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NREM Mattress is a customizable mattress that has five different zones for pain relief and comfort for who are suffering. It is an innerspring mattress with a temperature regulating foam at the top. The bed comes with the ideal balance of support and softness. The mattress is economical and affordable. You can do the customization of the mattress on your own so that you save time and money in returning or exchanging the mattress if it is not satisfactory. The bed has an excellent trial period as well.

The mattress comes in 5 unique sizes and can also have the two halves customized as well. The starting price of this NREM Mattress is £540 and can go up to £990.

NREM Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

  • Emma- “I have chronic nerve pain. I have been sleeping well better since this mattress. The foam is very comfortable in any position. It is worth than even gold!”
  • Krissy- “The mattress is easy to adjust. It is even easier to update it from time to time. It gives you the right support and comfort, especially where you need it.”
  • Richard- “The mattress is a lot more comfortable than my old mattress. I have chronic back pain, so I arranged the softer layers to the top. I highly recommend this mattress with the 100-days return guarantee. You have nothing to be concerned.”

NREM Mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

The NREM Mattress is available in 5 sizes. Single, single adjustable, double, king and Super King. The dimensions are,

  • Single adjustable- 90 x 198 x 25 cm
  • Single 90 x 190 x 25 cm
  • Double 135 x 190 x 25 cm
  • King 150 x 198 x 25 cm
  • Super King 180 x 198 x 25 cm

The weight of the mattress is 20 kg, 30 kg, 35 kg and 42 kg for the single, double, king and Super king sizes respectively.

NREM Mattress Specifications

NREM Mattress has only one model. It is this model that you can have in any comfort that you need.

The specialty of this mattress is that as opposed to the vertical arrangement which is common inside the beds, the NREM Mattress has horizontal layer tablets/slabs. All of them together makes the first layer.

  • The first layer is five tablets or slabs of foam in different densities arranged in 2 rows. The single size mattress has only five foams and 1 row.
  • The five foam pieces make the five comfort zones on the mattress.
  • The foam tablets are two medium, two soft and one firm for each side.
  • This arrangement allows you to have different comfort levels for each partner on the same bed.
  • The second layer is the pressure relieving viscose foam that helps with the temperature regulation as well.
  • The bottom layer is the 2000 odd innerspring coils for the support.
  • There is also a base foam that completely covers the springs and supports the mattress walls.
  • All these layers are inside a removable and washable plush fabric. The fabric is hypoallergenic as well.

Is Nrem Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems

Yes, according to the type of pain, you can rearrange the different comfort zones inside the mattress. You can have the softer, medium or firm layers at the spot of the pain and get better support or comfort as needed.

The flexibility with the rearrangement of the layers makes it suitable for one and all. It can also help prevent any pain due to sleep positions.

Adjustable base For Nrem Mattress

NREM Mattresses are suitable for all types of bed bases. You can use them on platform beds, slated beds, divan, and box spring.

NREM Mattress Firmness Analysis

There is no firmness for the NREM Mattress. It is a one comfort fit for all type of mattress. The trick here is to have different comfort zones for the body. There are five foam slabs each in 2 rows. One can rearrange these slabs or tablets according to their body needs. Among the five slabs ate two soft density foams, two medium density foam, and one firm high-density foam. You may place these foams from head to toe in any way you need as per the support or comfort requirement. Here are three suggestions for the foam arrangements for three problems. The arrangements are from head to foot. 

  • Hip pain: medium, medium, soft, soft and firm
  • Lower back pain: soft, medium, soft, medium, firm
  • Upper back pain: Medium, firm, medium, soft, soft

The soft foam is in purple, medium in white and firm in blue color to help you spot them.


 REM Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

NREM Mattress has 100 nights trial period offer. During the trial period, you can rearrange the mattress comfort zones, have different comfort zones exchanged or ultimately can return the mattress for a full refund. You do not have to worry about keeping the bed. All you need to do is to use the mattress for at least 30 days for a fair trial.

NREM Mattress warranty is for 10-years against manufacturing defects. A defect in the zipper, dent or dip on the mattress or the malfunctioning of the springs, everything is coming under this warranty. For the foam shrinkage, there are limits for each duration of use.

Discount Prices On Nrem Mattress

The NREM Mattress price starts from £540 for the single mattress. Double size mattress costs £840 which has two rows of comfort foam tablets. The King size NREM Mattress price is £930 and that for the Super King size, £990.

There are no discounts available for the NREM Mattress as of now. But you can find Tweak Slumber coupons and promo codes to get discounts on NREM Mattresses.

NREM Mattress Shipping & Delivery

  • NREM Mattress has free shipping across the UK Mainland. The delivery will happen within 5-8 business days. There will be two delivery men who would bring the mattress right into the bedroom where you need it.
  • You can arrange the convenient delivery date when the company call after 48 hours of placing the order. Arrangements are also possible to take the old mattress away.
  • Extra charges for delivery is applicable for delivery to Highlands, Islands and Northern Ireland. You can see the delivery charges at the time of checkout.

NREM Mattress Setup & Installation

  • NREM Mattress comes inside a box. The mattress goes under compression then rolled and packed for the ease of transportation. Upon arrival, the delivery team will get the mattress to your room.
  • You need to take out the mattress and open the clear wrap around it.
  • Place the mattress on its foundation and unroll the roll.
  • Remove the final wrap that covers the mattress and let it decompress for a few hours.

Customer Services Phone Number

The customer service phone number of NREM Mattress is 0333-003-3352. You can also send an email to

NREM Mattress Financing

Tweak Slumber offers this monthly payment facility which is applicable for NREM Mattress. You may pay just £30 while checking out and spend the remaining amount in monthly installments. There can be a maximum of 33 months of payments. There is no interest rate for the same. The only criteria are that you be eligible for the credit check.

If you choose the monthly installment option as payment, no vouchers or coupons are available.

NREM Mattress in Stores

NREM Mattress is an online-only mattress brand that removes all the middle-men that the customer can benefit from the price of the mattress.

NREM Mattress Safety & Certifications

The foam used inside the NREM Mattress is safe and odor free. Any lingering smell that you feel upon the mattress opening is clearly from the packaging. This smell would disappear soon when placed in a ventilated room.

Maintenance On Nrem Mattress

  • NREM Mattress has a removable mattress cover. Remove the cover and wash it in the machine in warm water only. You can easily replace the cover as well.
  • Vacuum clean the mattress regularly and change the sheets once a week.
  • Using a mattress protector is also recommended.
  • NREM Mattress is a no-rotation mattress which you need not to rotate like the other mattresses. The bed can retain and sustain its shape and size even after years of usage.

Motion Transfer on an NREM Mattress

You will NOT feel the motion transfer on the NREM Mattress as there are two sides to the mattress. Each side of the bed has different sets of foam layers so that the movement on one side is isolated from the other. All the double, king and super king mattress sizes have this double sides.

Sagging Problems in NREM Mattress

The foam and the innerspring coils used inside the NREM Mattress are resilient that they do not succumb to sagging  dipping issues easily. The mattress may have slight deviations over the period. The mattress warranty covers the excessive sagging issues, so you can exchange the mattress if within ten years.


The NREM Mattress is suitable for one and all. No matter what sleeping position you prefer, you can sleep on this mattress by some simple changes inside the mattress. You have the liberty to rearrange the foams or get them replaced. You can also buy new foam layers as the time passes for a lower price than paying for the new mattress. NREM Mattress is unique and being an affordable mattress; it is sure to get a huge fan base sooner or later.