Avocado Green mattress

Thinking of fire retardants in your mattress. Think of natural fire retardants. The use of Joma wool in the avocado green mattress was not only for organic reasons but also to ensure that its safe. The Joma wool is charred but hard to ignite. The natural silica coating on both sides of the mattress makes it safe from fire.

Nowadays many moms are working ladies, who are busy in their own world. They hardly give any little time to look after their babies. Usually what all moms do is they keep a nanny to look after their small babies. For majority of moms the prime priority is their lives, their work etc. Many times we leave our baby unattended during night hours. We ourselves will be tired after the whole days work; we are bewaring of the consequences about what if the baby carelessly falls down. In such instances it is better to opt for a safe crib mattress.

Crib mattress

A crib mattress is an ideal mini mattress for your baby. It is also known as “infant cot”. Crib mattress provides a supportive and safe surface for the baby to sleep. Thus, many moms try to buy a crib mattress when they are pregnant itself. A crib works for an average of 24 months. It is better to buy a new crib rather than buying an old one.

This crib mattress is available in different forms

Best Natural Foam Crib Mattress

Soybean Foam Crib mattress

This mattress comes with a stain resistant waterproof cover. Thus, it prevents from night time diaper leaks soaking into the mattress. Moreover, the mattress is supportive, firm and light. Hence, making one possible to change the sheets easily.

Best Dual Firm Crib mattress

Eco Classica III Dual firmness Eco-Friendlier Crib mattress

Here, the mattress is designed in a cleaver way where one side is firm and supportive. While the other part is made softer for extra comforts. Moreover, these sides are marked correctly to avoid the chances of confusion. Your baby can sleep comfortably. Since, this mattress won’t release any harmful emissions out. Also there is a certified organic cotton cover bounded with waterproof backing. In conclusion, the foam in this mattress is made of plant oils.

Best Memory Foam Crib Mattress

My First Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam is something what everyone is wishing for. The mattress is in high demand in market. It contains a removable velour cover, which can be washed in washing machine. Besides, this mattress is hypo-allergic. At the same time, it shows resistance to dust mites, which is one of the major highlights.

Best organic Crib Mattress

Organic Cotton Crib Mattress

One of the most expensive crib mattresses ever, filled with 100% purely organic materials with no chemical flame retardants. Organic mattress is meant for both babies and toddlers. At the same time, it is easy to clean and handy. Specially, good for those who are looking for a perfect natural sleep solution for their babies.

Best cheap crib mattress

Heavenly Dreams White Cribs Mattress

Crib Mattresses are also available in cheap prices. The mattress is light weight protected with a tear resistant vinyl cover. This vinyl cover can be removed just by undoing the zipper and washed according to your needs.

Things to look when you buy a crib mattress

Which type of material are present in crib mattress covers?

You should always check for this factor because

  • The cover gives protection to the mattress core.
  • It maintains the mattresses insides from falling out.

Usually a waterproof crib mattress cover is good for easy cleaning. Besides, some covers contains nylon to reduce the chances of tears and holes formation.

Check for the mattress firmness

Soft mattress creates a suffocation risk. A firm mattress is best for your baby. You can check it by just pressing the center and edge of the mattress. After doing so the mattress should bounce back to its natural form. If the mattress doesn’t bounce back means you can conclude that the mattress is too soft for the baby to sleep.

How to check for hypoallergic crib mattress

Less allergic mattress is more effective for babies suffering from asthma and other kinds of allergies. Sleeping in this mattress will prevent them from irritation.

Is this mattress well ventilated?

Air circulation through the mattress is an important criterion. This prevents molds, mildews and odors from developing inside your mattress. Small plastic and metal vents are located on the sides of the mattress which allows the air to circulate inside and outside.

Always go for light crib mattress

Many parents wash the crib sheets once in a week. Each time lifting this mattress to replace the sheets is a difficult task. The best way to overcome this problem is to choose a mattress which is light weight.

What about choosing flame retardant?

Ensure that you mattress is free from all toxic chemicals. Such chemicals will have a bad impact on the health of the child.

Why used crib mattresses are not good?

  • Used sanitary mattresses are unhygienic.
  • They may hide dust mites.
  • This won’t last for a longer duration.
  • There are greater chances of sudden infant death syndrome.

Tips for crib mattress maintenance

  • First of all, change the sheets on regular intervals.
  • Have a mattress cover.
  • Rotating the mattress is a good practice.

Time to take an action

Babies are the heart of all moms. Those little footprints make a big impression on our hearts. They need utmost care. It’s our duty to give them what they wish. I hope these guidelines will of great use to you in selecting the right type of mattress for your baby.

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