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The favorite spot to get rid of all the day’s frustration, tears and other emotions is undoubtedly our bed. While it rocks as a “hotspot” for romantic experiences, it can also be a fun place for pillow fights. Keep reading to know why many people end up buying a wrong mattress.

Let’s face it. Our bed is the best place to vent out our emotions be what ever it is. It is also the place where we build our dreams and wake up in the morning with a new hope to make it happen. But getting up with a sore back is another story. It can disrupt the entire day. At the end of the day, you will end up with piles of frustration. Even a single incident can irritate you not to mention a whole lot of other negative emotions due to lack of peaceful sleep. Probably, this may not be your case, but it is with almost half of Americans who are right now sleeping on a wrong mattress.

A wrong mattress can throw your sleep haywire and mess with the brain’s functions (especially the circadian rhythm) which monitors the sleep cycle and changes the bodily functions based on them. Now you may have recently moved in with your partner or living in a hostel but if the mattress is not right for you it may cause spinal problems and stress the pressure points in your body. Here are some other reasons why the bed you are sleeping on never worked for you.

Copy Cat: Let’s say, your friend recently got a soft mattress and is loving every bit of it. She talked you out into buying one and in a momentary judgment lapse you got it as well. Now you are the sufferer because you basically needed a firm mattress and this “comfy” mattress you are laying yourself on is sinking or pushing you down.

One advice…STOP COPYING…!!! Always go with the mattress that is right for your body. Your body might not be the same as your friend so think twice before jumping with both feet.

Choices Clash: Now your partner wants a soft mattress but you crave for a firm mattress. No point arguing and beating each other’s head. The best way is to compromise and get a mattress cover that will not only fit your budget but will also save a good amount of investment instead of going for a new mattress.

Silver tongued salesman: Okay, so you have reached the store. Now what? While you lurk around in the hope of a right bed, a well dressed salesmen appears out of nowhere. His oh, so smooth talking tongue leaves you all confused and twirly. The confidence he oozes can make anyone feel that he has been in this field for quite some time. The truth is far beyond that what you think.

Salesman barely have any experience and the “technical terms” that they throw at the face provokes a gullible person to make the wrong move. Do not become a prey and do your research. Help yourself learn of what type of mattress suits you the best before handing over the check.

Lazy enough to change: This is the bitter fact of life. Mattress is an one time investment, some might agree. But they are not. As a general rule of thumb, it needs to be replaced every 8 years. This is because after enduring lot of punishment your mattress succumbs to wearing out issues that includes the springs, pillows, covers etc. Often people feel emotional when asked to part with old stuff and beds are no exception. If you are one of them, you can give them to charity such as Salvation Army or recycle it, just like any other eco-friendly citizen.

Impatience to research: This is for people like me who have a hard time researching and usually go with any of the first couple of beds they fumble upon. The thing is I walk to a store, lay down for 5-10 minutes (I really have to struggle and pin myself down) because let’s face it…it’s embarrassing. And that’s it. I feel comfy enough, so let’s handover the check. Problem, you may ask? Yes, at times. I have changed 3 beds in a period of 7 years and lost god knows how much of money but still haven’t learnt a lesson yet. So, piece of advice to those who are impatient like me….fan out your options, do not have a catnap in store and call it a day at a mattress store. It is not, research till you know what’s best for you and then narrow on one.

Brand and Quality: Many people keep their eyes glued to the brand and seem to think that big brand means best quality mattress. This is completely frivolous as quality has nothing to do with brand. There are small companies as well, for instance, Saatva, who are a small mattress family but use quality mattress that is worth every penny you pay. Note that cheap mattress does not necessarily mean low quality products are used and high brands does not mean that the investment input is good as well.


If you find a bed that you are comfortable looking both the factors – sleep and monetarily then do not think twice. Note that many mattress companies offer trial period that will give you good amount of time to check how the mattress responds with your body.


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