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Having a small space area is a major problem in most of the homes. Moreover, you feel embarrassed when guests come to your place and you can’t say no to them. We will start worrying about “where to accommodate the guests and at how many days the guests will stay …” If it’s a home with small kids then the situation will be worse. These kids will be always playing around the house. Many times, they might fall on floor or hit themselves on some object and cause injury to themselves. Ultimately you start blaming yourselves which often leads to quarrel between the couples.


One of my friends had the same problem. She used to complain a lot about her home and always does a comparison between mine and her home, which I never liked and we always ended up in bad conversations. Her husband had many friends out of country. Those people were like bad dreams of her sleep that used to pay regular visits on all vacations with their kids. One day when I was reading a magazine, I came across an article on Murphy bed. I realized that it sounded good. Can’t I help my friend in suggesting this move for her home? Most of them don’t know what this is. Even, I myself never knew what this Murphy bed is.

I told her about this idea and we searched thoroughly about this bed. Her husband gave her the permission to execute this plan. Now, really! the situation has changed entirely. I can make out the happiness from her face itself. The best part is all her relatives and husbands friends now call her to seek solutions related to home decors. Even, I feel her house is prettier than mine.

Murphy bed

This bed is named after a guy named William L.Murphy. The bed is also called as a wall bed, fold bed or pull down bed. Only you have to hinge this bed at one end in order to fold up and store vertically against the wall. Perfectly suitable for places where floor space is limited, especially for small homes.

Murphy beds are available in different forms

  • Standard Murphy bed: This is a traditional type of bed. You can fold this inside a closet. Lift mechanism is a feature common in this bed. Also, they have pistons to control the weight. So, we can lift and lower the bed easily. Pistons help you to prevent back injuries over continuous usage.
  • Sideways mounted Murphy bed Models: This bed is similar to the traditional model. But here the model flips sideways up against the wall. Besides, this there is a writing desk placed on the back of the bed frame. This desk is one of the added features what makes this bed unique from others. Young kids can use this desk for studying or even you can use this area as a work space.
  • Murphy bunk beds: This bed is commonly seen in cheaper hotels and hostels. Pistons to lift the bed are located on the side of the bed. This is basically designed for kids rooms where there is a need to fit in more than two single beds.
  • Bed and sofa in one: You will really love this clever and practical design. The bed is occupied with a sofa which folds out when you fold the Murphy bed. Mostly everyone prefers this type of beds. There are different models of this bed available in market.
  • Murphy beds with a dining table: The design is amazing! Suitable if you live in one room apartment. All you have to do is to just flip up this Murphy bed and a fabulous dining table will come on the other side. Perfect when there is a need to hide the bed in the kitchen area.
  • Beds with desk: Best for bedroom + office in one and also for kids’ room. Perfectly meant for tiny houses, during day hours you can have a full size working desk and during night hours you can flip it up.

Clever designs

During the past few years, these models have evolved a lot. Murphy bed is something more than just a bed. After switching on to such clever ideas, you will fall in love with each corner of your home forever.

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