Puffy Mattress

Puffy offers minimal gassing and fumes, in comparison to other foam mattresses available in the market. It features a thick layer of conforming comfort for the right balance and good quality sleep needed. Look out for everything on this subject.

Its not common that many people have trouble sleeping peacefully. There are many who fight with their pillows to get a proper sleep. While you may be having a luxury mattress, you will still find it difficult to sleep. Read on to know how essential oils diffuser can promote better sleep.

While bedding is one of the reasons for lack of proper quality sleep, there are other ways too to get a good sleep. For instance, aromatic diffusers are widely available in market and can be prepared at home as well that can soothe your mind taking away stress that will help you to get a quality sleep every night. Here are 6 essential oils diffuser that will promote better sleep.

Lavender with Peace and Calming

You can use Peace and Calming with the sweet flavor of Lavender together or diffuse them separately as well. Lavender oil is often termed as the “Swiss Army Knife” because you can use it for everything. Just make sure to buy genuine essential oils that have therapeutic remedies when used.

Peace and Calming is a blend of aromatic essential oils that are made with Orange, Tangerine, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli etc. This blend also works for babies who tend to wake up often at night as it can calm them to a great sleep.

Ruta Vala Essential Oils Diffuser

A blend of essential oils that relaxes the mind and body, Ruta Vala comes with a combo of Lavender, Ruta and Valerian essential oils. Diffuse them an hour before your naptime and get rid of any tension or stress. This blend is absolutely invigorating that leaves everyone crave for more. Many people even use this as a roll-on or even use it as an everyday use perfume.

Lavender and Bergamot

While lavender works perfectly in calming the mind and body, Bergamot helps in supporting the raging hormones and tones down the aggressiveness. The sweet citrus scent brings great deal in uplifting the moods. Want to sleep with a smile on your face, then better go with this flavor.

Frankincense and Vetiver

Many people use this as their ‘diffuser necklace’. Frankincense, also known as olibanum, is one of those pleasant fragrances that are used in incense and perfumes as well. The aroma brings a great relief for those who are fighting with stress and unwanted tension promoting a deep sleep.

Vetiver can be used both in aromatic and topically due to its myriad features. Vetiver works psychologically and targets the mind by stabilizing their aggressive mood behavior, be it children or adults. Since this oil tends to be of thick consistency make sure to use a glass dropper for easier use. These two oils when brought together delivers aromatic pleasure that is combined with quality sleep.

Lavender, Cedarwood, Peace and Calming Essential Oils Diffuser

As in the name, Cedarwood brings out the woodsy fragrance when blended with other flavors. You can either use this as an massage oil or as an aromatherapy diffuser. In either ways, it deliver optimum relief from unwanted mental stress that just won’t leave you. Bottomline, its all about experimenting using varied blends that will work in your favor.

Lavender, Romanc Chamomile and Vetiver

One of the most gentle oils is undoubtedly Roman Chamomile which is one of the major reasons it is safe on children as well. And when combined with two of the prominent essential oils, Lavender and Vetiver, you cannot ask for more relaxation. If your kids are having trouble sleeping, use this essential oils diffuser for better night’s sleep.

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