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Do you know the importance of a good mattress? A mattress is an important factor that is closer to us, especially when it comes to sleep. Besides, a good bed helps in keeping your spine aligned and is proven beneficial in reducing your muscle or joint pain. Thus many run behind the expensive mattresses. But they fail to realize that finding the right mattress is not about searching for the high tech brands or spending most of your money on silly mattresses. Buy Aerobed-inflatable-beds available online! These are top selling beds that help in lowering the pressure points of your body and grants you a good night’s sleep.

Aerobed-inflatable-beds User Reviews & Ratings

These Aerobed-inflatable-beds has received 4.7 stars out of 5. Most of the honest customers are saying that “Aerobed is the best air mattress they have ever purchased in their life.” However, it’s good you check with the honest customer testimonials mentioned on their official website.

Best Mattress Models from Aerobed-inflatable-beds

The top mattress models on Aerobed inflatable mattress include:

  • Aerobed-2000014113 Queen Raised Inflatable Air Bed Mattress with Ottoman
  • Aerobed-2000010373 Double High Airbed Inflatable Mattress Size
  • Aerobed-2000010122 Bed In A Minute Air Inflatable Mattress, Queen Size

The top mattress models on Aerobed inflatable mattress include:

Aerobed 2000014113 Queen Raised Inflatable Air Bed Mattress with Ottoman

This Aerobed queen air mattress comes with a built-in pump that inflates the airbed with a touch of a button. Equally, the bed is made using a durable puncture resistant heavy gauge PVC vinyl. Besides, the added Ottoman works like a side table, when you sleep or put the bed away.


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Features of this Aerobed inflatable mattress queen

  • The bed features a capacity of 600 lbs (272 kg).
  • Equally, features a double high 20” (51 cm), 120 volts built-in pump control wand.
  • The Aerobed inflatable mattress includes whoosh valve for easy storage and fast deflation.
  • The storage ottoman doubles as a nightstand.
  • With this, you can turn any room into a spare bedroom in just 5 minutes.

Aerobed 2000010373 Double High Airbed Inflatable Mattress Size Queen

This Aerobed inflatable double bed or this luxury inflatable guest bed is a perfect one-touch comfort bed for vacation homes. It features a hands-free 120 volts electric pump that inflates the mattress quickly to an ideal softness. The horizontal air chambers provide extra needed support and prevent the user from sagging. The bed measures 78L X 60W; the rapid release valve easily deflates your mattress in less than a minute.

Features of Aerobed 2000010373 Double High Airbed Inflatable Mattress Size

  • 120V AC electric pump with a carry bag.
  • The queen size measures 78 inches by 60 inches when inflated.
  • It features standard size queen sheets.
  • Horizontal air chambers for extra support.
  • Equally, inflates or deflates in 60 seconds.
  • Pressure control pump with effortless hands-free inflation.
  • Similarly puncture resistant.
  • Max weight capacity – 750lbs.
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    Aerobed 2000010122 Bed In A Minute Air Inflatable Mattress, Queen Size

    Also known as “Bed in a Minute.” This is one of the best options for overnight guests, vacation homes, dorm rooms and anywhere you need extra comfort. Similarly, the added coil construction and built-in pillow aid better comfort for an incredible night’s sleep. It is 9” in height and comes with a built-in pillow for all the needed support. Other features include an oval coil construction, powerful hand help pump along with a patented Whoosh valve for fast deflation.

    Features of Aerobed 2000010122 Bed In A Minute Air Inflatable Mattress, Queen Size

    • Aerobed 2000010122 is a queen size “Bed in a minute” air mattress.
    • It includes a convenient carry bag for easy storage.
    • The hand-held AC pump inflates the bed in one minute.
    • Features inflated dimensions 78 in x 60 in x 9 in, 11 inches for the added comfort.
    • Whoosh valve for fast, easy deflation.

    Independent Reviews On Aerobed-inflatable-beds

    • George Smith says “Five stars! Aerobed is a very comfortable bed I have ever come across in my life.”
    • Phyllis Hernandez says “Good bed and is considered great for the guests and camping.”
    • Jackie says “Absolutely works as promised.”
    • Melanie Gilbert says “Offers good night’s sleep.”
    • Jeri D says “Love it!”

    Bad reviews of Aerobed-inflatable-beds

    So, far there are no bad reviews or complaints stated for these Aerobed-inflatable-beds. However, it’s better you refer the seller’s website for everything.


    Aerobed-inflatable-beds Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

    Well, no specific information is available on the guarantee, trial period and warranty period of this product. However, the company offers 30 days, exchange-refund policy on all their products. Further, refer to their official website for more.

    Coupons Codes & Discounts For Aerobed-inflatable-beds

    DealYard offers 10% discount on all their orders, 10% to 28% sitewide off on all the purchases, free sitewide off, 40% off on select bedding, 10% off on initial sign up and much more.

    Aerobed-inflatable-beds Return Policy

    Well, the manufacturer offers a 30 days return policy on all their mattresses. So, you can return them at the earliest and can expect a refund within four weeks of shipping. Further, you may refer their official website to know more about their returns and handling charges.

    Aerobed-inflatable-beds Shipping & Delivery

    DealYard uses FedEx shipping modes to ship all their items, and your orders will reach you within 1 to 2 business days. However, in some cases, it would take around 3 to 7 days of shipment. But, international shipments includes fees and taxes on their delivery.

    Aerobed-inflatable-beds Setup & Installation

    For Aerobed-inflatable-beds installation and setup, you may look into the youtube videos, where everything is explained detailly (in a precise manner). Just refer them out.

    Aerobed-inflatable-beds Complaints & Consumer Reports

    There are no complaints or lousy user reviews stated for these Aerobeds available online. Most of the honest user testimonials have said they are quite happy with its purchase.

    Aerobed-inflatable-beds BBB Business Profile

    Yes, the company DealYard is BBB accredited and has been rated with A+ by them.

    Aerobed-inflatable-beds Scam

    Not at all! The company is not a scam. It is an excellent source for getting the best brands on the Internet. Besides, they are also pioneers at selling the top products for a discounted price tag.

    Are Bedbugs in Aerobed-inflatable-beds a Possibility

    Hard to say! But still, you will find only fewer numbers of Bedbugs in your Aerobed inflatable mattress. However, it’s better you check with some heat treatments for killing these bedbugs and pre