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One of the prominent questions asked is “What is the warranty for my mattress and why exactly do I need it? I mean what could go wrong and how often are mattress warranties used anyway?” The answer is: not much, but once in a while something gets jinxed and that’s when the mattress warranty comes handy.

To begin with let me first tell you what the mattress warranty does not cover.

  • The mattress warranty does not guarantee that you will love the mattress
  • It does not promise you that 10 years down the lane you will still find it comfortable enough to use
  • It does not cover any damage that occurs while moving or jumping on the mattress
  • Size issues up to plus or minus an inch

What is a mattress warranty?

A warranty is a promise to the buyer covering a specified period to cover any manufacturing defects or fix any structure that goes wrong during normal use while using a proper box spring and bed frame. So what does your mattress warranty cover?

Let’s take an instance. You buy a new mattress and within a month, it starts to sink in the middle. Now you have used the right foundation, bed frame but for some unknown reason the mattress just collapsed. Undoubtedly, your mattress is covered under the warranty. In this situation, the company will find the product defective and replace you with a new mattress.

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Issues such as

  • Seams coming out or
  • Unexpected sagging than the company’s specified limit
  • Construction failure such as coil pops up or breakage

Non-prorated & Prorated warranties

If you check the mattress warranty terms and conditions, you will see that mattress warranties come with both prorated and non-prorated terms. So a typical 15 year limited warranty might have the first 10 years non-prorated and the remaining 5 years prorated. This means that any expense due to any malfunction during the initial decade will not fall in your pocket and the company will take care of it. However, for the following 5 years you need to pay a certain amount for having the mattress replaced with the percentage increasing every year till the 15th one.

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Its better to be vigilant in knowing how mattress warranties work. If you get any stain on your mattress, it deems the warranty void. I know it sounds quite frivolous but that’s how mattress companies set them up so make sure you to protect your mattress from unwanted stains, mold or allergies. Mattress protectors are always available that will inhibit excess moisture extraction on the mattress or growth of dust mites that can be detrimental on sensitive skin thereby protecting both mattress and warranty.

Filing a mattress warranty claim

The process is quite slow so have a good amount of patience and expect 4-6 response to get all the issues sorted out. Many of the quality brands have independent inspection company that voluntarily come to your home to check the issues.

Credits: http://dreamstarbedding.com/
Credits: http://dreamstarbedding.com/

They play fair and do not show any partiality towards the company or the consumer and follow the warranty guidelines without any questions asked. Normally you will have to fix a date for them to visit your home. They have special tools to measure the impressions on the mattress and detect the defect.

You may need to pay for this service out of your own wallet but that will be refunded once the mattress is deemed defective. Note that it all comes to the brand you deal with so make sure you get to know the company and all about the mattress kind before buying them.

Bottom line, know that mattress warranties changes as per the brand you choose to buy. Secure your mattress warranty card as you never know when need arises to check the warranty period as seen in many cases. This is because over a period of time we tend to forget all about the mattress over other priorities.

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