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Beauty Sleep – sounds so soothing and comforting. Closing the eyelids, a warm heartbeat and a relaxed body with loosened up muscles. But inside your body, there is a lot of crazy and weird process going on that will raise eyebrows. What happens when you sleep? Fear not, they are all good but still its worth knowing the process of your body. And, from here on I guarantee you will always be respecting your body.

You lose weight when you sleep

Here is a good reason to check your weight in morning and not in evening time. You just don’t lose weight by sweating but while breathing humid air as well. However, if you get only 4-5 hours of sleep, then you will be adding up pounds in your body even if you eat healthy. For optimum weight loss, do not just implement a smart diet but also opt for a good 7-8 hours of sleep at night. NO, you can’t nap in afternoon to lose weight, it doesn’t count.

Your body temperature drops

Dr. Micheal Breus, PhD who is a sleep specialist and psychologist says that the core body temperature begins to drop when we begin to fall asleep. It will pass on the message to the brain to release the melatonin that affects the sleep-wake cycle called the circadian rhythm. This will tell you that its time to hit the sack. Did you know that your body temperature is the lowest around 2.30 am? If you are able to program your thermostat to rise a degree for a couple of hours, its well and good or else you will be pulling your partner’s covers for getting that extra warmth.



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Blood pressure and heart rate goes down

Your body doesn’t need to carry on hard work when you sleep. Hence, it is quite natural that these functions automatically slow down. Your blood pressure goes down. This is to provide your cardiac muscle and other circulatory systems proper relaxation which they need. People who are dealing with high blood pressure need good 7 hours of peaceful sleep to reduce risk factors such as heart disease. If you or anyone in your family suffer from sleep apnea, make sure to get treatment right away as a precautionary measure.

Your bodily muscles get paralyzed, though temporarily

Don’t be scared. This is only to keep you away from clawing away the bedsheets while having a nightmare, says Lisa Shives, MD, an internist and medical expert for Jimmy Kimmel told Esquire magazine about how he struggled with narcolepsy. He would doze off at meetings, driving and other odd timings completely losing focus of his life. So trust me this is one type of paralysis you want your body to undergo at night.

You get sexually aroused when you sleep

Just as men get aroused during REM sleep, it is also for women to get sexually stimulated during this sleep stage. Your brain is actually more active during REM sleep. This is basically because (a) you are dreaming and (b) it needs more oxygen. This will improve the blood flow in your body. There is clitoral engorgement as blood rushes to that area and causes a swelling. Does it mean that you will have an impromptu orgasm right there at the middle of the night? Yup, that sounds right.



You will have a full body spasm

Have you experienced a jerking sensation as if you are about to fall just when you sleep? You wake up all of a sudden and wonder what it is. Don’t worry it is absolutely normal, says Dr. Shives. 70% of people experience this process. This is because the muscles suddenly contract (also called hypnic jerk). Ssome scientists say that it is completely normal and cannot be avoided. Yet, few feel it is due to proper sleep routine. So next time as a precautionary measure, give a little space between you and your partner or you might shake each other awake.