Simmons Beautyrest Recharge 12″ Medium Pillow Top Mattress Set

Currently, Simmons offers many brands such as Beautyrest Sleep, Beautyrest Recharge and so on. We give you top 5 memory foam Mattresses By Simmons.

Get your beauty sleep and wake up recharged in the morning with Simmons Memory Foam Mattresses. Simmons has a line of mattress that gives you a peaceful sleep you always have been craving for. We give you Top 5 Simmons Memory Foam Mattresses For Back Pain.

The question of choosing the right mattress for back pain is still a mystery for many sleepers. Unlike what people think, too much firm mattress can make you stiff. You will get the feeling of sleeping on a log. Many medical practitioners, chiropractors recommend firm mattress (i.e. neither too hard or nor too soft). This will give you the perfect bed-setting for you to sleep on.

Simmons is a mattress company with its office headquarters in Canada. The materials, however, are manufactured in USA. This means you can expect good quality materials and certain amount of manufacturing standards. The reviews for this company has been good so far with only little to none grumbles to talk about.

Simmons BeautyRest For Back Pain

Simmons Memory Foam Mattresses – Beautyrest Black Elizabeth Luxury Firm Mattress (KING)

Black never goes out of style. A classic color, it adds luxury to any decor. Simmons Beautyrest Black Elizabeth Luxury Firm Mattress is meant for those who just can’t enough of Black.

The Advanced Pocketed Coils is exclusive for the Beautyrest Black mattress. It consists of alternative rows of the springs that are triple wrapped forms the base. This is to deliver excellent pressure relief giving you optimum back support and motion transfer resistance. Another feature is the Micro Diamond Foam where you can actually see the sparkling “tiny diamonds” in your memory foam. That’s right. The tiny diamond particles  are best in eliminating excess heat. Since diamond is a good conductor of heat, the MicroDiamond Infused AirCool Memory foam will wick away excess heat from your body. This will leave you cool during hot, summer nights. You will be waking up feeling refreshed thanks to Simmons Memory Foam Mattresses.

The Ventilated Foam encasement enhances the airflow. The model features comfort response latex that comes with ventilated layer. It not only contours to your body shape, but also relaxes the pressure points such as hips or spine. This will give you comfort all the way that includes the edges too. Edge support is a crucial factor that inhibits rolling off feeling. Proper edge support also prevents the mattress from sagging in the middle.

Needless to put, a wrong mattress can throw you at a high risk of spinal curvature. Beautyrest Black Luxry firm mattress supports your spinal health perfectly in addition to making you feel luxurious at home. These two key features makes this mattress a hit among many consumers.

The next-generation mattress is undoubtedly LuxiOne by Luxi mattress that comes with fantastic features at an affordable price. The Support Balancing Technology is one of the prominent feature of Luxi mattress that makes it worth a try.

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Choose Live and Sleep mattress that helps you feel good and stay healthy. The mattress helps you sleep better as it designed using a 100% certiPUR US certified foam. Also, does not emit any bad odor or harsh chemicals. Read out here!

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The mattress is backed up by 25 year warranty. The company also gives you 100 days trial period to its consumers.

Simmons Memory Foam Mattresses – BeautyRest Recharge World Class Kimble Ave Plush Mattress Set

From world’s leading mattress store comes BeautyRest Recharge World Class Kimble Ave Plush Mattress Set. The company claims to improve the quality of your sleep. If not, get your money back.

As a general rule of thumb, it is necessary to get rid of your mattress that are more than a 8-10 years old. Yet, there are few people who find solace in old mattress finding it hard to part with. There are three reasons, I can think of-

  • Calls for an investment
  • Mattress still yet to sag in places
  • Sill in surviving condition

If you are a neat-freak, then chances are your mattress is still in good condition and give you another couple of years run. But, if you are uncomfortable, then I suggest you take a second look at the date of manufacture.

Quality of sleep and comfort are couple of the factors that has the power to alter your life. Your restorative sleep can help you in more than one ways. Even lack of healthy sex can lead to stress buildup. Low libido can be because of a bad mattress too. If you are not happy with your sleep, then Simmons BeautyRest Recharge that can support you good. Here’s how.

Features of Simmons BeautyRest Recharge World Class Kimble Ave Plush Mattress Set

With a towering 15.0”, Simmons BeautyRest Recharge is a memory foam mattress that supports your weight proportionately. This includes edge support too while contouring easily with the body. The mattress is famous for assisting proper back support to prevent any spinal rupture.

The mattress has 15.5 gauge of recharge pocket coil system. It will inhibit any movement thus giving you personal space. This means even if your partner hops up and down on the bed, you won’t feel a thing. Enjoy peaceful sleep all night with Beautyrest Recharge mattress.

The coil system is layered with 1/2” inch of energy foam that starts at the base. The top portion consists of thick layers of upholstery-

  • First layer – 1/2” TruTemp Gel
  • Second layer – 11/2” Plush comfort foam

In addition to it, you will find another 2” of Aircool memory foam that keeps you “chilled” during sweaty nights. Furthermore, the aircool comes with gel that wicks away all the heat and keeps you dry and cool.

The Quilt of the mattress is sewn to the cover of the pillow-top mattress and is made out of flame retardant fiber. They contain low VOCs abiding by regulations laid by federal law. Since FR in mattress can trigger health issues on body, FDA has regularized the use of FR in mattresses. The company promises that the mattress you sleep on is all natural and keeps your health active and fresh at all times.

The BeautyRest Recharge World Class Kimble Ave Plush Mattress Set comes with 25 year warranty period.

Simmons Memory Foam Mattresses – Beautyrest Comforpedic Tight Top King Size Mattress

Available in all sizes, though, the Simmons Beautyrest Comforpedic Tight Top King Size Mattress is preferred by many consumers. Choose between Plush, Medium or Firm based on your sleeping position, spinal health etc.

The King size mattress from Simmons Memory Foam Mattresses includes three layers of support. The mattress is resistant to microbes and termites. This will take the worry out of hidden bugs underneath your mattress that can give you any skin allergies or eat away the life of your bed. Simmons beautyrest is strong enough to withstand any punishment, thanks to the multiple layers and the superstrong coil construction. With proper maintenance and cleaning, Simmons Beautyrest Comforpedic can be a worthy mattress for your investment.

The 12 inch thickness of memory foam layers not only resists motion transfer but also gives optimum support to the edges. This will prevent sagging at any part of the mattress. No need to set the temperature when you are sleeping on the Simmons Beautyrest Comforpedic Tight Top King Size Mattress. The TruTemp air cooling gels in the memory foam mattress will take away excess heat from the body and keep your body cool. In fact, the entire mattress has air holes (ventilated system) that will keep the layers of memory foam breathable and enhance the air circulation. This will keep away any odor and inhibit creaky noise improving the function of the mattress.

Beautyrest Comforpedic Tight Top King Size Mattress Reviews

Few people complain that Simmons Memory Foam Mattresses tends to emit lot of heat. But that’s a commonly seen problem. However, Simmons tackles this issues by infusing cooling gels on top. The mattress also possesses air passages within the layers of mattress. This will give you cool air to sleep around at night.

Unlike traditional mattress that needs to be turned, Simmons Beautyrest Comforpedic cannot be and need not be turned. It is NOT a flip mattress. Top it with a mattress protector to prevent your sleep arena from any spills, dust or pet danders.

The Simmons Memory Foam Mattresses arrive in a secure package. Once you remove them, give 72 hours to expand into its original shape.A

Few consumer reviews claim that the product emits an odor. However, this is quite natural as the mattress is directly shipped from the manufacturing unit. The smell usually fades away within couple of weeks.

Simmons Beautyrest Recharge World Class River Lily Luxury Firm Super Pillow Top Mattress

Taking a cue from Goldilocks, Simmons presents you the right (firm) mattress to sleep around. A pillow top mattress, it is a great choice for those who want to give a good support to their back. Beneath the layers, you will find air cooling gels and sockets that will give the mattress ability to breathe. The TruTemp gel has the ability to regulate the temperature. The quilt is soft and gives a velvetty touch that will invite you to a relaxed and deep flow sleep.

The Triton Foundation comes with Powerbeam bracing that gives you personal isolation. Basically, it means you partner might toss and turn but you can enjoy quality sleep all night with proper support on your side.

With 14.0 gauge of Recharge pocketed coil system, be confident that your mattress delivers utmost comfort and support at all times. The fabric of the mattress features Aircool mesh above and on the borders as well. This makes the mattress and you to breathe easily assisting in comfortable sleep.

Simmons is quite diligent in caring for customers. The quilt of the mattress comes with FR fiber that is all natural and prevents any allergic reactions on skin. The FR fabric is sewn with the pillow-top layer (mattress cover) oozing volumes of comfort.

Simmons Beautyrest Recharge World Class River Lily Luxury Firm Super Pillow Top Mattress is available in all sizes. It comes with 20 year limited warranty and a good trial run for you to know the product.

Simmons Memory Foam Mattresses – BeautyRest Recharge World Class Dartmouth Drive Ultimate Firm Mattress

BeautyRest Recharge World Class Dartmouth Drive Ultimate is ideal for back sleepers or stomach sleepers. It is a firm mattress that is designed to keep the sleepers on top of it rather than giving a sinking feel.

Starting from the core, it comes with pocket coil springs that are made out of high carbon steel wire. The wires adapt the nature of the sleeper’s body. It will retract back to original position once the person is out of the bed. These coils compress in such a way to individual fabric chambers to resist motion transfer. There are 24 springs and 95 feet of steel per sq. ft. of this mattress. In addition, every individual coil is 8” high after going through compression of 1.5” in the pocket. This makes the mattress quite heavy. Nevertheless, it also makes the mattress much more stronger and long lasting. This is the prominent feature of BeautyRest Recharge World Class Dartmouth Drive Ultimate Firm Mattress making it a stress-free product that can take down some thrashing.

The memory foam is the essence of BeautyRest Recharge Firm Mattress that is available in a slightly firmer version than soft.You will find that it won’t leave any bodyprint and bounces back to the its original form easily. The bed has been proven to increase the blood circulation and inhibit restlessness. As a result, it reduces pressure points on the prominent areas of the body such as hips, shoulders etc.

Finally, being a one-sided mattress, this takes the worry of flipping the mattress at regular intervals. The patented energy foam gives greater stability to the mattress and is a major feature of the no-flip construction.

The BeautyRest Recharge World Class Dartmouth Drive Ultimate Firm Mattress comes with 10 year warranty period. It is also approved for adjustable bases.


Summing it up, spinal pain should not be taken seriously. Long hours of constant working can disrupt the spine. I understand, hunting for a right mattress can be challenging especially when you have many mattress companies lined up. But, if you want a mattress that can give efficient sleep quality with proper spinal alignment, then Simmons Memory Foam Mattresses is the best. The mattress of Simmons come with 100 day trial period giving you ample time to try out the mattress every which way. Period.

Simmons BeautyRest Mattresses

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