Most of my friends ping me at night telling “I am getting geared up to hit the sack “and I would always be in awe thinking “do they even have to get ready to sleep as I am always all set to sleep anytime day or night”. Every bit of thanks I owe to my super comfy adjustable bed that I have purchased recently and of course on a low budget.

Adjustable beds are no longer limited to hospitals and definitely you need not fall ill to sleep on one. Lift the base or lift the head rest either ways you are going to love the comfort and that plushy feel it offers. If you are a person who dislikes lying down flat then adjustable beds might be the right bet for you. Now watch television or surf your gadgets with your head high and resting shoulders with all new adjustable beds.

Below in this article you will get to know everything about adjustable beds and what to look for while buying one. Scroll below through the sections to know more

  • What is an adjustable bed?
  • Adjustable air bed “the floating feeling”
  • How to buy an airbed and what to look for?
  • Best adjustable beds consumer reports
  • Best adjustable mattress brand
  • Reverie adjustable beds
  • Serta adjustable beds
  • Sleep number adjustable beds
  • Sleep comfort adjustable beds
  • Leggett and Platt adjustable beds
  • Tempurpedic adjustable beds
  • Adjustable mattress reviews
  • Bottom line

What Is An Adjustable Bed?

An adjustable bed is a typically constructed lying surface or a bed that can be adjusted to diverse positions. You might have commonly seen these kinds in hospitals where the patient can lie down and sit in a slanting position by adjusting the bed. Now don’t think it is made only for the sake of hospitals as there are different kinds of adjustable beds manufactured which serve as a purpose of luxury and comfort. In the past adjustable beds used to work only with manual help but now things have changed. You get all the features and comforts with the help of a piece of remote. Most of the luxury end adjustable beds come with a motorized system which makes tilting and handling the bed a cakewalk.

Luxi mattress comes with four different layers of comfort for users who want only the best at the right price. Be it pressure relief or spinal alignment or air cooling, Luxi mattress is the perfect choice for you.

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With an adjustable bed you can do the following

  • Adjust the height of the bed
  • Tilt the bed to raise the upper body
  • To raise the lower body or into reverse Trendelenburg position.
  • Program comfortable positions
  • Put an end to snoring problems by lifting the head side.

“Adjustable Air Bed” That Makes You To Float While Sleeping

If there is something that offers a feeling like you have reached the mystical world of Pandora then you must be sleeping on an adjustable air bed. It offers comfort and nothing beyond that but you have to look into the bed carefully in terms of quality.

Switch on your television then you are sure to watch commercials that display air bed campaigns with a kinky model and a macho guy. I really get pissed off the way they market their airbeds and a good number of the consumers get into the gimmicks and end up buying the wrong ones.

Puffy Mattress

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How To Purchase An Adjustable Airbed And What To Look For?

There is no matter of argument that air beds offer high end comfort. But you have to be sure about their worthiness for the price being spent.

A good airbed should have a minimal design without complicated systems. Look for products not from the viewable side but carefully go across every nook and corner. You don’t want to regret later buying one. There are many air bed types that are quickly inflatable and some come with remote control systems. But you have look for the material that is being used to make the bed. A single small vent is more than enough to pour water on your money invested. So make sure to read a lot of reviews and customer opinions before buying one.

Secondly don’t go for high priced air beds as they are not worth it. Paying huge price and buying an air bed is like fishing in the muddy water. You may get the fish if you are lucky or return empty-handed. Likewise there is no guarantee that the air bed may last long and deliver the expected service for the money that is being paid.


Guarantee and warranty is another aspect that you need to check on. If your manufacturer offers you a generous warranty and guarantee periods then you can opt for buying those kinds. Airbeds are subjected to wear and tear when compared to other mattresses and bed types. Especially if you have naughty little kids who are always in the sway to tweak the shit out of everything. Make sure that “no more monkeys jumping on the air bed” to keep it safe.
If you are going to share the air bed with someone then probably buy one of larger sizes like queen or king. These larger sizes usually come with separate sides and air pressure of either side can be adjusted separately. So if you want a firm side and your partner wants a soft side it won’t matter anymore as there are provisions made for the same.


Also if you are memory foam lover or have an inclination towards latex or towards any other comfort oozing materials then you can try the hybrid air beds. Nowadays air beds accommodate a top layer which can be made of materials like foam, bamboo fibers, natural latex and feathers. The extra comfort layers are built directly above the air chamber to provide the ultimate comfort. Some also come with a built in pillow top just giving the look of a complete mattress to an airbed. If you want to spend on an air bed or an air mattress then you can try the most sought product from Serta.

The “Serta raised air mattress with never flat pump” comes with two pumps which automatically inflates and maintains the air pressure.

The best thing I like about this mattress is that it comes with a puncture resistant material and coil circular system that gives an even sleeping surface. It is best for its sturdiness and support that it has to offer. The other benefits are you can take in along wherever you want to travel as it comes with a peppy bag. It also has a full grip base that stay puts the bed at a position without moving. Overall this is one of the best airbeds that you can invest on for comfort. It is worth for the price that is being paid and you get a cozy feeling while sleeping over it. For more details about this bed you can visit this page.

Best Adjustable Beds Consumer Reports

Having said a lot about airbeds now let’s get into adjustable beds that have now become a quick moving commodity in the mattress industry.

Adjustable beds are gravity defying sleeping machines that have given a new outlook and definition to the whole sleeping concept. They offer comfort, rest, a feeling of ecstasy and an out of the ordinary feeling but are they worth or are they just scams?

If you are tempted to buy an adjustable bed then here is a detailed report that you can go through. Dedicating quality time into research before buying a product is always recommended. After all it is your hard earned money so you need to know everything while investing your money.

Feedbacks & Consumer Reports

Here are a few aspects drawn out from feedbacks reported by consumers about air beds so give a quick look to know more.

  • Don’t go by aesthetics and design but select the adjustable bed based on its flexibility and simple design. The more complicated design it is the more trouble you are going to face when it stops working.
  • You really don’t know what you are buying as most of the parts and components of such beds are uncommon. A traditional mattress consists of different layers and lays flat. The adjustable bed is not meant to lay flat but change positions. Basically adjustable beds employ electrical circuits and other motorized stuffs being embedded here and there. In simple words it is more like buying an electronic gadget. Buy from a known brand with a reliable warranty period.
  • Adjustable beds are great for therapeutic uses as it helps to deal with various medical conditions like back pain, acid reflux issues and neck pain. It is also brought by people who love to change positions and stick on to the bed while working on laptop or to watch TV. In terms of comfort more and more people are buying this kind. Overall consumers have reported that adjustable beds are a great deal when it comes to luxury and convenience.


  • Certain adjustable beds come with low-grade fabrics and upholsteries so make sure to buy a product after careful analysis. A well backed educated purchase is the best investment you can make prior to investing your money.
  • Looks what’s beneath the air bed and ask questions about the adjustable base. Check whether the motors are UL listed and rated. Nowadays adjustable beds come with various features like integrated apps for phones. Also ask whether the components come with warranty and how the whole deal works. Simply don’t buy something and bring home.
  • Ask about the after service and how well they respond to complaints. This one you can ask to customers or check online for reviews. Am sure you can find details regarding the same.
  • Look into how much weight the adjustable bed can accommodate and how well it responds to your actions. Quality is a must when you buy an adjustable bed or mattress and generally rely on known brands.

Best Adjustable Mattress Brand? So Finally Which Brand To Go Ahead With?

Live and Sleep mattress is highly popular amongst the users. They are non-toxic in nature, worth of offering the longest sleep ever. Keep on searching the customer testimonials and look for the related advantages and disadvantages. Read out!

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Mattress brands are many and so are adjustable mattress brands. There are a few known brands who have swept the markets with their high quality products. As far as adjustable mattress brands are concerned here are a few known names like Leggett and Platt, Reverie Ergo Motion, Serta iComfort, Sleep number, sleep comfort and Tempur-Pedic.
Most of these brands offer high end comfort adjustable beds which often come with a customization feature. Below you can find elaborated reviews of each brand.

Best Adjustable Bed Brands

I have picked top products from each brand and you can find detailed reviews about each one.

Reverie Adjustable Bed

To achieve restful and deeper sleep reverie makes use of a patented DreamCell technology in most of their mattresses. All mattresses can be customized with an adjustable foundation making it a complete adjustable bed offering luxury and comfort. The interesting fact is that you can actually give a try on how the mattress works for free as they offer a risk free trial period.

Features Of Reverie Adjustable Beds

  • Total customization offered and customers can get a tailor-made adjustable bed according to their preferences
  • Comes in different sizes like twin extra long, king, queen, California king and split king.
  • Comes with a massage function especially targeting those customers who suffer from back pain, injury and have just recovered from surgeries. It is also a great way to reduce stress and to achieve peaceful sleep.
  • Materials used are eco-friendly and natural. If you want an adjustable bed that can breathe and protect you from allergies than reverie can be a great choice. They make use of natural rubber to maintain the bed clean. They say it is antimicrobial but how far that is true has to be studied.
  • The adjustable bed is flexible which gives you the option of moving the head and the base as per your wish. Great for couples who have pole-apart preferences.

Reverie Adjustable Bed Reviews

Reverie adjustable foundations especially have got lot of acclamation from its customers. Majority of the customers who used this adjustable bed are of the opinion that it really helped them sleep well and it was easy to set up. There are various models available and most of the buyers are totally satisfied with reverie adjustable beds. Most of the reviews point out that people are having a great time sleeping over it and have felt major relief from back pain and other medical issues.

Serta Adjustable Bed

Serta is a famous brand in the mattress industry and there is no doubt that they make top notch quality mattresses. Motion Custom™ II,Motion Perfect® III, Motion Select™, Motion Essentials™ II and Pivot™ are the various models that you can purchase form this brand. The first three products are bit pricy and comes with various features and are high tech stuffs. If you want to try some basic models then you can go for the latter two models. If you are looking for an adjustable bed from this brand within a low budget then you can go and check out the Motion Essentials II. You will love sleeping on this adjustable bed and will have a feel like sleeping on a cloud.

Features of Motion Essentials II

  • Smooth lifting system that can accommodate up to 650 pounds
  • Hydraulic elevating systems for foot and heat
  • Basic four button wired remote
  • Comes in a low price range and minimal designs
  • Comes with an anti-movement bar to hold the mattress at its place
  • Casters and headboards brackets can be added if necessary

Serta Motion Essentials II Adjustable Bed Reviews

If you are looking for comfort and want to relax on an adjustable bed without paying much then this is the right pick. It comes with a simple design and no fancy stuffs like massage, Bluetooth and whatnot. Seriously you don’t need that much technology when it comes to sleep!! Most of the buyers have reported that this adjustable bed does its job pretty fine and comes in a very affordable price range. The main positive review about this product is that it is easy to handle and to install. If you have any plans to buy an adjustable bed then this model can be a great pick as it is truly a pocket friendly version.

Sleep Number Adjustable Bed

Sleep number is another brand that has stepped in to the segment of adjustable beds and they offer different models in the FlexFit range. Just add a FlexFit adjustable base to any mattress or in particular a sleep number mattress to enjoy all the benefits of floating in the air. There are three styles of FlexFit versions available from sleep number and you would love them to the core. I particularly love their partner snore technology that helps one to gently raise your partners head without him or her knowing about it. Below are the options available from sleep number:

  • FlexFit™ 1 Adjustable Base: pocket friendly model and pretty basic model with minimal design.
  • FlexFit™ 2 Adjustable Base: do you have a snoring partner then you will find this model y appealing. Forget about those headbands and snoring aids and bring home a brand new adjustable bed. This model is not highly priced compared to other brands and models yet it works pretty cool. Easy to adjust head and foot takes you to the zero gravity point making you feel like an astronaut.
  • FlexFit™ 3 Adjustable Base: This model comes with many fancy features and is priced high on the scale. It has a massage feature and easy to change positions giving complete relaxation to the body. It has control underneath the bed and comes with night stand lighting.

All the models are available in stone linen fabric which perfectly fits into any décor type. Another interesting feature is that the beds firmness and elevation can be adjusted with a single click of a button.

Sleep Number Reviews

If you are planning to buy an adjustable bed from sleep number then you can try the basic model as it is worth the price and offers all the comforts. The high end model does seem to exhibit more features but I would recommend going for the low priced ones. You can also opt for the second model which helps to put off snoring problems as that can be a great investment choice. Customers love buying from this brand because they offer products in way low prices when compared to other brands. If you are person who wants a high class techy mattress then don’t look around for a sleep number as it offers only minimal features.

Sleep COMFORT Adjustable Bed Reviews

Sleep comfort again offers adjustable beds but note this point “they sell adjustable beds made by AMERICAN ADJUSTABLES and LEGGETT & PLATT”. In other words they buy from these sellers stick a sleep comfort tag and sell it to you directly. But you can rely on then for one good reason and that is they have technical staffs around the country, who are ready to serve you against a complaint. All their adjustable beds come with a life time warranty which makes them an ideal choice. They sell 4 adjustable beds one classic model from American adjustables and three other models namely brio 20, prodigy 2.0 and s-cape from Leggett and Platt.

Leggett And Plat Adjustable Beds

While talking about adjustable beds it’s important to mention this brand. Leggett and Platt is one of the known brands in this category and are selling huge among customers. They don’t need any introduction and have already conquered many homes around the US.

Leggett and Platt offer’s three models namely

  • Brio 20 – 550-lb lifting capacity, UL listed frame and comes with a wireless remote. This is one of the basic models with free fall safety feature design and will provide all the comforts.
  • Prodigy 2.0 – This model comes with a wall hugging feature and a dual fully body wave massage. It comes with a timer and quiet functioning motor system that does not interrupt your sleep. It can accommodate 700 lbs easily and has included other features like power tilt and emergency power down. Additionally it has other features like under bed lighting, USB charging ports, snore app, Bluetooth option, and single reset button, wireless sense touch remote and programmable positions using an app.
  • S-cape – If you are looking for a high end adjustable bed from Leggett and Platt then this is the model that you can go for. It comes with a wall hugging feature and yes it has a massage function to soothe your muscles. Again this model can support a weight capacity of 700 lbs and works quietly. The bed frame is UL listed and this bed has a power drive disconnect safety design. It works with a wireless backlit remote and has two programmable positions.

Tempur-Pedic Adjustable Bed Reviews

This is another mattress brand that does not need any introduction as it is exactly the best when it comes to therapeutic mattresses. If you are looking for an adjustable base from this brand then you have three different options TEMPUR-Ergo Grand, Premier and Plus.

TEMPUR-Ergo Grand is the highest priced model from Tempur-Pedic and comes with a variety of features. The grand and premier model offer many features like rejuvenating massage and comes with a fully functional wireless remote for controlling the adjustable bed. Both these models allow you to set many ergonomic positions and relax fully.

Their plus model is the basic model and is devoid of the massage feature but it does come with a wireless remote. Another major difference between plus and the other two versions is that; plus cannot be controlled with smart phones while other two versions can be controlled. But one major similarity between all the models is that all are priced a bit high when compared to other brands.

Tempur-Pedic adjustable Reviews: all their adjustable beds have received average reviews and one major problem that most of the customers had to say is that their customer service is pretty low when compared to the other brands. In terms of comfort, durability and luxury they stay to the promise but price wise they are not easy on the pockets. Overall customers have given average ratings to the adjustable beds category from Tempur-Pedic.

Adjustable Mattress Reviews

Now that you have got an idea about various brands and models available it will be easier for you to make a choice.
Who should buy an adjustable bed?

  • Elderly
  • People suffering from back pain and injuries
  • Who love to spend most of their time on the bed
  • Couples who love to have fun
  • Athletes for a relaxing night sleep

What to look for?

  • Don’t spend too much on adjustable beds as it isn’t going to last long or you aren’t going to use it always.
  • Rely on trusted brands and read a lot of reviews before investing on one. Ask your friends and previous owners
  • Check out the adjustable beds physically at stores or if you are trying online then ask for a free trial.
  • Choose a simple design with minimal technologies. After all you need it for sleep and just comfortable sleep nothing else more or less.

Bottom line

Owning an adjustable bed will certainly offer you comfort and luxury. It provides a different feel when compared to our traditional stay put mattresses. Adjustable beds are a great choice for people who feel stressed out and want to relax. It is also great for those suffering from terrible back aches and body pain. In short it really doesn’t matter if you opt to buy an adjustable bed over a traditional mattress by looking at the comfort factor. But always make sure that you don’t pay more price than what you are going to get.

Choose wisely and invest carefully while buying adjustable beds as they come with more problems than the traditional beds. Every mattress has its own advantages and disadvantages likewise adjustable beds too have flaws. So it entirely depends upon the customer as to what is good and suitable according to personal preferences. Overall adjustable beds are a great deal when talking about comfort and luxury so go ahead buy some good sleep.