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Gold bond memory foam mattress

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Gold bond is a family owned and operated company, since the year 1899. Above all, they are the leading suppliers of high quality, comfortable mattresses for individuals with all types of sleeping habits.

Gold Bond Sleep Anniversary Series of Mattresses Reviews

The Anniversary Series of Gold Bond is a special creation for providing extraordinary comfort and long-lasting durability. Besides, they are superior in quality, when compared to other similarly-priced competitor’s mattresses. It contains two layers of soft and super soft foam (under a deep quilted top panel) to yield soft, cushioned support. Also, it includes a polyester insulator pad for improving comfort and thermal qualities. It expands the life of the mattress. In short, this Anniversary Series of Gold Bond provides superior comfort for a deep night’s sleep.

Let’s have a look at the Features of Anniversary Series of Gold Bond

  • Belgian micro-quilted fabric: This is also called as Belgian damask. Moreover, it is a reversible figured fabric of silk, wool or cotton with a pattern formed by weaving. They are usually woven in a warp-faced satin weave. It is one of the best material, which is known for its durability.
  • Polyester fiber: Polyester fiber is incredibly durable, strong and resistant to most of the chemicals. Overall, they are hydrophobic in nature. Hence, it dries quickly. Besides this, it is also capable of resisting shrinking, mildew and abrasion. When compared to cotton, polyester withstands wear and tear for a longer period. Also, they can retain their shape even in adverse climatic conditions. Moreover, it is typically more affordable than cotton.
  • Polyester insulator pad: This mattress pad is mainly used for hygienic protection. Polyester pads are available in different weights and depths. But, it breaks down quickly from perspiration to an unrecoverable state.
  • 448 coil 12.75 gauge “body balance” innerspring: This can contour your body and support the sleeper.
  • Steel spring edge support: Includes springs connected into a single unit and individually folded pocketed coils.
  • Limited deflection box spring: Box spring can give you a very flat surface. It helps the firmer mattresses to feel softer. The flexing and moving of the metal springs absorbs most of the stiffness. Besides, the box springs will also allow you to raise the height of the mattress.

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Available sizes

Twin 39” x 75”
Full 54” x 75”
Queen 60” x 80”
King 76” x 80”

Warranty: One of our biggest concerns! Gold bond is offering a 10 year, non pro-rated warranty on their mattresses.

Top 3 Gold Bond Memory Foam Mattress

  • Anniversary Ultra Plush Mattress Boxspring: Included, Mattress Size: Twin
  • Gold Bond Anniversary Ultra Plush Bed Mattress Boxspring: Included, Mattress Size: Queen
  • Gold Bond Anniversary Ultra Plush Bed Mattress Boxspring: Included, Mattress Size: King

Customer Reviews On Anniversary Series

This Anniversary Series of Gold Bond Memory Foam Mattress has received 3.4 stars out of 5 stars from its customers. Most of the users are saying that the bed is very appealing. It has exceeded all their expectations. Hence, it is worth the money!

I would like to give 5/5 stars

We purchased a Queen Size mattress and assembled it in our guest house. Really, Ultra Plush mattress is very nice…”

Great combination

“ Few years back I was unable to get a good night’s sleep with 100% satisfaction. I am thankful that i purchased the Gold Bond Memory foam Mattress ”

“I am using this in guest house”

“All the guests are very happy with the Anniversary Ultra Plush Bed mattress.”

Where To Buy these mattresses?

Online shopping is one of the preferred methods to buy these Anniversary series. You can buy them directly from the products website or from at an affordable price. All their products comes with a 30-days money back warranty. Gold bond offers 15% to 35% off on all the selected items at amazon. Besides, Amazon provides upto 60% discount on the Gold Bond memory foam mattress. One can also sign up for Gold bond emails for special discounts and coupons.


No one can afford a rough night’s sleep. Try these mattresses by Gold bond and feel the difference…

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