Air mattresses are as delicate as a new born baby. For all that it is made of heavy duty material; it is bound to suffer some wear and tear at one stage or another. One should know how to take care of it to make it as durable as the company claims. After all the manufacturer can only make it, it is up to us to make it durable with proper care and maintenance. Here are some tips to keep the air mattresses of all kinds’ clean, hygiene and damage free for a long time to come.

Tips To Keep The Air Mattresses Clean

Mattress cover

The first rule is to use a mattress cover or sheet to protect the surface. Not all air mattresses have a washable surface so beware of the spills. Even dirt and sweat would be difficult to scrub off. It is better to use a bed sheet all the while. If you can get hold of a fitted sheet, the better it is. The fitted sheet and a bed sheet would be good when the mattress is to be used for a week or more at a time.

Find the holes

Patching the air mattress is real easy. What is difficult is to find the air hole. To find the air holes, place it on a flat surface and inflate it with more than enough air. Look for the holes in the bottom part, at the seams or near the valve. If these areas are fit and fine, move on to all other parts. Divide the mattress into zones for your convenience. Press down gently and feel for the air or listen to the sound if you have a silent environment. This is not an easy task and is time consuming.

Surface cleaning

The fleece top air mattresses could use some vinegar treatment to make it clean. Spray some good amount of vinegar over the mattress after it is inflated on a flat surface. Let the vinegar work on to kill the microbes and remove any odors. Once the mattress is dry, deflate it and roll or fold the mattress as per instructions and store it inside bag. Do not forget to put some silica gel packs inside.

Patch up

Once you find the holes, mark it, and deflate the mattress. Clean the spot with an all purpose cleaner to remove any oil or sweat residue. Patch up the air holes with a small piece of band aid, cut to the right size. Use a good quality gum to fix the patch on to the air mattress and leave some weight over it. Let it dry for at least 24 hours before inflating the mattress.

No soap water please

The final rule is that the soap water technique may not work always in finding the sir holes. It works only for a larger hole. Moreover, it is applicable only for the waterproof air mattresses and it is a fact that there are only very few water proof mattress. It is also to note that small holes that are undetected by the soapy water technique may allow the water to go into the mattress and can damage it.