Shopping for the mattress is a painful process. One needs to handle pushy salesmen to brand that bark ‘quality’ and confusing jargon’s that can drive one over the cliff. Here are few reasons why people end up buying the wrong mattress that not only gives body pain but also is a waste of your economy. Read on to know all about choosing the right mattress for spinal health.

The Huffington Post spoke with Christelli mattress company owner, Jay Orders, who clarified certain myths that people have in their mind and are currently doing rounds. He says that people come with a list of certain specifications based on what they read about mattress for spinal health. What people don’t realize is the fact that the construction, quality of materials, the final product all plays a very crucial role in delivering the end result – comfort.

Here are seven of the myths which I guarantee you might have heard at one or other point of your lives but know that the truth is a bit different than the version that you have heard.

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Myth 1: You should (in fact, MUST) get a pillow top mattress because they are the most comfortable mattress ever

Fact: Often people misinterpret the features and ask for products that doesn’t really make any sense. Orders says that majority of the people ask for pillow top mattress. It is because they have heard that pillow top mattresses are supposed to be soft and helps the quality of sleep. However, this is absolutely not true and is basically a marketing trick.

If you want a plush feel, you can achieve it with conventional mattress as well even though it might feel boring. Basically, its about the structural integrity of the mattress. Of course, if you want a fluffy princess bed you can always top it off with cushioned mattress pad.

Myth 2: One size fits all mattresses

Fact: Take a moment and think again. Do you really think that one mattress will offer the same amount of support and last for a good years for both a 150 pound woman and a 270 pound man? Without a doubt, it wouldn’t.

This is currently the situation. Many new mattress companies “try” to cut off complication among customers by eliminating many of the models thus claiming that all mattresses are equal. I guess they are unaware of the fact that no two people are the same. It is quite crucial to consider certain points such as

  • Sleeping disorders
  • Mattress for spinal health
  • Age and weight
  • Sleeping position etc.

apart from other general preferences are major factors in determining the mattress and tend to vary.

Myth 3: You are definitely getting the total value with lifetime warranties (for some)

Fact: Though many companies shout ‘lifetime warranty’ they generally refer to the materials inside the mattress which clearly isn’t a warranty at all. Once the mattress is worn out from everyday punishment, it is no longer covered under warranty. It is quite vague and can get very expensive as well.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends to switch the mattress every ten years in spite of any pending warranty. Though how long your mattress lasts is based on usage, quality and so on, it is always wise to retire it every decade. This is because it won’t provide the quality and comfort it delivered during the initial years.

Myth 4: What is Proper bed setup?

Fact: Unless, of course, you are still using slats in your bed frame, you do not need a box spring. Box springs were used at initial years as shock absorption because the mattresses back then were quite flimsy and thin. But that’s not the situation now and things have changed. Currently, mattresses are available with thick layers to support your spinal area and alleviating the pressure points thus assisting in comfortable sleep. It also makes an excellent choice of mattress for spinal health. Nowadays, all the box spring really does is raise the profile of the bed and nothing else. So if you crave for a queen look, begin stacking or else getting a box spring is simply an added expenditure. Basically you need a strong and solid foundation to support your bed and that’s it.

Myth 5: Lying down on a test mattress at mattress store is enough

Fact: As hard as you find it hard to believe, the only way to choose the right mattress is by sleeping on them. Let me get it clear for you.

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Okay, so you have entered the mattress store and lied down for a few minutes. You can’t just have a catnap and then claim its the right mattress for you. Nope. The only way to round in on a mattress is by looking at mattress company that offers a trial period in case you find that the one you narrowed in is not the perfect one. This is a safe bet because few companies do not offer any trial period which makes you stuck with the wrong bed and uncomfortable back. Few people offer return pricing that can be quite an uphill. So, check all the factors before you buy off a mattress.

Myth 6: Mattress sellers are sleep wizards and they know better. That’s why they are in the market

Fact: No, dude, they are in for a reason. Not everyone who is in the mattress market is a wizard and just like many others they work on commission. This is one of the reasons why many retailers push the high priced mattress down your throat, says Orders.

Make sure you discuss it with someone you can trust and provides an honest opinion. This will help you in finding the right mattress. There are many reviews online that will help you to decide the right mattress keeping in mind your concerns. Don’t think that big brands means prominent quality and small business says cheap quality. This is a big misunderstanding and even small genuine mattress companies offer quality products. Look for quality and comfort that are the two pillars that will help you to sleep well.

Myth 7: Looking for best mattress for spinal health? Hard and firm mattress works great.

Orders says that people think that a firm mattress is the ultimate solution for spinal support. Spine has a natural curvature. The best sleeping position is to have the spine come as close to that natural curvature as possible. This is because it helps in reducing pressure on your spine.

Sleeping on mattresses that are firm for the body will give you only sore back. As a result, you will end up waking frustrated and in pain. A firm mattress will also keep you tossing and turning at night. Make sure to choose a mattress for spinal health that also supports head, neck, shoulders, hips and feet in proper alignment. People who struggle with back issues need to pay more attention when you are mattress shopping to look for the perfect mattress that’s both supportive and comforting in the right areas.

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