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7 Awesome Ideas To Repurpose Your Old Mattress

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The usual way to treat the old mattress is to dispose it off. The next popular method is to have the delivery boys to take it in exchange for the new one. What they do with the mattress is no longer our concern! It is our concern. Yes, we get new mattress to sleep on. What about nature which will be choking to death every single day. The heavy mattress will be a bigger addition. Do we need to do that? Why don’t we use the mantra- reuse and recycle? This article is on how to repurpose your old mattresses.

I know many of you are still doubtful as to how we can recycle the old mattresses. It is not rocket science; the mattress has got stuffing, a lot at that. All you need to do is to rip it apart layer by layer and find some way to reuse them each. Here are some ideas to repurpose old mattresses.

Ideas to repurpose old mattresses

  • Cushions: Yes, the old spring mattress will have enough cotton inside to fill in at least 5 cushions. Divide the cotton evenly and see how large the cushion can be and make it with what? Guess! The mattress cover! The cover is made with durable material so you can use it without fear. Only thing to make sure is that is that you remove it carefully and to wash it in hot cycle to kill the germs. If you are not a good fan of recycled, cushions, make some large ones to use as floor cushions. I have made 2 floor cushions with an old twin mattress. Couldn’t save much of the fabric, but made one cushion cover.
  • Floor quilt: The quilt top mattress will have enough layering on the top layer. Make good use of it to use as a spare quilt mattress. The quilt layer of king mattress can be folded in half to make a thicker quilt to be used on the window seats as well.
  • Pet mattress: Use the cotton or other stuffing inside the mattress to make an easy pet mattress. Foam mattress could also be used for the same purpose. Here you may need to cut the foam according to the required size. Another way to repurpose old mattresses.
  • Pillowcase mattress: Yes, this one I liked the best. It was an improvisation of the old pillow mattress. I used several old pillow cases and sewed them side be side. Then the old mattress( memory foam) was cut in rectangle pieces that went inside the pillow cases. Each case had two layers of foam. All the openings were closed tight and voila, I had a brand new floor mattress to simply lie down. The best part was that the mattress could be folded!

Additional tricks to repurpose old mattresses / repurpose box springs

  • Box spring: The spring could be reused to make wine rack, a planter on the wall or to make an over the head lighting. All you need to do is to cut the spring area according to the size, paint, and make it look brand new.
  • Spring organizer: What better way to repurpose old mattresses than to take out the spring individually, paint, or cover it with anything that fascinates you? Fix it on a flat surface to use as pen stand, letter holder or any other kind of table organizer.
  • Sponges: Use the foam mattress as dishwashing sponges. You no longer need to purchase those sponges. Don’t like the idea, use the same sponges to clean the sink, kitchen, or bathroom. I highly recommend cutting the memory foam mattress into convenient sized pieces and store them to use later. You don’t know when you might need it.

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