WinkBed Mattresses & Foundation Review

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The Best Memory foam Mattress Recommended for Healing. 

Winkbed Mattresses are hybrid mattresses that are gaining its popularity. It is made with a combination of think foam and springs. It is the perfect mattress for the spring mattress lovers who also like to have the feel of soft foam at the top. The foam contours to the body while the spring underneath supports the body very well. It is also the best shout for people who are heavyset. It is available only online but comes with the longest trial duration of 101 nights. To top all these, Winkbeds are one of the money worthy mattresses that provides comfort without eating out your money. This article is all about WinkBed Mattress, features, reviews etc.
WinkBed Mattress – the online-only mattress company

WinkBed mattress is available only online. These high-end hybrid mattresses are a perfect tribute to the old age spring mattresses. They are upgraded with the think foam to give proper padding at the top to give s softer effect. The mattress is available only online but the good part is that it has a 101-nights trial run on it. Buy the mattress, get it delivered at home, and try it yourself. If you don’t like the feel, contact the company and have it arranged for a return. Full refund is guaranteed along with a free pick up. The only catch is that the trial is offered for only one mattress per house.

Parts of WinkBed mattress

Winkbed mattress is hybrid mattress that uses foam and springs of different kinds. Starting from the top,

  • The WinkBed has soft cushiony foam as the topmost layer. This hyper-soft foam can relieve the pressure and cradles the body. It also does not leave anybody impressions and is able to retain its form sooner. It has better buoyancy than the common memory foam.
  • The next layer is the gel foam layer that regulates the motion transfer. It distributes the weight evenly and the person next to a restless sleeper will have a good night sleep. This layer can also dissipate the body heat to make a cooler bed.
  • Next is the micro air springs that are made with small spring coils that are used to allow better airflow in the mattress. Each of these springs is encased and measures to a height of 2.5 inches. The body heat is aerated and the moisture is also evaporated with this. This helps keep a steady heat to sleep well.

Additional Features…

  • The innermost layer is the 8.5 inches high tempered spring coils that are individually wrapped. The coils are well arranged for localized pressure relief all over. The coils are made of heavy-duty steel that can push back with the body weight and relieved back to its state when the weight is off. This is good for body alignment of spine and joints.
  • The bottom-most layer of WinkBed mattress is the 2 inches foam layer for the stability of the mattress.

These layers are covered over by soft cotton fabric that blends well with the heat regulation by the mattress. The edges are also well supported with high-ILD foam. The fire barrier in WinkBed mattress is boron based and is natural. Only a small amount is used to make this barrier and does not cause any trouble to the person sleeping on.


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Negative reviews on WinkBed mattress / WinkBeds complaints

There are quite a few negative remarks on the WinkBed mattress.

  • Starts with off-gassing, many did complain that they could SMELL the mattress for a little while, same as the memory foam. It seems stronger initially but faded over the next few days. This could hint that this mattress may not sit well with people with sensitivity to chemicals.
  • It does not eliminate the motion transfer completely as it claims. The motion transfer is still there.
  • The micro-coils are not everyone’s cup of tea. Before purchasing Winkbed mattress it is recommended to try the similar mattress from other brands in the ships before you go for this one. This gives you a general idea how the double spring layer is going to work. Do spend some time on the mattress.
  • Another minor factor pointed out is that one of the mattresses from WinkBed turned out an inch or two shorter than mentioned.

The bottom line is that, go for WinkBed only if you are comfortable on a spring mattress and you also like the feel of the foam. Not everyone like these factors and may find of difficult to adjust with. If you are not alone and have a partner, your partner’s opinion should be taken seriously to avoid future havoc.

Winkbed Foundation for mattresss

WinkBed mattress is made to be used on any hard surface and does not really need a specific box spring to use along. It can be used with a hard bed frame or any other even surface. The Wink bed mattress does come with a simple foundation that is just 4 inches high. This small foundation is made of hardwood and steel with enough covering around with a cloth of cotton and polyester blend. It complements the mattresses well enough and comes in the same size as the mattress. The foundation is usually of one piece but the king size comes split into two for convenience. If you want a bouncy bed, try the slat foundations instead.

Where does WinkBed differ from other mattresses?

WinkBed is a mattress with spring coils individually wrapped, with quality foam blend layered for a few inches thickness. The difference is in the coil count, as well as the thickness of the foam layer. WinkBed is as good as a plush top mattress of the leading brand. The coil count in WinkBed is more and hence provides core support far better than others. The spring coils used are taller and thinner. They are able to fit together well and provide the wider support for the body.

The good nature of WinkBed is also seen in its edge support that uses 4.5 inches of foam to make the edges firm. It reduces the sagging at the edges and makes full use of the top surface.

Winkbeds have been compared with various mattresses like Saatva, Alexander etc. which are all hybrid mattresses.

Winkbed mattress sizes

The WinkBed mattresses are available in every possible size from twin to California king. All the WinkBed mattresses are 15 inches thick due to the double spring layers. The size of the mattresses is standard.

  • Twin- 39 x 75 inches
  • Twin XL- 39 x 80 inches
  • Full-size mattress is 54 x 75 inches
  • Queen mattress- 60 x 80 inches
  • King size mattress- 76 x 80 inches
  • California king mattress- 72 x 84 inches

Apart from these above-mentioned sizes, WinkBed also offers to make custom sized mattresses as well. Though they do not guarantee on getting the exact size for all, they do try to help you when needed.

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Safety in using WinkBed mattress

Safety is another factor that the Winkbed highlight itself for. Unlike other mattress types that come with the high amount of ozone-depleting compounds, common flame retardants, and presence of heavy metals, Winkbeds come with a certificate of Consumer Product safety that states that it has none of these harmful compounds. It would be a better bet for people with allergies. They also claim that the WinkBed mattresses are very low in the volatile organic compounds.

The risk of buying online without trying

Purchasing a mattress itself is a gamble as you never know how it can turn out to be unless you are very sure about that. Spending a few minutes on the mattress will tell you about its immediate comfort but not that about a long-term experience.

The best way to know the mattress is to use it for about a month at least. WinkBed mattress is a blessing in this regard as they offer 101 days of a trial run after purchasing. If you end up unsatisfied with the mattress, there are no hassles in returning the mattress and getting a full refund with a free pick up. What more could you ask for?

As for the reviews and opinions are concerned, you can get as many as you want from everywhere. One thing everyone must know that you are not others; you may not experience the same about a mattress as others do. You are the best judge for yourself and try it yourself before judging. This is what WinkBed mattress helps you with.

WinkBed mattress also has a 10-year warranty on manufacturing defects. It hints that the durability could run for as long as 10 years under normal circumstances. Tests do back the same.

WinkBed mattress price

The cost of WinkBed mattress is shockingly low for the comfort and features it offer. These mattresses are available only online directly from the manufacturers, do eliminate the middlemen and the expense of them. This gets you a huge savings when compared to other brands. It cost above $1000 dollar for the largest sized mattress. It comes as one of the economical mattresses that has a medium comfort level as well. All the materials are made in US and the manpower is also from the country. There are coupons available to get some discounts on the mattress purchase.


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