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For the traditional spring coil mattress lovers, the memory foam mattresses are simply the cheap rated mattresses. What they do not know is the fact that they can get the same comfort and support from the memory foam mattresses also. It is the thickness of the memory foam mattresses that misleads them. The Atlantic mattresses have these memory foam mattresses that are no way inferior to the spring coil mattresses. Not all of them may be thicker in built but each has its targeted users in mind.

The memory foam mattresses by Atlantic mattresses are easy rest, siesta, slumber, cool soft bliss and cool soft alta. All of these are foam only mattresses that have the memory foam and support foam layers in different thicknesses. Some even have extra foam layers to have different feel and comfort.

Memory Foam Mattresses By Atlantic Mattresses

CoolSoft Bliss memory foam gel mattress 9 inch

The CoolSoft bliss memory foam mattress is 9 inches thick. As the name suggests the mattress is meant as a cool one with the help of the cool gel infused layer at the top. The mattress can cradle the sleeping body, reduce the temperature on the surface, and also make a firm sleep haven.

Mattress Anatomy

The mattress anatomy shows that the top layer is the cool gel infused memory foam. This is 1.5 inches in thickness with a density of 3 pounds. This layer relieves the pressure points and helping in heat dissipation.

The middle layer is the 1.5 inches thick convoluted memory foam. This aerated memory foam allows air flow and refreshes the mattress. It also works as a transition from the soft to the harder layers.

The base layer is the 6 inches thick polyurethane foam. This layer is high density with a density of 1.5 pounds. The bottom most part of the mattress is a thin layer is anti-skid base.

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All of these foam layers are tightly packed inside a flame resistant sock that helps the layers together and resist the fire. The covering material of the mattress is a removable and also washable knitted fabric. The fabric is a little heavier but is machine washable.

Mattress Sizes

The CoolSoft Bliss memory foam mattress from Atlantic Mattress is also available in 4 standard sizes. Twin, full, queen, and king sizes. The 9 inches is enough thickness for a medium built person. The base foam is highly resilient and can accommodate 2 sleepers easily on it. The motion transfer is not felt which sits well. The dimensions are,

  • Twin – 74 x 37.75 inches
  • Full – 74 x 52.25 inches
  • Queen – 78.75 x 59.45 inches
  • King – 78.75 x 76 inches

Customer Review

Ashley from Tampa bought this mattress after a long discussion with her husband. She sums up the review as a soft and conformable mattress at affordable price. It is great for night sleep. The only problem she finds is that it has a strong initial smell and needs some good aeration for about 72 hours in an airy room. She no longer has any stiff back and feels like sleeping on clouds.

Siesta Memory Foam Mattress 7 Inch

Siesta is one of the thinnest mattresses from Atlantic Mattresses. It is of simple design with just 2 layers of foam inside. The 2 layers could deceive you. The top layer is ultra soft while the base layer is firmer. If you are looking for a mattress that is not too thick and yet comfortable, Siesta is the one that you need. The mattress can let you have a deep, comfortable, and also relaxing sleep any day.

Mattress Anatomy

The upper layer of the mattress is the softer ultra comfort memory foam. This is 2 inches in thickness. The density of this layer is 3 pounds. The base layer is the higher density foam which is 5 inches in thickness. Together these layers make a medium firm comfort level for the mattress.

The mattress has a protective base support from the anti-skid layer that keeps the mattress in place. The 2 layers of the mattress are bound together, by the fire resistant sock, that covers all the sides. The mattress cover is knitted fabric for the soft plush feel. The mattress cover is removable and can be washed in machine when needed.

Mattress Sizes

The Siesta memory foam mattress from Atlantic Mattress is also available in 5 standard sizes- twin, twin XL, full, queen, and king. The dimensions are,

  • Twin – 74 x 37.75 inches
  • Twin XL – 78.75 x 37.75 inches
  • Full – 74 x 52.25 inches
  • Queen – 78.75 x 59.45 inches
  • King – 78.75 x 76 inches

Atlantic Mattress M-46325 CoolSoft Alta Memory Foam Gel Mattress 11 inch

The CoolSoft Alta memory foam mattress uses the cool gel infused memory foam layer inside it. The cool gel memory foam can dissipate the heat on the mattress at a faster pace to keep the surface cooler. For the cool and relaxed sleep this cool gel layer along with the ventilated foam of this mattress is promising.

The overall comfort of this mattress is medium firm which is suits well for almost everyone. The mattress can be soft and firm, at the same time.

Mattress Anatomy

The top layer is the gel infused memory foam. It is 2 inches in thickness. The foam is of softer density with just 3 pounds. The middle layer is the convoluted memory foam that has air flow channels. Better aeration in the mattress makes it breathable and helps in keeping it fresh as well. The convoluted foam is also body conforming and pressure relieving.

The core of the mattress is the high density base foam. The base layer is 7 inches thick with a density of 1.5 pounds. The support foam is firm enough to support the weight from above. The resilience of the foam helps keep up the shape of the mattress.

The exterior to the foam layers are the anti-skid layer at the bottom and the flame resisting sock all over. All these layers are then covered by the thick, knitted fabric. The mattress cover is removable and washable.

Mattress Sizes

CoolSoft Alta memory foam mattress is available in the major 3 sizes of twin, full, queen, and king. The dimensions of these mattresses are

  • Twin – 74 x 37.75 inches
  • Full – 74 x 52.25 inches
  • Queen – 78.75 x 59.45 inches
  • King – 78.75 x 76 inches

Easy Rest Memory Foam Mattress 6 inch

Easy Rest memory foam mattress is the thinnest of the Atlantic Mattresses. This mattress is ideal for children, toddlers, or teenagers. The mattress is good enough to relieve pressure points and provide rest and relaxation for the little bodies.

Mattress Anatomy

The mattress has the 1 inch ultra comfort visco memory foam at the top. This layer is made of 3 pounds density memory foam. The support layer of this mattress is the high density foam at 5 inches thickness. The base of the mattress has the anti-skid features, with covering of fire resistant material, and thick fabric mattress cover.

Mattress Sizes

Since the mattress is made for children, and meant as light weight usage, the sizes available are twin and full size only.

Customer Reviews

Customers mostly use the twin size for the bunk beds and trundle beds. Majority feels that the mattress looks thinner than in the picture. But everyone has the same opinion about its comfort.

Many also warn that it suits only for children or light weighted people. It is not suitable for heavier people for long term use. It makes good choice as a child’s bed or in a guest bedroom.

The mattress does have some plastic smell when opened, so keep it open in an airy room for its expansion.

Slumber Memory Foam Mattress 11 inch

Slumber memory foam mattress from Atlantic Mattress is another medium firm mattress that has luxurious feel to it. The body can go into deep slumber and relaxation on this mattress. it has body contouring ability and can also recover pretty fast.

Mattress Anatomy

The top layer of the mattress is the visco memory foam. This 4 inch thick memory foam has a density of 3 pounds to make a softer top. The bottom layer is the high resilient, high density support foam. The base foam is 7 inches in height. In addition, there is an anti-skid feature at the base of the mattress that helps keep it in the place. The sides and top if the mattress has the flame resistant sock covering.

The mattress cover is knitted fabric. The material is thick which helps resist wear and tear. The material is soft to touch and also feels good. This cover is zippered, removable and machine washable.

Mattress Size

The Slumber memory foam mattress is available in 4 standard sizes, twin, full, queen, and king.

Atlantic Mattresses: Concluding Notes

All the Atlantic Mattresses are shipped in compressed and rolled state. The mattresses need to be opened and unrolled at the earliest. The mattress might have some smell initially which will be gone within a day or two. The mattress might take at least 24 hours for complete expansion.

Each type of these memory foam mattresses has its ups and downs. Not all of these mattresses suit all. Pick the one that is ideal for you. Larger sized mattresses are also available for all but one mattress type.

The fact that these mattresses do not cost much makes it convenient to have a try and then decide of you want to keep it for you or shift it to the guest bedroom. As per the customer reviews, all of these mattresses are comfortable enough. Trying them would not be a risk at all!

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