Aireloom Mattress…..You must be wondering what is all the fuzz about mattress reviews! Why the heck to give so much importance for the same. I’ll tell you why? My thoughts about a mattress (before understanding its importance). Firstly “It’s just some assembled piece of wood fixtures with some jam chock-a-block materials used for sleeping” and the second point was “purchase one and exploit it for a life time”. I guess there are a lot of people out there who share such similar thoughts just like mine.

Now about the importance of a mattress in your life: you spend more time on your bed when at home, make love with your partner, jump along with kids, and pile up office stuffs to work in a comfortable way and at times to cry out loud. So it makes sense that mattress is no stranger but a perfect companion who lives and feels your emotions each time you go close to it. When you have the perfect mattress then nothing really matters.

In this article you will get to know about an amazing and high class mattress type which is also known as the “Rolls Royce of all mattresses” the one and only unique Aireloom mattress.

What Is An Aireloom Mattress By The Way?

Aireloom mattress is a sign of luxury and you can find it in most of mansions and luxurious homes. It was so famous that it ended up being laid in all the rooms of the White house during Ronald Regan’s regime. Aireloom mattress was designed and manufactured by King Karpen at their California facility. Later the ownership was taken over by Earl Kluft and he continued the legacy of Aireloom mattress. Even now Aireloom mattresses are of high demand and they have stood evergreen due to the comfort and luxury factor. Those who love to sleep comfortably should seriously think about buying an Aireloom mattress.

Puffy Mattress

Puffy Mattress” is cheap, made from the best quality materials and foam. You can have superior pressure relief with this mattress to wake up fresh and energized in the morning. Choose Puffy if you are not happy with the existing ones.

Here Are The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest On An Aireloom Mattress

Comfort And Luxury

If you want some serious sleep that you have never had before, then probably you should try something, which you have never thought off. Opt for luxury and comfort by bringing home a brand new Aireloom mattress. It offers comfort and luxury that no other peers of this mattress can offer. It is not called as the Rolls Royce version in the mattress industry just like that but it offers comfort in its true sense.


It is a carefully handcrafted mattress which actually gives an Aireloom lift to the person sleeping on it. Airloom Mattress offers great support due to its sturdy design and it conforms to your body shape. It also provides relief from pressure points by giving the right balance. In terms of support this mattress is a superior choice.

Build Quality

Each Aireloom mattress is built with quality time being invested to craft it to its final beauty. Amazing and finest quality materials are used to bake this mattress to its perfect shape and a patented support system. To add to the icing the whole mattress has six hundred hands sewn stitches which keeps the whole unit in its place. Imagine the amount of work done to craft this luxury piece. You can also find cloud like tufts on top of the mattress and that is nothing but 50 hand pulled laces created across them.

Since they have coupled finest materials and a patented support technology Aireloom mattress offers superior stability and has one of the finest foundations.

Materials Used

The build quality is undeniably the best and that’s what makes the Aireloom mattress stand apart and the favorite pick among luxury lovers. Now talking about the materials used certain models make use of damask fabrics or silk on the outer area. For the inner portions wool, cotton, latex, memory foam and joma wool are used. Different materials are used so that it works perfectly to support the body and enhance the durability of the mattress. They are also built with varying level of firmness so that it suits everyone and every body type.

Aireloom mattress is a unique type that comes in diverse styles due to the varying composition of its comfort layers. That is because each mattress is tailor made according to customer’s preferences and choices.

No Heat Retention

Heat retention is one of the major issues that we have to keep in mind while choosing a mattress. In the case of Aireloom mattress you don’t have to worry about heat retention issues. That is mainly because this mattress does not retain heat due to the quality and types of materials that is being used. More over it has inner chambers and a support system that makes the mattress more breathable than other average mattresses. If you feel like your body puts off more heat while at sleep then you should seriously consider buying an Aireloom mattress as it is an amazing pick.

Motion Isolation

This mattress again gets a top rating in keeping all the movements isolated. It simply means that even if you toss and turn it is not going to disturb your partner in any way. The whole mattress has a pioneer design with a natural inner chamber between the springs and the top of the mattress. This design helps the mattress to react and adapt to ones positions proving a higher performance. When you sleep on top of it the chamber comes in contact with the layers of plush material which directly conforms to your body shape giving you an airlift. No wonder John Wayne is a great fan of an Aireloom mattress.

No Off Gassing

Off gassing is another aspect that you need to take into consideration while investing on a mattress. It is said that breathing these odors might cause health issues in the long run. To be on the safer side Aireloom mattress makes use of finest and quality assured raw materials that stand as a hallmark in terms of quality and safety. They have no off gassing issue unlike other mattresses along with providing high class comfort.


Another important fact that tempts most of the buyers to pick this mattress is due to its handcrafted models. A typical Aireloom mattress is constructed with a lot of dedication and time. It has to be noted that only 8 Aireloom mattresses can be made in a day and that too with 50 artisans working on them. Imagine the amount of time taken for making each mattress and the quality that is being offered. All the box springs are hand tied with the help of experience craftsmen. All the hard work coupled with their patented process gives the mattress an “adapt and react “feature. No matter what your body type is you are going to love the luxury offered by an Aireloom mattress.

High Customer Satisfaction Rating

Aireloom mattress has a great customer satisfaction rate compared to all other mattresses. Memory foam mattresses also stand high in terms of customer satisfaction. But they tend to stoop down when off gassing is taken into account. Aireloom mattress also withstands wear and tear due to the carefully crafted comfort layers and a sturdy foundation. These mattresses undergo a unique design process that is a secret held at Kluft Mattress Company. Each bed is thoroughly checked for durability and comes with a great warranty period which no other mattress maker has to offer.

Restful Sleep

This is one of the finest mattresses available since many decades and it makes your home look like a mansion. It is full of beauty and reflects your style in every possible way. Owning such a mattress is a matter of pride and you are definitely going to love it. You can custom make your mattress in your preferred size.There is no other better choice than an Aireloom mattress to have a better sleep. It is tailor-made, crafted with unique design, a legacy of the royals and above all it just takes you to the dream world in the best doable way. Aireloom mattresses are not just a matter of pride. But they seriously make you indulge in a healthier sleep and give full relaxation to the body.

Bottom line: The Rolls Royce mattress is irrefutably the best and finest luxury mattress available in this planet. It is a blend of tradition and royalty with a unique design. I am sure you are going to love every bit of that mattress if you buy one. Aireloom mattresses are not mass manufactured but custom made which makes them the best. The Aireloom lift is also unique to this brand. You will never get to see such quality and build in any other brand. It is the best for almost all medical conditions as it is soft and firm at the same time. If your mattress has lived its life and if you have a plan to invest on a new mattress then you should seriously think of buying an Aireloom. Aireloom mattresses come with definite advantages and high end comfort.

Aireloom Mattress