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Nolah Mattress – The coolest mattress

Mattress experts and reviewers all agree that Nolah Mattress is one of the coolest mattresses available. Made without any of the heat trapping visco elastic materials found in memory foam mattresses, the Nolah Air-Foam ensures a cool mattress even in the heat of summer.

Restorative sleep is highly essential for all to stay healthy. It is the mattress that has more say on this matter than any other factors. If you are to choose the best mattress that is more supportive for the best sleep with longer restorative stage of the sleep, it is the SensorPEDIC mattresses.

SensorPEDIC mattresses are made by keeping in mind this need for every person. It is comfort that comes first and then the support. SensorPEDIC mattresses can provide both these to help you get quality sleep every single night you spend on this mattress.

What are SensorPEDIC Memory Foam Mattresses?

SensorPEDIC mattresses are basically memory foam mattresses. It uses no other material. Then where is the difference? The difference is that the SensorPEDIC mattresses uses specially formed memory foams to make the mattresses.

There are several types of memory foam used for these mattresses. Each type is made in different methods. There is air infused memory foam, gel infused and the memory foam that can give more bounce to the mattress.

Depending on the type of memory foam used and the combination of the types, the comfort, and feel of the mattress change. It is this combination that makes the SensorPEDIC mattresses differ with the models.

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Types Of Memory Foam Used By SensorPEDIC Mattresses

  • SensorFOAM: The Sensor-foam is open cell memory foam that allows better breathability within the material. This helps with more ventilation and reduces the pressure points. The mattress stays cooler with this type of memory foam.
  • SensorFOAM with gel: It is the same as the Sensor-Foam but with some gel beads incorporated in it. The gel beads are cooling to make the mattress cooler. It alos adds to the firmness of the mattress.
  • SensorGel: The SensorGEL memory foam has a higher level of gel bead addition in it. It has open cell technology for aeration and higher load of gel beads. This makes the mattress extra firm in feel and at the same time keeps the mattress breathing and ventilated.
  • Bounce: This is a type of memory foam that has more bounce to it. It adds softness to the mattress and is also highly responsive. This  mattress can provide the feel of floating in the air. It has the therapeutic pressure relief to its effects.
  • SensorAIR: SensorAIR is the softest of all the memory foam used by SensorPEDIC mattresses. It is breathable with more AIR in it than in any other types. This is a quilted design and is mainly useful as the top layer for the extra softness to the mattress. It has the cloud like feel to it. This layer can make the mattress feel luxurious.
  • SensorAIR with Gel: It is the same as SesnorAIR but with some gel beads to it. It makes the softer mattress cooler as well. It can eliminate the pressure points and allows deeper sleep with its comfort.

Top 3 SensorPEDIC Memory Foam Mattresses

SensorPEDIC Deluxe 8-inch memory foam mattress with ventilated i-cool technology

The SensorPEDIC deluxe memory foam mattress is well ventilated from top to bottom. The mattress has a medium-firm to medium plush feel to it. It is good for people with back pain and also for those feeling hot while sleeping. This mattress can keep the cool and also relieve the pressure for a peaceful sleep at night.

The mattress is made with 3 layers. The top layer is the 2.5 inches thick SensorFoam with lots of air pockets. The layer is soft and aerated. It conforms readily. The middle layer is a cooling fabric to keep the heat away. The base layer is 5.5 inches thick foam. This layer construction itself is in 2 parts with 4.5 inches of heavy duty foam and 1 inch thick spring foam.

The memory foam is odor free and safe for all. Some might find this mattress a little harder. It is solvable by having a softer mattress pad at the top. The mattress has a covering with a knitted fabric. The fabric is anti-stain and could use some spot cleaning when needed.

This type of mattress is available in all sizes of twin, full, queen, king, and California king. It is no doubt a luxurious mattress and available at an affordable price as well. It works great with all kinds of foundations.

SensorPEDIC Euro Top Quilted 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress- Cal King

This Euro top quilted gel memory foam mattress is thicker. The mattress is ventilated and can keep the surface cooler for the sleeper. It relieves the pressure points, and is also therapeutic in effect. It also has the luxurious and airy feel to it due to the special memory foams used.

The mattress has the top layer in the form of quilted SensorAIR memory foam. This quilted layer is well ventilated and super soft in feel. It can conforms to the body and support it as well.

The middle layer is the SensorFoam layer for better pressure relief and makes a sandwich between the softer and harder layers. The base layer is harder and 9 inches in thickness. It is heavy duty foam for the support and balances the softer upper layers.

The covering material is a fabric that has VentAIR border. This is also a triple layer fabric and cooling in effect which stands perfect with the mattress layers.

SensorPEDIC Continental Top 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

You can’t get a better ‘airy’ mattress than this SensorPEDIC continental top gel memory foam mattress. The comfort level of the mattress is medium-firm. It has advanced ventilation techniques to ensure that mattress has aeration through and within it. The mattress is 10 inches thick with 3 layers.

The top layer is the gel infused memory foam SensorAIR with gel, followed by the simple sensorFOAM memory foam layer. The middle layer relieves the pressure point and provides comfort. The base layer is the 8 inch thick heavy duty foam.

The mattress is well suited for couples with no motion transfer felt. It has a cool cloth fabric cover to let the breathability stay and healthy. The mattress does not heat up like the ordinary memory foam mattresses.

Purchasing SensorPEDIC Mattresses

SensorPEDIC mattresses are available both online and offline. There are retailers across the country where you get the chance to try the mattress before you decide.

The SensorPEDIC mattresses come with a 90-day sleep trial guarantee. You can try the mattress for a good 90 days to see its compatibility. It could be returned in case you are not satisfied. The guarantee stays fit as long as you use a new foundation and use it continuous for 30 nights.

The Conclusion

There are not many luxurious memory foam mattress with the specialized foams, in the market. The SensorPEDIC mattresses sure are luxurious and are also available at a risk free deal. It would not hurt to spend a few hundred than to spend in thousands to check on the mattresses.

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