Slumber Solutions memory foam mattresses
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Slumber Solutions Memory Foam Mattresses

Slumber Solutions brand focuses on getting you a healthy ad peaceful slumber, every single day. They have options for this medium comfort range of memory foam mattresses as well as the Choose Your Comfort range of mattresses.

No one wants to wake up in pain feeling raw. You cannot use the spring mattresses and futon mattresses forever, as they need regular replacement. The best solution to have a longer lasting mattress and one that can make you feel better while waking up is memory foam mattresses. There are so many memory foam mattress brands and Slumber Solutions is one of them. They do not claim anything special about the mattresses. The slumber solution memory foam mattresses are comfortable and have a simple construction design. Read More …

Avocado Mattress

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The mattresses do use gel infused layers in some, to make the mattress even more comfortable with the elimination of heat from the surface.

Table of Contents

  • Top 5 Slumber Solutions memory foam mattresses
  • Slumber Solutions 14 inch queen size gel memory foam mattress medium
  • Mattress construction
  • Comfort and size
  • Customer reviews
  • Slumber Solutions choose your comfort 12-inch full size gel memory foam mattress
  • Mattress size
  • Customer reviews
  • Slumber Solutions body flex 11 inch king size memory foam mattress
  • Mattress construction
  • Comfort
  • Customer reviews
  • Slumber Solutions gel memory foam 8-inch queen size mattress
  • Slumber Solutions gel memory foam 8-inch king size mattress
  • Popular sizes
  • Customer reviews
  • For Your Information
  • Conclusion

Top 5 Slumber Solutions Memory Foam Mattresses

Slumber Solutions brand focuses on getting you a healthy ad peaceful slumber, every single day. They have options for this medium comfort range of memory foam mattresses as well as the Choose Your Comfort range of mattresses. The latter gives you the luxury of choosing your own choice of comfort with the options soft, medium, and firm. Unlike the standard medium comfort memory foam mattresses, the mattress layers differ slightly for the custom choice memory foam mattresses.

Puffy Mattress

puffy Mattresses are the best rated mattress and is awarded the best mattress for the year 2017. Check out its features and more details here on their website.

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Nolah Mattress

Nolah Mattress claims to be better than any memory foam mattress. The Features are rich and its one of the coolest mattresses Literally with its latest technology.

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Since the memory foam mattresses mainly have the medium comfort level to it, let’s talk about them, and see what the leading choices of mattresses by the customers are. There also is an option to choose your comfort mattress here.

Slumber Solutions 14 Inch Queen Size Gel Memory Foam Mattress Medium

14 inches is one luxurious feeling mattress and most suited for heavier people. They tend to sink into the mattress because of their weight and they still need some cushioning under them. These Slumber Solutions 14 inch gel memory foam mattress really is a solution for them. As you can see the queen size makes it to the top list which states that the mattress is comfortable for couples. Let’s see what it is made of.

Mattress Construction

The 14 inch gel memory foam mattress here has got 3 layers of foam. Each layer has a different type of foam. The top layer is the plush feel gel memory foam and the other 2 layers have the same high-density foam with the middle one having airflow facility.

The top layer is 3 inches of gel memory foam layer having a density of 3 pounds. This is the plush layer in the mattress. The middle layer is air flow comfort foam at 3 inches in thickness. This is higher density foam but the air flow facility allows it to feel softer. It also makes a transition layer from the soft to hard feel. The base layer is 1.8 pounds density ultra support foam. This layer is 8 inches thick to form the thick support.

Comfort & Size

The comfort level of the mattress is medium where it stays neutral. The gel memory foam layer eliminates any heat accumulation on the surface and makes the mattress comfortable for the sweaty people.

The popular size of the mattress is queen size which has a dimension of 60 x 80 inches. The mattress is suitable to use on any foundation, even the box spring, but it prefers a flat surface for best results.

Nest Bedding & Mattress

nest Bedding is one of the oldest mattresses in the market which is cheap and luxurious at the same time. Eco friendly and very safe..

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Helix Mattress

helix Mattress is a luxury mattress with a great life. There is no sagging and its completely customizable. Talk about luxury with your own style and requirments.

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Slumber Solutions 14 inch gel memory foam mattress Reviews

Memory foam mattresses have this dubious distinction of having mixed reviews, no matter what the comfort level is. Many people have found this medium comfort mattress to be firmer than anticipated. At the same time, there are others who vouch that the mattress is nothing short of a sponge. Either way, the mattress goes beyond its expected comfort. That does not matter as YOU are the ultimate decider. The beauty is that these Slumber Solutions memory foam mattresses do not cost much and is easier to invest in these low-cost mattresses.

The gist of it is that the mattress is comfortable for the majority of the users. Still, the mattress would suit better for those who prefer firmer mattress to sleep. It comes compressed so need time to get it ready for use. It also has some ‘smell’ to it that takes a while to go away. The lack of trial period is a worry for many as they cannot try it without worrying about their money.

Slumber Solutions Choose Your Comfort 12-Inch Full Size Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This is the ‘Choose Your Comfort mattress’ where you can be sure to get the softness or firmness that you seek in the mattress. This 12-inch gel memory foam mattress has motion transfer reduction and can also mold to the body for the perfect support. This 3 layered construction is the same for all the mattresses of this kind. They only differ in the type of foam used for each layer.

The 3 comfort choices are soft, medium, and firm. All of these use the same thickness for the respective layers and they also have the same density. The layers used are gel memory foam, polyurethane foam, and support foam.

  • Soft: The top layer is 3.1 inches of plush gel memory foam which are followed by 3.1 inches of plush polyurethane foam and 6 inches of support foam.
  • Medium: The upper layer is 3.1 inches of medium gel memory foam. The middle layer is 3.1 inches of medium polyurethane foam and the base is 6 inches thick support foam.

Firm mattresses have the firm gel memory foam at the top, firm polyurethane foam in the middle and the support foam at the base. The thicknesses are 3.1, 3.1, and 6 inches respectively.

The gel memory foam of each of these comfort has the density of 3.5 pounds. The polyurethane and the support foam both have the density of 1.8 pounds.

Live & Sleep Mattress

live and sleep Mattress has more range in terms of quality and types. Think of memory foam, medium plush, plush or firm, The best quality mattress all in one place.

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Luxi Mattress

luxi Sleep mattress is one of its own kind. The technology itself is mind blowing. There are over 30 patents for the product and its one of the best Memory foam mattress ever designed.

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Mattress Size

The popular size here is the full size mattress that has the dimension 54 x 75 inches. The mattress can be used on any type of foundations- box spring, platform, slated etc. It prefers a flatter surface so placing a flat board over your box spring would also do.

The foam, especially the memory foam used has resistance to dust mites and microbial creatures so there is less chance of getting allergies from the mattress.

Customer Reviews of 12-Inch Full-Size Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Krista got this full size 12 inch gel memory foam mattress for her daughter. She liked it instantly and so did her daughter. Krista was nervous about this mattress and when used decided that this was the safest option she had for the mattress. She is even planning to upgrade their bed with this one.

The negative remark about the mattress is that it is softer than the comfort it mentions. If you need a soft mattress it is better to choose the medium option otherwise, the mattress can end up feeling plush.

The other problem is that the mattress is still hot, even with the gel infused layer at the top. One user had to rely on an extra fan to get rid of the heat. May be that was just him. Memory foam mattresses are bound to be personal in comfort and that can change from person to person.

Slumber Solutions Body Flex 11 Inch King Size Memory Foam Mattress

Even with a fancy name to it, this 11 inch body flex memory foam mattress is the basic memory foam mattress with a soft layer at the top and support foam for the base. The mattress uses the temperature sensitive memory foam that can adjust to the body temperature and regulates the heat during the night.

Mattress Construction

The memory foam responds to the body temperature to give the comfort. It softens with the body weight as well making it as good as customized bed. The mattress construction is top layer of memory foam layer of 3 inches and the support foam of 8 inches thickness. The top layer has deep supportive feel that can make you feel soft and at the same time give support for the body by cradling it.


The comfort level of this Slumber Solutions body flex “11” mattress is medium. It can have an even distribution of the body weight. It relieves the pressure points well enough and allows healthy blood circulation throughout the night.

The mattress cover has the jacquard panel with microsuede sides for extra protection. The cover has an anti-slip bottom that keeps the mattress in its place.

The popular size here is the king size that has the dimensions like 75 x 79.5 inches to be exact. It can fit on any box spring, platform bed, slated beds etc. The mattress comes compressed it need time to expand and also to get rid of the new smell of the mattress.

Customer Reviews

Heidi got this 11-inch body flex memory foam mattress as an upgrade from their 8-inch Slumber Solutions memory gel mattress. Right from the first night, they loved this one. They find the mattress to be softer. It is not as firm as it claims.

Rosemarie finds this mattress to be comfortable. The only problem she had was that she woke up sweaty and had to get a gel layer at the top to solve this problem.

Slumber Solutions Gel Memory Foam 8-Inch Queen Size Mattress / King Size Mattress

This 8-inch gel memory foam mattress uses luxurious foam for the top layer and gives ample support from the base foam. It is simple in design with just 2 layers. The upper layer is 2 inches of gel memory foam and the lower layer is 6 inches of support foam.

Although it seems a thinner mattress, it can be just right for many. With the medium firm comfort, it can still nullify the motion transfer and can have body conformity. It relieves the pressure points to make a comfortable sleep surface.

Popular Sizes

The popular sizes are queen size and king size. You do not need any more proof for its comfort level. 2 persons mostly use the mattress at a time. Both the mattresses have the standard size. They can be used with any type of mattress foundation. It is even suitable for the adjustable beds. Remember, the mattress is single sided that cannot be flipped. You can rotate the mattress and you must do it regularly.

Slumber Solutions Body Flex 11 Inch King Size Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Kristen finds this mattress to be perfect for all stomach and side sleepers. The comfort level of the mattress makes them perfect for these sleep patterns. She does not sink into the mattress and neither does she wake up with a sore back.

David loves this mattress but the problem he faces is that the mattress tends to get highly heated. He recommends to having lighter sheets so that you don’t add to the heat.

Sreya has been using the king size mattress for 3 years. It is still going strong with no sagging or any back pain. It can also nullify the motion transfer. She also has the queen size at her home.

Another customer finds this mattress overly firm and with too much smelly. But it is cooler and reduces the heat at night. Still, they are not happy with the progress. He is over middle aged and lighter in weight, may be that is the cause for the discomfort.

For Your Information

All the Slumber Solutions memory foam mattresses are vacuum compressed and rolled for easier shipping. They need to be opened at the earliest upon delivery to avoid too much of smell. The mattress takes about 1-2 days for the completed expansion to its full size. Being patient is the key.

All these mattresses are single sided. Rotate the mattress regularly to keep it in shape. It is not for flipping. The mattress cover is not removable. Only spot cleaning can clean the mattress. It is better to have a washable and removable cover over the mattress for extra protection.


In short, the Slumber Solutions memory foam mattresses are economical and worth the money. Most mattresses are reviewed to be firm to medium-firm in comfort. Except for the choose-your-comfort mattresses, all are towards the firmer side. The elders do not like these mattresses so that is another point to consider. Due to the lower price, it is a sure hit among many. There is no harm in trying.

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