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Not Happy With Your Mattress? Are You Getting A Good Quality Sleep?

Do you know, a good mattress is the first step to a restful slumber? After all, sleeping on the wrong mattress can lead to pressure point discomfort and a morning of aches and pain. So, it is advised that to choose a good mattress, which distributes your body weight evenly. Now, let’s have a look at some of the top 5 Glory Furniture Memory foam Mattresses, which may help you to pick the best. Read on further to know more…


  • Glory Furniture
  • Top 5 Memory foam mattresses (with their description and features)
  • GN2110-K Vega Mattress, King, White
  • GN3340-Q Capella Mattress, Queen, White
  • GN2230-T Ascella Mattress, Twin, Blue
  • GN2220-F Ascella Mattress, Full, Pink
  • GN2110-Q Vega Mattress, Queen, White
  • Customer reviews on these mattresses
  • Where to buy these top 5 mattresses?
  • Discount, promo and coupon codes
  • Conclusion

Glory Furniture

Glory is a family-owned wholesale furniture business. Altogether, they are having a 350,000 sq ft warehouse with today’s top-selling home furnishing products. In addition, Glory are always involved in designing something special, as customer satisfaction is their prime motive. Overall, you will always get a value added, stylish and quality products from Glory!

Top 5 Glory Furniture Memory foam Mattresses

Glory Furniture GN2110-K Vega Mattress, King, White

GN2110-K Vega is a Viscos memory foam mattress that is made in China. It comes with a washable cover. This memory foam mattress adjusts to an individual’s shape by reducing the pressure points throughout the body.

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  • Memory foam mattress 2” of 2.5lb Viscos memory foam on top of 6” of high density support foam
  • Length is 8-Inch and Size: 8 x 80 x 76”
  • Item Weight: 65 pounds
  • White finish
  • Compressed/Rolled in Box for EZ delivery

Glory Furniture GN3340-Q Capella Mattress, Queen, White

GN3340-Q Capella Mattress is a special creation for you! This is an ideal mattress, which can provide you the needed maximum support and comfort. It is made up of two layers. The memory foam layer adapts to an individual shape. While, the base layer adds comfort to your body weight and shape to lower motion throughout the mattress.


  • 3.5” of 2.5 lb Viscos memory foam mattress on top of 6.5” of high density support foam
  • Washable cover
  • Rolled in Box for EZ delivery
  • Length is 10 inch and Size: 10 x 80 x 60”
  • Item weight: 65 pounds
  • White finish

Glory Furniture GN2230-T Ascella Mattress, Twin, Blue

This is one of the best mattress to treat yourself with a good night’s sleep…

It is a pressure relief system, which is made with a CertiPUR-US certified foam. GN2230-T Ascellauses uses the same advanced technology as the leading pedic mattresses. The Viscos foam contours to your body and relieves certain issues like neck, shoulder and back pain. Moreover, there is no need to worry, as the product has been independently tested for safety of the materials used.


  • Mattress layers: 2” of 2.5lb Viscos memory foam on top of 6” of high density support foam
  • Length is 8-inch and Size: 8 x 75 x 39”
  • Item weight: 40.7 pounds
  • Contains washable cover that zips off
  • Blue finish

Glory Furniture GN2220-F Ascella Mattress, Full, Pink

GN2220-F Ascella full pink is a mattress which is designed with an open cell construction. It is made with 2.5lb Viscos memory foam on top of 6” of high density support foam. In addition, the soft foam used is antimicrobial and resistant to bacteria, allergens, mold and dust mites.


  • Manufactured in China
  • Material used is Viscos memory foam, that comes with a washable cover
  • Length is 8-inch and Size: 8 x 75 x 54”
  • Item weight: 57.2 pounds
  • Compressed in box for EZ delivery
  • Beautiful pink finish

Glory Furniture GN2110-Q Vega Mattress, Queen, White

This Vega mattress works by distributing your body weight to relieve the pressure points. In fact, it is worth for improving the rate of circulation. GN2110-Q Vega Queen size mattress usually arrives in a tightly packed portable box for convenience of the users. Besides, the foam is resistant to dust mites and is naturally antimicrobial.


  • Pure Visco memory foam is used (memory foam mattress 2” of 2.5lb Viscos memory foam on top of 6” of high density support foam)
  • Contains added washable cover that zips off
  • Length is 8-inch and Size : 8 x 80 x 60 inches
  • Item weight: 49.5 pounds
  • White finish

Customer Reviews On These Glory Mattresses

Overall, all these top 5 mattresses by Glory furniture can add the required support and comfort for a good quality sleep. But, there are no customer reviews available for these products.

Where To Buy These Top 5 Mattresses by Glory Furniture?

You can order them through or directly from the product’s website at glory Moreover, Amazon offers 30-days money back guarantee on their products. Thus, you can return them, if you are not happy…

Glory Furniture – Discount, Promo And Coupon Codes

Amazon offers 60% off on purchase of Memory foam mattresses, 32% off on gel infused memory foam beds and 50% discount on box spring sets. Besides, there are other special offers like Amazon Rewards Visa Credit Card. Where, you can earn certain points for every purchase and receive a free $70 gift card with approval. Also, you can login with your email address to receive all the latest updates on special deals and offers.


Finally, I hope, that you are now equipped with some useful information on different mattresses. Only, a good quality memory foam mattresses can bring you relief from sensitive pressure points. So, buy them at the earliest! After all, a right mattress is one which feels no pressure…

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