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Saatva Mattress
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The 2920 Sleep Mattress is a pure Foam mattress. The Mattress uses Poly foam, a more advanced form of foam which is tested to be better than Memory foam but not as good as latex. Its not natural. The mattress has 4 Layers and a sock which is Silica based fire retardant, which is chemical free. The mattress is suitable for people suffering from back pains. It needs no specific base, Box spring or Frame and works just well on the floor or on any flat surface. The 2920 mattress is compatible with adjustable beds. It comes with a 10 year warranty and 100 Night trial.

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SizeLength X Width X HeightWeight (lbs)Price
Twin39” x 75” x 10”.48$695
Twin XL39” x 80”x 10”.50$ 795
Full54” x 75” x 10”.65$ 950
Queen60” x 80” x 10”.73$ 1095
King76” x 80” x 10”.88$ 1295
Cal King72” x 84” x 10”.88$ 1295

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The best mattress review sites have vouched for the 2920 Mattresses and rated it at 4.5 / 5 average which is above average. At Matracos, we went through each of these reviews and found some really good information which was worth sharing. All the above mattress review sites have affiliation with 2920 and earn a small commission if you purchase mattresses from their link to the site ( and so do we. Its obvious that every single mattress review site is bend on writing something good about the mattress if they want to sell it. But every product has its down side. 2920 is not perfect either. If your requirements are a coil mattress, then the foam mattress from 2920 will most likely not do the job. If you are looking for Real luxury, Then 2920 is off the list too. The 2920 is priced near the average for a memory foam mattress. As a matter of fact, its nearly on par with most of the hybrid mattresses which are making a wave now. The fact that 2920 mattress is not a pure memory foam mattress and uses poly foam doesn’t make it stand out. Also the foam is not natural. For people who are looking for organic Mattresses and Vegan mattresses, the 2920 is clearly not the best choice.

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Construction & Durability

Memory foam mattresses have its own drawbacks. Being a petroleum based product, the durability is often a question. memory foam last far lesser than Latex. With 2920 Mattress, the Poly foam which is an advanced form of memory foam has a better life than memory foam and the features of a latex mattress. You could say that the mattress is in between the quality of Memory foam and latex. The mattress is 4 layers of different density foam in a silica based sock which is a fire retardant. The top layer is a Soft Layer, The second is a bit more dense. This is the support layer and it supports the soft layer. Its not really as dense as the Base layer but it helps the top layer not to touch the base layer. The third layer is 5 inches of dense foam which helps maintain the shape of the mattress. In many ways, this is the layer which helps to maintain the shape of the mattress. It also helps the mattress to not touch the floor when you jump on it. You drop a big metal ball, and you will notice that the ball doesn’t touch the bottom. This layer is dense enough to stop it. The final and the bottom layer is really the Firmest layer. This layer helps with the edge support and spread out the upper layers to be spread out and be usable. The 2920 Mattress is Durable. Its Supportive and the construction is sturdy.

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The Material Used in the 2920 Sleep mattress is not Organic or natural. Its poly foam which is a man made material. The Cover is a mix of Polyester, viscose and lycra. These are used in some of the fabric we use every day. Its safe though not natural. It is stretchable and soft. It also lasts longer , easy to maintain.

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Shipping & Delivery

Shipping is Done by UPS ground. Your mattresses are shipped in 2-4 days from order and will take 4-8 days to be delivered. You will not be asked to sign the delivery in most cases. Your mattress will be left outside your door. You will receive an email with the details of shipment. If you have ordered a pillow, note that the delivery for pillows are done separately. So expect 2 shipments to arrive. Shipping is done only to the US and Hawaii . International shipments are not available at the time of this writing. Delivery is free.

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Problems, Complaints and Negative Reviews

The Biggest problem with this mattress is the Firmness level. It comes in one single firmness level and its not possible to have a different firmness level to your choice. So if you want a plush or Firm feel, the only option you are left with is a topper which can get that job done. 3 customers who had purchased the 2920 mattress found the mattress to be too firm for their liking. They were below 100 Pounds in weight and that makes them not to sink and take benefit of the mattress. While most customers have told that the mattress is Extremely soft and falls in between the medium firm and plush category, the 3 customers found the mattress firm!! That’s something to do with their weight and not the mattress’s firmness levels. If you are light weighted, try to get a topper along with the mattress. A plush topper should most likely do the job. There have been a few negative review about the mattress falling apart due to bad frame or foundation. If your foundation, box spring is not sturdy, avoid using it with the 2920 mattress. Not only will you ruin the mattress, but it will also be a problem when you are looking for a warranty claim.

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Warranty & Guarantee

I was once advised by a mattress salesman (who was also a family friend) that looking at a 30 year or 20 year mattress warranty is usually no good. All mattresses need to be changed in 10 years. 10 years is the lifespan of a mattress. The 10th year, prepare to change your mattress. With 2920 Sleep mattress, the warranty period is 10 years and its just perfect. They offer a 100 night trial which is sufficient to know if the mattress works for you. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear and a suitable foundation / frame should be used. Use of the mattress or damage to it thereof due to poor support, Base, frame or foundation will void the warranty. If the mattress sinks for more than 1 inch in normal use, the mattress will eligible for repair or replacement. The covers, zippers are all part of the warranty and is eligible for replacement or repair if the problem is due to normal wear and tear. Spills , damage due to misuse will not be covered in the warranty and warranty will be valid only in the United states.

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Exchange & Return Policy

Your mattress will be exchanged in case there is a fault in the product from the manufacturing side. Broken zippers, Torn seams or whatever the problem, if its from the manufacturing side, well you have the exchange ready. Exchange for the product is free if the fault is from the company. If the product is in warranty period and if the mattress has any problem which is the fault of the company, you can expect an exchange. But if you don’t like the product, If its too hard, too soft or not to your liking , the return policy stands to help. In 100 days of delivery if your mattress is not to your liking and is in proper condition, (no spills, not tears which were done by you, intentionally or otherwise) then you can return the product. Call customer service (phone bumber provided below) and ask for the mattress to be returned. Returns are free. All mattresses that are returned are sent to charity. Your refund will be processed immediately after the mattress has been returned. Expect 2-3 weeks for the funds to reflect on your account.

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Dealers & retailers : 2920 is a 100% online mattress store. There are no retailers selling 2920 . You can purchase the mattress on amazon though.

Company Headquarters : 867 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029-3105.

Customer Service Phone Numbers : 877.2920.411

Owner : Dave Pributsky –

Blog : 


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 Topper – 2920 Does not have a topper with the mattress. You will have to purchase a Topper for your mattress from other vendors. Check out some of the best toppers for you mattress here.

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Adjustable Base : 2920 Mattress is 100% compatible with an adjustable base. Though 2920 does not manufacture or sell Adjustable bases, they confirmed that it is safe to use the mattress on one. They have no specific recommendations on adjustable bases for 2920 mattresses. As long as the mattress is on a sturdy surface, you can be sure that it will work and will not void your warranty

Pillow top : 2920 does not come with a pillow top option. Again, this is one of the few drawbacks of this mattress. We are hoping that a pillow top option is available soon.

Mattress Protectors and Pads : 2920 provides a mattress protector for an extra cost of $100 (Queen). A mattress protector is a good investment with your mattress. It helps protect from spills, dust mites and more. The Tencel cooling Mattress protector maintains heat and helps sleep cool.  A mattress protector also ensures that your mattress is in condition if you ever need to return it during the trial period.

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Platforms, Bed Frames, Box Spring & Foundation : As long as the foundation is sturdy and strong, with the right slats you are good. You can safely place the 2920 mattress on the floor or on a plywood sheet and it will work just fine. If you are using the 2920 mattress on a box spring, ensure that its not old and not worn out. A worn out box spring will give in at certain places where the spring is not in its right tension. This will ruin your mattress and the warranty will not be valid!

Bed Sheets & Pillows : You can find the bed sheets in various colors and nominally priced. A queen sized sheet set comes for $175 . The sheets are made of organic cotton, and is priced nominally. The pillows come in 3 size and the Standard Pillow is much larger than many brands  at a price of $100. 

Is the 2920 Mattress Luxury Firm or Plush soft

Clearly, the 2920 is medium firm. But people who have used it say that its more on the softer side. Its not FIRM at all. As for Luxury, That’s a questionable one. Surely the 2920 mattress wouldn’t be classified as a luxury mattress. Its far from it.

Is Hybrid or Innerspring better than Memory foam?

2920 Mattress is a foam mattress. Like most memory foam, it has its own set of draw backs. Thankfully, the 2920 is much cooler. But compared to an innerspring mattress or a hybrid, the 2920 lacks bounce. Its ok for people who want to sleep on it but if you compare 2920 with a hybrid, Sex is surely better on a hybrid. Hybrid mattresses are a bit too expensive too. As with an normal innerspring mattress… it depends. Some of the innerspring mattresses have quality issues. The 2920 may not be the mattress with a great bounce, but surely is better than an innerspring Bed

Is 2920 Great for Back Pain

This is a medium firm mattress. If you are a heavy person, we would recommend you against using the 2920 if you have a back problem. If you are light (below 100lbs), you can be sure that the 2920 works great for your back pain. At any case, if you don’t like the mattress and if the pain does not subside, we recommend that you return the mattress in 100 days. Many people have stated that the 2920 beds are great for back pain and they are happy with it.


Where is  2920 Mattress Made?

The 2920 Mattress is manufactured in USA with Corporate office in LA California.

Does the 2920 Sleep Mattress have Sagging problems?

Most foam mattresses will have a small dent due to body impression over a period of time. Expect up to 1 inch of dent on your mattress . If the sagging is over 1 inch, you can claim warranty for the product. Most cases, chances are there will not be any indentation over 1 inch.

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Is there a Break in Period for 2920 Mattress?

No. There is no break in period for the 2920 mattress. You may return the mattress in 2 days after use or wait till the 99th and if you don’t like it, you get the full guarantee. It is surely recommended that you use the mattress for at least 30 days to get used to the mattress. It takes time for you body to get adjusted to a new mattress and vice versa

Does the 2920 Mattress Sleep Hot

Unlike Memory foam mattress, the 2920 Sleep does not sleep hot. Temperature is moderately controlled by the poly foam and the tencel sheet which keeps the mattress cool.

How about Off gassing in 2920 Mattress

This is a concern in all mattress specially those packed to ship in boxes. 2920 does let off a smell of new mattress. It will remain for 2-3 days and for those who are sensitive, you may feel it to up to a week. Its not harmful but some of us really don’t like that smell. Leave the mattress open and do not use it for a week. You will notice no smell after 2-3 days but a week should be a good time to let all the chemicals out.

Is the 2920 mattress Non Toxic?

The 2920 Mattress is non toxic. Though it uses poly foam , the mattress is not toxic and is VOC free.

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