly 75 years old legacy, Aireloom has developed an innovative, state-of-the-art and proprietary coil design which shapes heavy gauge metal into delicate inner-springs. This double-tempered coil design offers immediate support for a restful sleep. The Aireloom RIP Van Winkle Mattress Models are as under – RIP Van Winkle Plush, RIP Van Winkle Medium Firm and RIP Van Winkle Firm

  • Product Description – Aireloom RIP Van Winkle Mattress all models comes in hand side-stitched construction and their foundation are available in 8-way hand-tied coil, Modular coil and 9″ or 5″ profiles.
  • Surface Materials – Their surface material includes conforming stretch knit, 25% Tencel and 75% Polyester. They are made using silk/ wool fiber blended fibers. They have high-density extra firm foams. The RIP Van Winkle Medium Firm and RIP Van Winkle Firm models include an additional surface material, i.e., PillowFlex luxury firm foam. The RIP Van Winkle Firm High-density plush foam comes with right stretch 100% cotton tricot
  • Comfort Layers – Aireloom RIP Van Winkle Mattress contains inner-tufts, 54 tufts done by hand and in a proprietary high-density edge support design. Includes 42 pounds of natural cotton, Plush or luxury firm ventilated Talalay latex and Energex high-density extra firm foam. It contains a hand-stitched border.
  • Support System – Their balancing coil innerspring bring together traditional craftsmanship with modern time’s state-of-the-art coil design. They have a double-tempered, hand-assembled construction. It includes heavy duty 13 gauge coils with 6 active turns of wire.
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Aireloom Preferred Mattress

Aireloom Preferred collection of Mattresses includes innovatively designed contoured with the next generation of materials. It features TENCEL- New Age fabric, an ultramodern surface that is incredibly smooth to the touch. Beneath this surface, there is Celsion Latex which helps your body keep a cool California temperature with noticeable pressure relief. It comes with Patented Aireloom Lift. The Aireloom preferred collection allows the natural sleep layer to perform at its best on top of Pocket-Flex coils. It also exhibits the patented Aireloom plaid with refined look and tailoring. The Aireloom Preferred Mattress Models are as under

Preferred Luxetop Designs

The Patented Aireloom Lift in Preferred mattress collection is available in Luxetop Plush and Luxetop Firm.

  • Surface Materials – Its surface has hand outer-tufting with ultra conforming Knit 30% Tencel and 70% Poly materials. It includes silk/wool blended fibers along with PillowFlex over convoluted foam backed with right stretch 100% cotton tricot.
  • Comfort Layers – The Preferred Luxetop Designs includes a double layer of Plush body temperature regulating Celsion Latex, Plush or Firm Aireluxe foams and Visco Elastic Memory foam.
  • Support System – It has a robust support system with ultimate edge support and stability provided by heavy-duty foam perimeter rails, micro coils in selected models, 8″ pocket-flex™ individually wrapped coil system, 15 gauges (Plush) tempered or 13 3⁄4 gauges (Firm) tempered steel construction and modifiable base.
  • Foundation – This bed has practical support offered by v-shaped semi-flex modules, along with metal corner guards and is provided in 9″ height or 5″ low profile.

Preferred Streamline Designs

The Preferred Streamline Designs is available in the Patented Aireloom Lift such as Streamline Plush, Streamline Luxury Firm and Streamline Extra Firm.

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  • Surface Materials – It comes in a handmade outer-tufting with comfortable Knit 30% Tencel and 70% Poly material. It includes silk/wool blended fibers plus PillowFlex backed with a stretch of 100% cotton tricot. It consists of a layer of (Plush) foam, convoluted foam (Luxury Firm) or plush foam over firm foam (Extra firm).
  • Comfort Layers – The layer consists of a plush, medium or firm body temperature regulating Celsion Latex. The Advanced Zoned Support AZS, plush or extra firm specialized high-density foam and Visco Elastic Memory foam, providing a comfortable base for correct body support.
  • Support System – Its offers perfect edge support and stability provided by heavy-duty foam perimeter rails, 8″ pocket-flex™ individually wrapped coil system, 15 gauges (Plush) or 13 3⁄4 gauge (Luxury & Extra Firm) tempered steel body and changeable base.
  • Foundation – It has practical support that is provided by v-shaped semi-flex modules, along with metal corner guards. It is available in 9″ height or 5″ low profile.

Preferred Streamline Channel Designs

The Patented Aireloom Lift in Preferred Streamline Channel Designs is available in – Streamline Channel Plush and Streamline Channel Firm.

  • Surface Materials – Its outer layer is handmade outer-tufting with ultra conforming Knit 30% Tencel and 70% Poly fabric. It also contains silk/ wool blended fibers and plush foam backed with True stretch 100% cotton tricot.
  • Comfort Layers – The 3.5# pressure relieving and temperature regulating Airegelle layer with plush or Firm high-density foams and Visco Elastic Memory foam offers ultimate comfort.
  • Support System – The edge support and stability is due to the heavy-duty foam perimeter rails, 8″ pocket-flex separately wrapped coil system, 15 gauge (Plush) tempered or 13 3⁄4 gauge (Firm) tempered steel and modifiable bed
  • Foundation – The support comes with v-shaped semi-flex modules plus metal corner guards. It is available in 9″ height or 5″ low profile.

Aireloom Aspire Mattress

Aspire Aireloom Mattress collection is the streamlined innovation especially for the contemporary customer. Its Aspire collection uses TENCEL New Age fabric which is smooth to the touch and is skin-sensitive. This surface material is more comfortable than cotton and wool. Inside the mattress there is Phase Change Foam Technology, which works as a super-sponge, absorbing heat and regulating body temperature.

Moreover, this mattress type represents the most efficient and discreet beds in Aireloom collection. Offered with a foam core or Pocket-Flex coil system, this is perfect for first-time buyers. The Aireloom Aspire Mattress Models are as under – Phase Change and Triple Choice Options

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  • Product Description – The Phase Change Slim-Line Design is available in Phase Change Plush. The Triple-Choice Options Slim-Line Design comes in Slim-Line Plush, Medium Firm and Firm.
  • Surface Materials – These mattresses have ultra conforming Knit to 30% Tencel and 70% Poly panel construction. They include Slim-Line proprietary Aireloom design along with QuiltFlex luxury firm support foam.
  • Comfort Layers – Phase Change mattress layers include a temperature regulating foam with Phase Change technology. It includes Cool Visco elastic memory foam and a Double layer of plush Aireluxe foams. The Triple-Choice Options includes layers of Plush/Medium/Firm High-Density support foams, Aireluxe foams layer and Visco Elastic Memory foam to eliminate any “bottom out” effect.
  • Support System – The edges support and strength are due to the sturdy foam perimeter rails. They include 7″ pocket-flex discretely wrapped coil system.
  • Foundation – The functional support is provided by v-shaped semi-flex modules, along with metal corner guards. These mattresses are available in 9″ height or 5″ low profile.

Where To Buy these Aireloom Mattresses

Aireloom Mattress Website only provides you with the details of their varied products. But if you wish to buy Aireloom, many retail online stores such as Amazon, Macy’s, Sit n’ Sleep, eBay and other affiliates sell them. However, they are a bit hard to find in some parts of USA as not all retailers carry the Aireloom brands. They are slightly expensive, and many times they remain out of stock unless demanded by a customer.

Aireloom Mattress Price

Aireloom offers modern luxurious mattresses which are handmade and so are bit pricey. You can say that the prices for Aireloom Mattress are little higher than average mattress prices. The mattress prices range from $1300 to a whopping $20,000. Its prices entirely depend on the model, material, and size that you opt. Please note the mattress price do not include a bed foundation or base.

Aireloom Mattress Warranty

The warranty of different models varies – 10, 20 and 25 years warranty. Expensive Aireloom Mattress models tend to have more extended warranty period than cheaper ones. The lifespan of the costly models is far more than the average lifetime of mattresses.

Aireloom Mattress Customer reviews

There are different customer reviews on Aireloom mattress. These are handmade products, and so they are popular among people for their luxurious feel and ultimate comfort. But along with luxury people also consider its price. Many other brands in the market offer a similar quality product at fewer prices.

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Positive Aireloom Mattress Review

Many users have appreciated the mattress ability to absorb motion, making it perfect for couples. Most of the users also reported no heating issues except for the heating problem in a mattress having a memory foam layer. These mattresses are comfortable to move, and its one-sided design requires no flip, making it user-friendly. Some people also appreciated that the bed does not have off-gassing or emits unpleasant odor upon arrival. Few people praised the inclusion of two inches or more of memory foam or latex in them to help reduce pressure points.

Negative Aireloom Mattress Review – Few customers had complaints about noise while movement but many users find them noise free. There are more complaints about memory foam mattresses such as body impressions, off-gassing, sinkholes, heating issues, etc. compared to others. Some customers reported having back pain due to sagging of the mattress in just 3-5 years. But you can avoid this by regularly rotating the bed while also extending its life. Few users also found them heavyweight, difficult to handle and expensive than other competitors.

Contact Details of Aireloom Mattress

Aireloom mattress phone number – (909) 373-4211 and (570) 384-2800. Address – E. S. Kluft & company, 11096 Jersey Blvd., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 or 1104 N. Park Drive, Hazleton, PA 18202. For any questions or comments, you can click contact us tab, fill out the form – email and message and a customer service representative will respond with details.

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Aireloom mattresses are handcrafted by dedicated and experienced artisans in combination with the latest technology to produce an excellent mattress every day. This high-end kicks ass mattress certainly offers supreme comfort which is appreciated by many users. To buy Aireloom mattress, you may consider custom design, high-quality and price. But its generous warranty program for up to 25 years makes it easy for you to decide.

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