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The decades old innerspring mattress is still going strong and is also the most popular as well. The innerspring mattresses, as the name suggests has spring coils inside.

The main components of such mattresses are the coil system which acts as the support layer, the comfort layer of any kind of foam or fiber and also the fabric layer at the top. All these layers will have varieties according to the manufacturer. There may be multiple layers extra for comfort and the use of material for the covering layer also gives a soothing effect. Even the spring coils are different from one mattress brand to another.

It is difficult to choose a single mattress from the lot. This guide will have you look at the top rated inner spring mattresses and how they differ from each other and what is the key that keep them to the top of the list.


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Important Things To Note Before Going Shopping

Before heading on to the leading brands, what you need to know is the thickness of the coils in the mattress and materials which stands for the comforting layers. As these are the most important aspects that you need to pay attention to. The coil count comes only as the third important factor and all other features are rather paler compared to these.

The coil gauge is what its thickness. Here the catch is, lower the number thicker the spring coil is. Only a thicker coil can provide firm support. It is not the number of coils that gives the support, thickness is. Moreover, higher number of coils is accommodated by using thinner coils which may or may not be enough. The coil count is healthier around a maximum of 1000, in reference to a queen size mattress.

The comfort layer is what determines the feel of the mattress. Each type like the memory foam, latex, wool, or fiber, all has its characteristics and it is the thickness of these layers and also the arrangement that makes the difference.

All other matters such as a trial period, warranty etc comes the last but important nonetheless. A mattress can cost a lot and an innerspring mattress might be higher. It is safe to have both the trial period, guarantee and warranty of your investment.

Top 5 Innerspring Mattresses

Brentwood Intrigue Quilted Mattress

Brentwood Intrigue quilted top mattress is a low budget mattress for those who don’t want to spend much on a guest mattress. It suits well for a college student or for a child. Being low price doesn’t mean that it compromises on the quality. The spring coils in this mattress is individually coiled. The best part is that the coils are arranged on zonal basis to adjust with the body weight.

Features of brentwood Intrigue Quilted Mattress

  • Brentwood Intrigue mattress comes with 3 zones. The pocketed coils reduce the squeaky sound and do well in motion transfer. It provides the right support for the shoulders, lower back, and the legs in the right amount needed.
  • The mattress is one sided and cannot flip. When needed, rotate the mattress from head to toe.
  • The mattress is 10 inches in thickness with 7 inches long spring coils at the base and 3 inches of quilted top made of natural wool. The wool material keeps the heat and also moisture away from body. Being wool, there would not be any odor on the mattress.
  • The mattress has a medium comfort level. The coils used are 14 gauge. The coil gauge is healthy between 12 – 16 and in that regard, the coils here are much thicker in comparison. The mattress is available in all sizes of twin, twin XL, full, king and California King.
  • Made with safe materials, there is no threat of harmful chemicals from Brentwood mattresses. The mattresses comes with materials that have CertiPUR-US certification.
  • The mattress comes vacuum compressed and packed in a box. You just remove it from the box, unwrap it and allow it to decompress. It takes a few hours, about 24 hours maximum, to have it completely expanded. It can fit on a platform bed frame.
  • Brentwood mattresses have 5 year warranty on the mattresses.

Signature Sleep Contour Mattress

Signature sleep contour mattress is the double sided that made it to the top. Here also the spring coils have a strong backing of foam on both the sides and the coil system makes the very core of it. The core is of 7 inch high coils of 15 gauge steel. This makes it a stiffer feel to it.

The coil core and dense packing of foam over and around it makes it an ideal choice for back pain relief. The outer covering of the mattress is polyester cotton fabric. Beneath the cover is the padding of dense foam. There are several layers of padding in it.

The padding provides excellent body contouring and also comfort. The coil system being in the core makes no noise at all and thus can give ample support as well. The use of foam on both sides makes it a compact mattress that is only 8 inches thick. It is also one of those light weight mattresses among the innerspring variety. This mattress uses all certified and harmless foam and there is no noticeable emission of VOCs, heavy metals or other compounds.

Signature Sleep contour mattress s available in 4 sizes of twin, full, queen, and also king sizes. The making of the mattress allows it to be useful on any platform bed or in trundles. It can also support the weight of over 200 pounds easily on it. The double sided option is convenient to prolong its durability and being foam covered makes it less vulnerable to sagging.

The mattress arrives compressed and it takes some hours to get it expanded and ready for use. For all the features it has, the mattress comes at really lower price.

Signature Sleep 13 Inch Pillow Top Mattress

Signature Sleep 13 inch thick mattress is a pillow top mattress. The covering material is of bamboo fiber that can remove the heat and also moisture away from the surface to keep it dry and cooler.

Features of Signature Sleep 13 inch Pillow Mattress

  • The pillow top is of  foam in 3 zones. The 3 zones has 2 different firmnesses. The upper and lower regions has a softer feel while the middle zone where the spine comes, has a firmer feel to support the bones well.
  • The zones use different type of coils. The upper and lower regions are of 15 gauge coils and the middle region has 13.5 gauge coils for the right support.
  • The extra support from below is provided by the individually cased steel spring coils. The coils are covered on the upper side by quality foam for the body conformity and comfort. The foam used has CertiPUR-US certification.
  • The mattress is compatible to use with a box spring or a platform bed. It is available in three sizes of full, queen, and king. The comfort level ranges between medium and firm. Being a pillow top mattress, it cannot be flipped. Rotating the mattress does not later the zonal distinction so it is safe to rotate it regularly.
  • The mattress matches all types of sleepers, no matter they are side sleepers or back sleepers. It also holds a warranty of one year from the date of purchase. The mattress comes compressed and must be left to expand before using it.

Simmons Beautyrest Recharged Mattress

The construction of the Simmons Beautyrest recharged mattress is COOL all the way to the core. This one sided mattress uses high temper spring coils and 3 layers of cooling foam to regulate the temperature on the surface. The body conformity, spinal support, and motion transfer are all dealt by this arrangement.

The mattress comes with 15.5 gauge steel coils and provides a firmer feel and support. These coils are encased inside cooling foam to allow complete air circulation and temperature cooling. The use of gel foam and gel crystals inside the different layers comes as additional comfort. The unique features of Simmons is the air cooling fabric even on the sides of the mattress.

The Construction of Simmons Beautyrest Mattress

The layers in Simmons Beautyrest are the quilt layer of fiber, air foam, and luxury comfort foam. The second layer is ½ inch of trutemp foam followed by 1 ½ inch of air cool memory foam and ½ inch of energy foam. The support layer is the pocketed coil system the coil count differs from 594- 1258 from the twin mattress to the Cal King size. Each coil is encased within ½ inch of energy foam. The edges get a full support from a well ventilated foam.

The foam that comes with the mattress has CertiPUR-US certification so there is no harmful emission. The emission rate is far lower to affect the indoor air. There are no ozone depleters, PBDEs, or harmful compounds such as mercury or lead and no heavy metals as well.

The mattress does not need any break-in period to adjust to the body weight. The comfort level may change from model and is available in plush, firm, and pillow top.

The mattress comes with a warranty of 25 years. The only problem is that the price is pretty high but worth a try.

Sleep Master Deluxe Mattress

Sleep Master deluxe mattress has ample padding by the foam in different layers. The mattress has multiple options for the thickness ranging from 8, 10, 12, and 13 inches. The coils are all individually cased and work independent of each other. The coils are topped by foam and quilted euro top. The foam used for the comfort is certified to be harmless to the indoor and air and environment. The Sleep Master is available in all sizes.

The Mattress Layers of Sleep Master Deluxe Mattress

It is one of those luxurious mattresses but does not cost that much. The comfort level is rather firmer than soft. Mattress is one sided and can only be rotated. The top layer is bamboo fiber quilt with fire barrier inner cover. The fiber padding comes under this and all of these make the Euro top cover which follows a comfort foam layer of foam.

The comfort layer consists of three foam layers. The top most of 1.5 inches thick super soft foam. The middle layer is 3 inches thick super soft foam which has higher density followed by half an inch thickness of high density foam for support.

The spring coils are 7.5 inches in height. The coils used are 12 gauge steel. Each of the coils is separately encased to allow motion isolation. There is NO zonal distinction here but yet comfortable to relieve the pressure points and allow peaceful sleep.

Sleep master mattress is shipped compressed and wrapped inside a box for convenient shipping. Setting the mattress is easy. Just unwrap the cover and let it expand for about a day or 2 for complete expansion and airing.


These top rated mattress list includes all types of mattresses. It may be difficult to pick a single one. I will not RECOMMEND any mattress to you as you are the best judge for what would suit you best. I have a liking for the cooling gel properties in a mattress, as I feel more heat than others and would like to have a cooler surface to rest.

As I see there are all kinds if mattresses with normal foam, memory foam, cooling foam, zonal distinction, and double sided and each of these mattresses has their own unique feature. Surf through these and try to have a look at them on their respective stores if they have. I can only guide you and the final decision is all yours. Think well and choose wise!