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The Latex for Less Latex Mattress Reviews

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Latex for Less Size And Price

TWIN38 “75 “$699
TWIN XL38 “80 “$749
FULL54 “75 “$849
QUEEN60 “80 “$899
KING76 “80 “$1099
CAL KING ×72 “84 “$1099
Visit the Official Website to purchase the latex for less mattress at

Latex for Less is one of the Best, Cheapest Latex mattresses in the market. Cheap not in quality but price, The Latex for less mattress is manufactured in-house, Raw material sourced from Farmers directly and Sold online with no outlets. The company has done everything to keep the costs low and the savings is seen on the price of the mattress. As for quality, Since its manufactured in-house, The products are carefully crafted. The sourcing from chosen customers ensure that there are no poor quality material. 

The mattress comes in 2 firmness levels and you need just flip the mattress to switch firmness levels. One of the layers is medium while the other is firm. Since the mattress is 100% Latex and Flippable, you can be sure that the mattress will last a lot longer than traditional inner coils and normal memory foam or latex. All the Sourced raw material are Organic certified. The products are Oeko-Tex Certified and the covers are 100% GOTS Certified. The firmer side of the mattress has the Dunlop Latex as the top layer on the side while the Medium side has a Talalay latex on the side.  The latex is covered with Natural Wool Layer for a full fire protection topped with organic cotton covers. There is no fire retardants involved. The lack of chemicals ensures that you are guaranteed to have no Smell or odor.

The mattress is rated to be Above average and more than satisfactory by a long list of mattress review websites and users. The average rating of the mattress is between 8.8 and 9.5 . Amazon has some of the best reviews, both positive and negative reviews of why people like or don’t like the “latex for less” mattress. The Best part of the mattress is that its going to meet your requirement levels when it comes to firmness. If you want soft, you can switch to the medium level and if you want a firmer option, all you have to do is flip the mattress. You may also add a Topper if you find the medium level to be firmer than your taste. There is no chance that you would go wrong with this mattress.

Latex for Less Topper Reviews

  • 100% Latex Toppers
  • 3 Firmness levels
  • 2 Thickness choices
  • Comes with covers (optional)
  • Certified Oeko-tex, GOTS

Buy Latex for Less Toppers. Special Discounts now on


TWIN$144$ 144$ 16438 X75
TWIN XL$ 154$ 154$ 17438 X 80
FULL$ 194$ 194$ 21454 X 75
QUEEN$ 189$ 209$ 23960 X 80
KING$ 239$ 259$ 29976 X 80
Cal King$ 239$ 259$ 29972 X 84
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3 inch Toppers

TWIN$194$204$23438 X75
TWIN XL$204$214$24438 X 80
FULL$264$274$31454 X 75
QUEEN$289$309$35960 X 80
KING$339$379$43976 X 80
Cal King$349$379$43972 X 84
Visit the Official Website to purchase the latex for less mattress at

Latex for less toppers help you adjust the levels of firmness on your mattress. It can also give you a feel of what latex mattress offers to you at a lot lesser price. If you already have a mattress and want to try out a latex mattress from “Latex For Less” but aren’t sure if you should buy a mattress yet, Go for the topper. The topper gives you a feel of what the mattress has to offer. The right sized topper for your mattress from latex for less will give a feel of what “Latex for Less” feels like at a fraction of the price. You can make a choice on your mattress after you try it for a few days. LAtex for LEss toppers come in 2 thickness and 3 firmness levels. The Toppers come with an option with and without covers and comes in all 6 sizes. 

The Mattress toppers by Latex for less comes with 5 years warranty and free shipping the Toppers are hypoallergenic, Dust mite resistant and anti microbial. There is no off gassing or any form of smell , the latex being 100% natural latex. The Toppers are made from the same latex as that of the mattress and the certifications carry forward. The toppers from Latex for less dont sag over time and gives you superior pressure relief for its life.

Latex for Less Pillow Reviews

  • 2 Types (shredded Latex and solid)
  • 3 Sizes (Standard, Queen and King)
  • Organic Cotton Cover
  • Certified Latex

Buy Latex for Less Pillows at discount price now. visit

Standard24″15″4″$ 59
Queen28″16″5″$ 69
Visit the Official Website to purchase the latex for less mattress at

Latex For Less pillows come in 2 types and 3 sizes. The shredded Latex pillow and the Solid Latex pillow both have their own reasons to be liked. Many people want a traditional pillow feel Soft and the feel of placing your head on a cloud. The shredded pillows give you that feel without the mattress ever being clumpy over time. The Solid pillow is good for people who want to have a buoyant feel . It doesn’t bounce but is soft and feels slightly more springy than the Shredded pillows. The solid pillows will not go out of shape. Cuddling with a solid latex pillows surely feels a lot weird. If you are a person who loves to cuddle your pillow, you would prefer a shredded latex pillow. There is no difference in the price. So it doesn’t matter what type of pillow you chose, the price you pay will remain the same. The Latex comes from the same source as the Mattress. They are certified Oeko-tex and the covers are organic cotton , GOTS Certified. 

The pillows are come with 2 years warranty and free shipping. The Pillow does not come with a trial and you purchases are final. No returns will be accepted and its mentioned in the returns page. The BBB has 2 complaints in the past year with regard to returns on the pillow. 

Latex for Less Foundation

  • Natural Spruce Wood
  • Organic Cotton Cover
  • Designed for Air flow for your mattress
  • Crafted with perfection – Right slat distance, Sturdy
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Free shipping

Get special discounts on Foundations from latex for less at

TWIN XL38″80″8″$275
CAL KING72″84″8″$325
Visit the Official Website to purchase the latex for less mattress at

The Latex for less mattress recommends a solid foundation. Though the mattress can be used on a flat surface and an adjustable base, even a box spring, the Latex for less mattress is designed best for a foundation with the right distance between slats. A 3 inch spacing is the maximum recommended between slats. The Foundation by Latex for less is designed perfectly for the Latex for less mattress, but works well with all other mattresses too. The Foundation comes with an organic cotton cover which is washable. The foundation is easy to assemble and requires no tools. The Foundation is designed to ensure that there is no sagging, dipping or indentations to the mattress and help you with a good sleep throughout the life of the mattress. You can also be sure that the warranty on the mattress will carry forward through its 20 years with the right foundation.

The mattress foundations by Latex for less are designed and crafted in the USA. the Cost is comparatively low and quality is controlled because of local production.

Visit the Official Website to purchase the latex for less mattress at

The Latex for Less Adjustable Base

  • Preset Positions
  • 20 year limited warranty
  • Wireless remote
  • 3 heights

Adjustable bases by Latex For less at special prices now. visit

TWIN XL38″80″$899
KING38″80″$ 1799
SPLIT KING38″80″$1799
CAL KING36″84″$1799
Visit the Official Website to purchase the latex for less mattress at

Adjustable bases are usually recommended for people with back problems and those who have gone through a recent surgery. But an Adjustable base is also a great addition to your room if you prefer a bit of luxury and comfort. People who enjoy reading on their bed or watching television from their bed will know the discomfort. With an adjustable bed, the luxury it provides is very clear.

Latex for Less has 7 sizes of luxury bases including a split version. It’s perfectly crafted for you Latex for Less mattress. Your Latex for less mattress will go with almost all Adjustable bases and your adjustable base will work with any mattress which works with other adjustable bases. The Adjustable base comes with settings for Zero gravity and massage facility. The Anti snore position, Zero gravity, and a few others are preset to the wireless remote. The Adjustable Base comes with adjustable height too. You can choose between 3 heights for the base. The Adjustable base comes with 1-year parts and Labour warranty with 20-year limited warranty. The product does not have a return policy or trial. The Adjustable base comes in one color, GRAY.


Latex for Less Discount Coupon Code & Promo

You dont have to look for coupons on other sites for Latex for Less. Latex for Less website come with a discount from time to time. At the time of writing this there is a $150 Discount with a Coupon code SALE150. There are constant promos on the Latex for less website. Most of the promos are for the Mattress and not for pillows, toppers or accessories. If you ever happen to use a coupon from another vendor, ensure that the coupon is valid and check the price before checkout. Also , email or call the customer service to check if your coupon is still valid.

Latex for Less Complaints

All the Complaints received were for the Latex for less pillows. The Terms of the websites states clearly that the pillows, Frames, foundations and other accessories do not carry a trial period and there will be no returns. Some of the customers did find the pillow too soft to their liking and complained about not being able to return it and get a refund. These complaints were addressed by the company and in one case by not taking a return but refunding the amount.

Latex for Less Company

BBB ( States that the company is located in 12637 E Atlantic Blvd Ste #21969, Pompano Beach, FL 33062

The number listed on BBB is (888) 581-5758

The company also has a number 1-888-339-1100 Toll Free for all queries.

Latex for Less Certification

The Latex for Less mattress is GOTS Certified and Oeko-Tex certified. You can see the certifications for the products on,,

Most mattresses today require some form of certification. The GOTS and Oeko-Tex are some of the best 3rd party certifications with stringent conditions. Passing the test itself means a lot to most companies. 

Latex for Less Return Policy

Latex for less has a 120 night home trial and no break in period. If you dont like the mattress, simply contact the company to get a return processed. The mattress comes with a 20 year limited warranty. The Limited warranty covers all manufacturing defects. The trial period for 120 nights is clearly to ensure that you are comfortable with the mattress. If you are not comfortable with the mattress, you can simply return it .The returned mattress is donated to the needy and never repackaged and resold. The Pillows and other accessories are not returnable.

Mattress Comparison

Spindle Vs Latex for Less

 Spindle MattressLatex For less
Trial365 Nights120  Nights
Warranty10 Year warranty20 year warranty
Price for Queen$1600$899
Adjustable ComfortYesNo
FlippableNOYes (switch between firm and medium)
Visit the Official Website to purchase the latex for less mattress at

The Spindle mattress is a bit more expensive than the Latex for less. Almost double the price. But the spindle mattress comes with customizable firmness levels. You can adjust the mattresses firmness by changing the layers in the mattress. For a Latex for less, you flip the mattress around to get a different firmness.

Latex for Less Vs Avocado

 Avocado MattressLatex For less
Warranty25 Years20 Years
CertificationAll Certified Raw productsWool Not certified
Trial365 Nights120 Nights
VeganOption AvailableNo Vegan Options
Queen Price$1399$899

Avocado mattress is the most reputed mattress in the industry. Its 100% natural and organic. From the latex to the wool and Cotton, everything is certified to ensure quality. The price is just on par with the industry and the trial period is enticing. Except for the price factor which is on the higher end compared to latex for less, the avocado mattress excels in some areas when compared to the latex for less mattressLatex for Less vs Sleep Ez

 Sleep EzLatex For Less
Trial90 Nights120 Nights
Individual side Firmness adjustmentYesNo
Price For Queen$1049$899
Visit the Official Website to purchase the latex for less mattress at

Visit the Official Website to purchase the latex for less mattress at

Sleep Ez mattress is excellent if you are looking for customizable mattress where both sides have different firmness levels. The mattress is not flippable but then its entirely adjustable to your need. Flip the layers around to get the right firmness you need. The Latex for less has 2 firmness levels and you can flip the mattress to get the firmness levels of your choice. The price is slightly more for the Sleep Ez but the small price difference is completely worth it.

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