Buy comfortable mattresses from Sofamania at the best price

Sofamania is an online furniture store where you can shop for all sort of furniture for the whole house. Their mattress collection is one of the best about the variety of profiles, comfort, and most importantly affordability. It is the best place to have the mattress at the best price.

The mattress price ranges from $119-599 only. You also have a decent range for the sizes as well. There are regular discount sales, free shipping of the products and the convenience of having suitable bed frames or other bedding accessories. Here is a compilation of the top 3 mattresses from Sofamania.

Sofamania Memory Foam and Gel Mattress
A Range of mattresses from Cirrus to nimbus. Various sizes and comfort levels. Great pricing. Excellent warranty

Nimbus mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

Nimbus mattress is available in 5 sizes.

  • Twin 75” x 39” x 13.”
  • Full 75” x 54” x 13.”
  • Queen 80” x 60” x 13.”
  • King 80” x 76” x 13.”
  • Cal King dimensions not provided

As you see, the mattresses are all 13 inches in thickness with the three layers inside.

Espuma 8-inch memory foam mattress Sizes

Espuma 8-inch memory foam mattress is available in 5 sizes from twin to Cal King. It is needless to say that the beds are all 8-inch in thickness.

  • Twin 75” x 39.”
  • Full 75” x 54.”
  • Queen 80” x 60.”
  • King 80” x 76.”

Cirrus-15 inch hybrid mattress Sizes

The Cirrus-15 inch hybrid mattress is available in twin, full, queen and king sizes. The mattresses are 15 inches high. The dimensions are standard which are 75” x 39”, 75” x 54”, 80” x 60” and 80” x76” respectively.

Nimbus 13-inch memory foam and gel mattress specifications

  • Nimbus 13-inch mattress is an all-memory foam mattress with no spring coils.
  • The top layer is 2 inches of cooling gel layer for the heat dissipation.
  • The middle layer is 9 inches of comfort layer that can conform to the body temperature and can also relieve the pressure.
  • The base layer is only 2 inches thick but is made of high-density foam for excellent support.
  • The mattress cover is unique using bamboo fibers for the breathability of the mattress. The fabric allows the heat dissipation ability of the gel layer and keeps the bed from rising temperature during the night. It is soft to touch and is also hypo-allergenic.

Espuma 8-inch high-density memory foam mattress specifications

  • Espuma is a comparatively low profile mattress from Sofamania. The Espuma 8-inch high-density memory foam mattress is having three layers of foam inside.
  • The top layer is 2 inches of memory for the plush feel.
  • The second layer is 2 inches of comfort layer for the conformity and pressure relief.
  • The base layer is 4 inches of high-density support foam.
  • The mattress cover is a knitted fabric which also has a fire retardant barrier.

Cirrus 15-inch Hybrid spring mattress Mattress specifications

  • Cirrus 15-inch hybrid mattress is the thickest mattress from Sofamania. The bed is high profile and luxurious by all means. The pillow top gives it the grand feel and looks simultaneously.
  • The mattress is a combo of spring coils and memory foam.
  • There are only two layers, the top pillow top memory foam, and the lower spring coil system.
  • The pillow top layer is made of memory foam which is 2 inches in thickness. It is high-density foam used for the pillow top.
  • The bottom part is the 13 inches of individually wrapped coils.
  • The mattress cover is the knitted white bamboo fabric.
  • The mattress has handles on both the sides.

Maintenance On Sofamania mattresses

  • Interestingly, the Sofamania mattresses do not have a removable mattress cover. You need to use a removable and washable mattress cover for its hygiene.
  • Vacuum clean the mattress regularly to remove dust and hidden dirt from the surface.
  • Use only mild soap/ diluted vinegar solution for the spot cleaning. Make sure that you dry the mattress surface completely before putting on the bedding.
  • The mattresses are all single sided. Rotate the mattress once in 6 months at least for the longevity of the bed and its shape.


Sofamania has a quicker delivery team and offers free shipping for all orders, all the time. You never have to pay extra for the delivery. The only problem would be when the mattress is heavier. Scheduling the delivery will help you get help in time for the delivery to ease the pressure. With some solid reviews to back the quality and the service, you can get the mattresses from Sofamania. These mattresses are ideal for personal use or a guest bedroom.