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Wright Mattress is a new entrant in already crowded mattress industry. Wright Mattress has all set on to break industry’s bench marked mattresses by delivering products that are worthy to fit your most peaceful space in your homes.

Wright mattress is a new comer in the mattress industry but has managed to get a decent fan following. Wright mattresses provide both retail and online shopping with their retail store located in Lafayette, NY. Find absolute wright mattress reviews here and I leave it at your discretion.

Sleep is one of the most inevitable factors when it comes to maintaining a healthy mental and physical health. Putting a tired body on a comfy mattress is something priceless. It not only helps you to get rid of unwanted stress but also aids in a beauty sleep that will keep aging at bay not to mention assisting the spinal area a great deal. Of course, the right kind of mattress is a definite must for all the above points to come in action.

But with so many brands in the market and the articulate jargons salesmen use, its quite confusing to narrow on the right mattress. Always consider the following factors:

  • comfort
  • softness/firmness
  • hygiene
  • durability etc.

Lay down on the mattress for a few minutes and then see how it feels. It might be embarrassing laying down in the middle of the retail store but then its definitely worth considering you are investing good bucks on a mattress.

Wright mattress W1.27 mattress – Luxury Memory Foam Mattress

Did you know that Wright W1.27 happened after a lot of researches and studies including 27 different models thus ending on W1.27 mattress? This says a great deal of time and patience they have invested in accomplishing the right product. The best part is, it is well displayed once you lie down on the mattress and feel it for yourself.

The technology and materials that are used for wright mattress building are selected to maintain hygiene especially to those with skin allergies and are lasting that can take good punishment in the years to come.

Wright’s W1.27 model is going to be hard model to beat especially for the competitors such as Casper and Tuft.

Wright mattress offers you four different layers of comfort with the top offering you gel infused memory foam layer. You will also find breathable mesh side panels to improve the air circulation which will prevent you from sleeping hot. Plus the cooling takes away excess moisture from the body leaving you dry and cool at humid climates. With a 11 inch of memory foam mattress, the top is 1.5 inches are made out 5 lbs memory foam that is quite a density compared to other brands that offers you 3-4 lbs. Below are 3 layers of proprietary foam with 6 inch support system of high resiliency polyfoam.

Features of Wright Mattress

Common complaints found regarding memory foam mattress is that they are too slow to react in contouring to the body’s shape. Next in line is that they are too fast in reacting especially in the middle area making you “sink” especially in the center area.

But with Wright mattress, you can strike off both the issues as they are able to achieve the right balance in providing the much craved comfort level. The mattress also targets motion transfer or personal isolation which is met at all the ends so that you can sleep easily even if your partner is switching position.

The foams come with CertiPUR-US certification which gives a promise that the product is standard if not too special. This certification is maintained by almost all USA made mattress including few of Chinese imports as well.

Off gassing is often a problem that is found in almost any of new mattress. Once you open the mattress, leave it exposed for 8-10 hours till the odor fades away.

The company manufactures their own hassle free mattress covers/protectors so you won’t be having any trouble looking for the match. They are specially tailored to fit the bed and come with special snaps. For example, Wright’s duvet cover comes with special finger holes thus making it easy to take it on and off. You will also be getting a 15 year warranty for sagging or defective issues and the company promises to replace the mattress for free.

How Wright mattress feels

It is important to know how the mattress feels on your body. This one is definitely on the firm side of medium. On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is solid firm and 10 is marshmallow, wright mattress falls at 4.5. It will keep you aligned unless of course you are too thin or heavy bodied. In other words, if you are looking for luxury firm or plush mattress, then this is for you. Those hunting for extra firm or super soft, look elsewhere.

Ordering, Shipping and Returns

You can order the Wright mattress online itself. If you live in NY, you can check the variety of Wright mattresses voluntarily. The store is located in Lafayette and is working 7 days a week. This will help you in getting a clear picture of how the mattress works for you.

The company also provides an option to take away the old mattress so if you are trying to retire the old one, wright mattress company will take care of it.

Choose the mattress comfortable and it will be shipped to you for FREE. You will be getting the product not only within 2-4 business days and will arrive in a compressed package. The installation is also done by the company itself which takes the pressure out of you.

Wright mattress also offers you 120 day trial (both online and retail purchase) so you can determine how well the mattress meshes with your body. The company offers a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product. This puts wright mattress on a higher pedestal for trial periods than any of the mattress brands in the industry.

Price of Wright Mattress

Mattress is a long time investment so you really have to be sure while investing on a product. Wright mattress though new the prices seem to be more old school and keeping in line with traditional brands such as Serta, Sealy etc. For instance, a Queen sized Wright mattress is sold at $1,785. The price tends to be a bit above when compared to its competitor such as Casper but the cost is justified since Wright mattress uses some really high quality materials to build a mattress and set it out for you.

Wright mattress reviews – What customers have to say

Many customers seems to be quite happy with the comfort level and quality of sleep that is offered by wright mattresses. Few opine they did not note anybody pain or spinal aches and woke up in the morning absolutely comfortable. The customer service has also been a landmark in pushing the customers reviews to the good side. A general consensus said that the customer support of Wright mattresses generously clarified any queries.

The only downside is the off gassing which is a commonly seen issue. But then that can be easily tackled by unpacking the mattress and leaving it open for few hours to get rid of this problem.

Here are honest opinions taken straight from the horses’ mouth.

“Awesome mattress” – Justin

I suffer from back and hip pain and haven’t been able to sleep comfortably on my back for years now…till I purchased a wright mattress! Best part is instead of dreading I can’t wait to climb the bed. I haven’t slept so soundly and felt the gentle support. Thanks for making such a quality product. Worth every penny.”

“Great customer service” – Will

Great mattress and even better is the customer service.

“The best sleep” – Cory Vanderploeg

The attention to detail is what makes the product such a hit. It not looks amazing in the room but is the most comfortable mattress I have ever used. I never thought I would brag to friends about mattress but its hard not to.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mattress made out of?

Wright mattress W1.27 is made out of 100% viscoelastic memory foam. After conducting severe tests on every which material such as latex, horsehair, coil, visco, hand rolled cotton and so on, the company found memory foam to be utmost comfortable.

Are wright mattress manufactured in USA?

Yes, while the mattress is made in Coweta County, GA, the fabrics of wright mattresses are manufactured in Rockingham County, NC.

How firm is wright mattress?

The W1.27 is a medium firm mattress which is actually the most comfy firmness that 90% of sleepers prefer. Consumers who have used various mattress claim that they need extra firm to inhibit back pain but a quality based medium firm mattress will work efficiently than an extra firm mattress.

Does Wright mattress have crib mattress or non-standard sizes?

No, but the research is going on.

How fast can the company ship the mattress?

Apart from free shipping there are two options for you to choose. First is the full in home installation which takes around 4-9 days for delivery and installation. Second is speedy shipping which is delivered in 2-5 business days. The mattress arrives in compressed package ASAP at your doorstep.

Does the company offer trial period?

Yes, Wright mattress offers you 120 day trial period. If you are not satisfied with the product, simply return it. You will get your money completely refunded no questions asked.


Bottomline, if you are looking for the “right” mattress, then you need not look further. The 120 day trial period for Wright mattresses is a great plus point that other mattress brands do not offer which will give you ample time to try out the product. Price is a competitive one but then good stuff do not come cheap. Wright mattress clearly have used prominent collection for building a comfy bedding and mattress that speak good works the moment you lie down. I know I wouldn’t wait for a second thought while ordering this product. Choice is yours.

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